Read Sen. Barack Obama's Full Speech
Obama makes history as the first African American to lead a major party.
Dems Kick Off Convention Madness
Primetime program to feature Kennedy tribute, Michelle Obama.
Michelle: 'Barack Is the Change We Need'
Tonight is Sen. Hillary Clinton's turn to praise her former rival.
Sen. Clinton: 'No Way, No How, No McCain'
Runner up told Democrats: "The time is now to unite as a single party."
Obama Pops Up at Convention in Warm-Up to Tonight's Historic Moment
Biden lauds first black major party candidate Obama; launches attack on McCain.
Obama: 'I Accept Your Nomination for the Presidency of the United States'
First African American major party candidate speaks on MLK speech anniversary.
Clinton Teams Keep Critics in Line
Clinton 'Whippers' to Control Outbursts on Convention Floor
Media Circus Descends on Denver
Democratic convention draws 15,000 media elite to Colorado.
Read Gov. Sarah Palin's Full Speech
Alaska Governor makes history as first female GOP vice presidential candidate.
Palin in Spotlight: 'Average Hockey Mom' Slams Obama's 'Change' Mantra
Republican VP nominee Sarah Palin delivers a stinging rebuke to Barack Obama.
GOP Praises McCain, but the Convention Waits to Hear From Palin
All Eyes Now on VP Pick Gov. Sarah Palin and Her Wednesday Night RNC Speech
GOP Curtails Convention Opening Day
Storm cuts down schedule, but Laura Bush, Cindy McCain still take stage.
Cindy McCain: Palin Coverage 'Sexist'
EXCLUSIVE: "If [Palin] were a man, these questions would not be asked at all."
McCain Praises Palin: 'Spectacular' Pick
In interview with Charles Gibson, McCain praises Alaska governor, slams Obama.
Kennedy's Surprise Speech
The ailing Sen. Kennedy rallies Democrats during a strong DNC performance.
Bill Clinton Addresses DNC: Part 1
Fmr. President Clinton rouses the crowd during speech supporting Sen. Obama.
Al Gore Addresses DNC: Part 1
Fmr. VP says choosing McCain would be "endorsing the policies" of Bush-Cheney.
Joe Biden's Surprise Visit
Democratic VP candidate Joe Biden drops in on the final day of the DNC.
Kerry's Strong Anti-McCain Rhetoric
Kerry on McCain: "Talk about being for it before you're against it."
Obama's Speech Surprise for Michelle
Candidate's wife says she likes to "feel the impact like everyone else."
Kaine Won't Get VP Text Message
Gov. Kaine hasn't signed up for the text message alerts from the Obama camp.
Obama: McCain Out of Touch
Sen. Obama chides Sen. McCain for not knowing how many houses he owns.
Presidential Race a Dead Heat
New polls suggest race is tighter than expected.
Remembering Rep. Tubbs Jones
The congresswoman of Ohio died of a brain hemorrhage at age 58.
Obama Sharpens McCain Criticism
With some Democrats calling for a tougher leader, Obama sends a new message.
Obama Drops VP Hint?
Sen. Obama mentions VP hopeful Sen. Biden when discussing the Georgia conflict.
Obama's Well-Kept Secret
ABCNews' Rick Klein examines Sen. Obama's possible VP choices.
Obama's Body Man
Who is Reggie Love?
Veepstakes Nearing Finish Line
ABC's Jake Tapper reports VP picks will soon be announced.
Biden on VP Pick: 'I'm Not the Guy'
Sen. Biden tells reporters camped outside his home he is not Sen. Obama's #2.
Kaine Creates VP Buzz
Gov. Kaine fields questions about his schedule and a rumored VP announcement.
One-on-One With Michelle Obama
During Virginia stop, potential first lady discusses a host of campaign topics.
Will Clinton Run Again?
Some analysts predict that Clinton will still attempt to run for president.
Kimmel: Obama's Love Boat Sets Sail
Jimmy Kimmel suggests a cruise for ladies who can't get enough of the senator.
Clinton Denies Racism Claims
The ex-president responds to criticism of comments made during campaign.
Clinton Fights AIDS in Africa
A look at the former president's goodwill tour of Africa.
Obama: McCain 'in the Pocket of Big Oil'
As Obama kicks off a week focused on energy, he releases an ad attacking McCain.
Obama Camp on Clinton Statements
The presidential hopefuls' campaign maintains their sentiment of party unity.
Obama and McCain Switch Focus
Both candidates are trying to move away from the subject of race.
Running From Race
ABC News Consultant Donna Brazile gives insight into race in the 2008 election.
Pelosi Drills GOP on Energy Policy
The speaker of the House discusses an energy package and the presidential race.
Obama on Economy: 'Irresponsible' Choices to Blame
Obama: "We can't have a thriving Wall St. if we don't have a thriving Main St."
Obama Returns State-Side
The Democratic presidential candidate returns to the campaign trail.
Barack Obama's Reviews from Abroad
British media scrutinizes Democratic presidential candidate.
Palestinian Names Bagel After Obama
A Palestinian baker creates an Obama bagel in honor of his visit.
Obama's European Debut: Germany
Senator's campaign pulls out all the stops ahead of his speech in Berlin.
Obama Explains Iraq Improvement
Sen. Obama says gives the surge strategy only partial credit for gains in Iraq.
Palin Packs a Punch
The VP contender hits Obama hard, shows softer family oriented side.
Huckabee Praises Palin, Hits Biden
Huck: Palin got more votes running for mayor than Biden did in presidential bid.