100 Days: Obama Provides Glimpse of His Perspective on the Presidency
President Obama looks ahead to the next 100 days in his prime time news conference.
Obama's Second Primetime Presser: Mar. 29, 2009
Obama points to 'signs of progress' in economy during second primetime presser.
First Primetime Press Conference: Feb. 9, 2009
President defends stimulus package in first prime time press conference.
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Obama will answer questions posed online and by YouTube on Thursday.
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Michelle Obama at 100 Days
Many Americans approve of a different kind of first lady.
A Look at President Obama By the Numbers
Two oaths of office and 19 executive orders later, a look at Obama's presidency.
Rising Hopes Greet Obama at 100 Days
Fifty percent say the country is headed in the right direction.
Obama Trips Up on Prompter
The president stumbles over the prompter in a speech about scientific research.
Obama: We're 'Closely Monitoring' Swine Flu
Obama says science is more essential "for our quality of life" than ever before.
Obama 'Gearing Up for Battle' on Education
President Obama says he's committed to making education more cost effective.
2009: Michelle Obama's First 100 Days
From gardening to her regal presence, Michelle Obama is a busy First Lady.
GOP Leader Hits Obama on First 100 Days
Rep. Boehner hits the president for his "tax and spend" policies.
First Lady: We 'Sneak Out' In Our Free Time
Michelle Obama talks about Bo, living in the White House and the new garden.
Obama Pitches Alternative Energy Plan
Obama marks Earth Day with comments at wind turbine plant in Iowa.
Obama Signs Kennedy Service Bill
Edward Kennedy Serve America Act dramatically expands the AmeriCorps work force.
Obama Shifts on Torture Prosecutions
Obama remains open for prosecutions of Bush officials for interrogation policy.
Obama: CIA 'More Important Than Ever'
President Obama visits CIA to thank employees for protecting America.
Obama Invests in High-Speed Rail
The president announces an initiative to create a "world-class" railway.
First Lady Notes 'Excellence' of Secret Service
Obama thanks DHS employees for service as part of her tour of federal agencies.
Obama Outlines Economic Strategy
President Obama warns Americans that "by no means are we out of the woods."
Obama Highlights Stimulus Milestone
The president touts the approval of the 2,000 stimulus project.
White House Easter Egg Roll
After an awkward start, the first family enjoys the White House Easter egg roll.
Fergie Kicks Off White House Easter Event
Singer Fergie takes the stage at the annual White House Easter egg roll.