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Tom Tancredo
Tom Tancredo is from a rectangular state in the middle of the country that is hundreds of miles from the nearest border. Yet he has become perhaps the leading conservative voice against illegal immigration. Once a middle-school teacher, Tancredo was elected to the Colorado State House at age 30. Tancredo left his elected job in 1981 to serve as a regional representative for the Department of Education under President Reagan. Later, he worked as the head of a libertarian think-tank that lobbied against taxes for public education. Elected to Congress in 1998 after a contentious, five-way primary for the Republican nomination, Tancredo immediately faced a crisis at home: Columbine. In the wake of the Columbine tragedy, he represented the epicenter of a national call for gun control. Despite a contentious 2000 campaign in which guns were the major issue, Tancredo held on to his job in Congress.
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