Sept. 26, 1960: Kennedy-Nixon Debate Highlights
John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon in the first televised presidential debate.
JFK and Nixon's 'Great Debate': Part 1
Sept. 26, 1960: Opening statement by Democratic candidate, Sen. John F. Kennedy.
Kennedy-Nixon's 'Great Debate': Part 2
Sept. 26, 1960: Opening statement by Republican candidate, V.P. Richard Nixon.
Kennedy-Nixon's 'Great Debate': Part 3
Sept. 26, 1960: The candidates answer questions on leadership and experience.
Kennedy-Nixon's 'Great Debate': Part 4
Sept. 26, 1960: JFK and Nixon address the federal debt, welfare and taxes.
Kennedy-Nixon's 'Great Debate': Part 5
Sept. 26, 1960: The presidential candidates talk about education reform.
Kennedy-Nixon's 'Great Debate': Part 6
Sept. 26, 1960: JFK and Nixon discuss the threat of communism.
Kennedy-Nixon's 'Great Debate': Part 7
Sept. 26, 1960: Each presidential candidate provides a closing statement.
9/23/52: Nixon's 'Checkers' Speech
President Nixon admits that his family accepted a dog named Checkers as a gift.
Jan. 20, 1969: President Nixon Inaugurated
The 37th president pledges to work for world peace in his inaugural address.
April 18, 1970: Nixon on Apollo 13
President Nixon addresses a crowd in Houston about Apollo 13's return.
Aug. 15, 1971: Nixon's Economic Policy
President Nixon imposes tax reductions and price controls to curb inflation.
2/23/72: Nixon Talks With China's Premier
Pres. Nixon meets with China's Premier Lai and the first lady tours a commune.
1972 SALT I: U.S.-Soviet Arms Agreement
President Nixon and Leonid Brezhnev sign the SALT I agreement in Moscow.
10/23/73: Nixon's Watergate Tapes
President Nixon agrees to turn over taped conversations regarding Watergate.
Jan. 30, 1974: Nixon's Full State of the Union Address
President Nixon urges nation to move past Watergate scandal and focus on issues.
7/27/74: President Nixon Impeachment
The House Judiciary Committee declares impeachment against the president.
8/8/74: President Nixon Resigns
Nixon resigns amid Watergate investigation and near certain impeachment.
Ouch! Zingers From Past Debates
Memorable moments in presidential debate history.
Highs and Lows of Past Debates
Defining moments in presidential and vice presidential debate history.
Highlights From Final Debate
Best moments from the third and final presidential debate in New York.
Highs and Lows From the Second Debate
Best moments from the second presidential debate in Nashville, Tenn.
Highlights From VP Debate
Best moments from the Biden-Palin face off in St. Louis, Missouri.
Highlights From First Debate
Best moments from McCain-Obama face off in Oxford, Mississippi.
Does Hillary Think Barack Can Win?
George Stephanopoulos asks Clinton if she thinks Obama can win.
Clinton, Obama on Rev. Wright Remarks
Democratic candidates debate in primetime on ABC.