Fact Checking President Obama
A look at the fact and fiction in the president's address.
State of the Union 2011: Obama Calls for 'Sputnik Moment' on Innovation, Investment
President faces a divided Congress worried about spending.
How to Measure State of the Union's Success
Political strategest Matthew Dowd says look at impact on D.C.'s "influentials."
State of the Union: A One-Click Guide
What will the president say and who will be there to listen to him?
Fact Check: Did Obama Keep 2010 Promises?
Obama gets good marks for enacting last year's policy proposals.
Obama Rides Momentum into Speech
The new political tone will be tested by president's push for new spending.
Obama Taps Sperling as Top Economic Adviser
Gene Sperling assumes reins of Obama administration's economic recovery plan.
Hawaii Gov. Wants Facts to Silence 'Birthers'
Democrat Neil Abercrombie wants more information on Obama's birth revealed.
Obama Mulls Same-Sex Marriage
Obama hails victories of lame-duck; concedes evolving feelings on gay marriage.
Obama Ends Military Gay Ban
Repeal of "don't ask, don't tell" hailed as historic advance for civil rights.
Congress Passes 9/11 Responders Bill
Senator allows vote after cost of bill to care for 9/11 responders is cut $2 bn
Congress Finds its Mojo
From START and tax cuts to DADT, post-election Congress has been fruitful.
What Does the New GOP Look Like?
The Republican Party has gained control of the House.
President Obama's Morning After
President likely to contend with blocked legislation, GOP investigations
Is Rahm Emanuel's Departure Good or Bad for the Obama White House?
"World News" wants to know what you think. Share your comments below.
Exclusive: Obama to 'The View'
Obama will become first sitting president to visit daytime TV talk show.
Obama Signs Historic Health Care Bill
The $938 billion bill will entail major changes for Americans.
Exclusive: Obama Admits Voter 'Anger' Key to GOP Victory in Massachusetts
Obama to Senate: don't "jam" through health care until Brown is seated
International Stage: 'U.S. Foreign Policy Under New Management'
Has the president improved the U.S. image abroad during his first year?
Guantanamo Bay: Obama Misses Own Gitmo Deadline
GOP lawmakers question handling of Christmas Day bomber investigation.
Wall Street: Obama to Cut Size, Power of Banks
New White House proposal sends Dow down 200 points.
Health Care Hurdles: Bill's Fate Unclear
Democrats wait for guidance from President Obama's State of the Union address.
Campaign Finance Reform: Obama Blasts High Court Decision
Obama says ruling will allow "stampede of special interest money" in politics.
Obama & the Press: Analyzing Obama's Lack of News Conferences
Media complain, but White House insists Obama is accessible.
Obama Steers Clear of Bin Laden References
Obama's rhetoric on bin Laden has changed considerably since campaign.
Cheney Rips Obama: 'Pretending' U.S. Not at War?
The former vice president says Obama's approach makes U.S. "less safe."
Obama Hails 'Significant Breakthrough' at Climate Talks
Obama and other leaders have agreed to a political "accord," official says.
Obama's Irony: War President's Peace Prize
President Obama acknowledged skepticism in his acceptance speech.
ABC News Poll: Palin for President? No Way
Six-in-10 surveyed say there is no way they'd vote for former governor.
Poll: Assessment of Afghanistan War Sours
ABC News/Washington Post poll shows 7 percent drop since July.
Poll: Broad Backing for Obama-GOP Tax Deal
Despite concern about deficit growth, most Americans support tax extension.
Poll: Tea Party Seizes Mantle of Change
New ABC News/Yahoo! News poll
Election Didn't Make Voters Happier
Poll: A month after GOP took House, discontent lingers.
Poll: Sense of Safety Declines Before 9/11
Just 48 percent call the country safer.
Voters Favor GOP Over Dems By Record Margin
ABC News-Washington Post poll finds revolt against status quo gives GOP lead.
Obama Popularity Drops Despite Accomplisments
A still-struggling economy could be to blame for Obama's polling problems
Poll: Anger, Anti-Incumbency: It's Frustration, 2010-Style
Ahead of 2010 midterms, American discontent well above the boiling point.
Poll: Half of 'Birthers' Call It 'Suspicion'
Obama's birthplace has been subject of controversy since election.
Obama Tries to Put GOP In a Corner
President Obama oozed optimism but the Republican response and Tea Party rebuttal both focused on the negative.
Highest Deficit in History
This year's $1.5 trillion shortfall is a new record
On to Wisconsin: 2012 Battles Begin
President Obama heads to Wisconsin, a state swept by Republicans in the 2010 midterms
Obama to Call for Budget Freeze
President prepares to tackle the deficit and debt and faces a House of Representatives in Republican hands
Pre-Emptive Strike: GOP Prepares for State of the Union
Republican leaders over the weekend previewed their arguments against Obama's planned remarks about spending proposals in...
What do Obama, Shatner and Palin Have in Common?
For the famous, there is no better place to escape to in 2009 than Hawaii.
Barack Obama Behind the Scenes
White House photo dept. releases never before seen photos of the first family.
Historic Figures Gather at State Dinners
Princess Diana, Sophia Loren among guests at previous state dinners.