Mike Pence, family visit Nazi concentration camp
The vice president was joined by his wife and daughter Charlotte.
Congress members met with crowds and protests at town halls
The future of the Affordable Care Act was a common concern.
Trump invites supporter on stage at Florida campaign rally
The man said he was the first person on line for the rally.
Trump says he will get Gulf states to pay for 'safe zones' in Syria
Trump spoke at an event the White House called a "campaign rally."
Race to head DNC tightens as New Hampshire state chair drops out
The Democratic National Committee will elect its new chair next week.
Mark Cuban wears no. 46 NBA jersey in nod to Trump feud
"It was just to f--- with everybody," the Dallas Mavericks owner told ESPN.
'A Cloak for Discrimination': Trump order reminds Asian-Americans of laws against them
Nick Lee's grandfather was separated from his wife for 16 years.
Trump holds campaign rally in Florida
The event comes nearly four years before the next presidential election.
Trump calls media 'the enemy of the American People'
The president's attack on media outlets continues.
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President Trump invites a supporter on stage during his campaign rally in Florida
Trump supporter Gene Huber takes the stage to commend the president for sticking to his campaign promises.
Senate OKs EPA pick despite court battle
The U.S. Senate this afternoon confirmed President Trump's nominee to lead the Environmental Protection Agency, Scott Pruitt,...
President Trump pushes ‘America first’ theme in South Carolina speech
The president was in the state to tour a Boeing plant where the company is rolling out its new 787 Dreamliner aircraft.
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President Trump gives history lesson at Boeing factory
President Trump gives history lesson at Boeing factory The president mentioned the Wright brothers' aviation ingenuity in his...
Senate confirms EPA nominee Scott Pruitt despite a renewed court battle
The U.S. Senate this afternoon confirmed President Trump's nominee to lead the Environmental Protection Agency, Scott Pruitt,...
Trump to issue travel ban replacement next week
The president said a new order will be issued next week to replace his travel ban after it was halted by legal challenges.
Trump overturns bill on coal mining debris
President Donald Trump has put the brakes on a regulation blocking coal mining debris from being dumped into nearby streams.
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