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Christie Announces For President With Swipes At Obama, Clinton
Christie Announces For President With Swipes At Obama, Clinton
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CIA Director Brennan Vows to Make Improvements
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US and Cuba to Normalize Diplomatic Relations
President Obama: U.S. and Cuba to reopen embassies on July 20. Sec. of State John Kerry will travel to Havana to formally...
President Clinton: 'We Are Not Going Back' After 1995 Mt. Zion AME Church Burning
The president asks American to "come together" at the dedication ceremony for the rebuilt church in South Carolina.
Obama Says He Can Only Wear His Team Brazil Jersey At Home at Night
The President cannot wear the jersey in public because he has to root for his country.
Governor Chris Christie "Telling It Like It Is"
Returns to his New Jersey roots to launch 2016 presidential campaign.
Chris Christie "Telling It Like It Is" as 2016 Presidential Candidate
The New Jersey governor is the 14th Republican to enter the 2016 race for the White House.
Iran Hostage Crisis Survivor Protests Obama Nuclear Deal
Former hostage Rodney Sickmann recounts alleged "torture" during 444 days in captivity and demands an Iranian apology.
President Obama Takes a Field Trip With Brazilian President
Obama gave President Dilma Rousseff a tour of the MLK Memorial.
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