Crowd Swarms National Mall for Obama's Inauguration
In inaugural address, Obama calls on all Americans to a "new era of responsibility."
Inauguration Kicks Off with Star-Studded Event at Lincoln Memorial
Obama kicks off inauguration with speech at Lincoln Memorial: "Anything is possible in America."
Jan. 20, 1961: Kennedy's Inauguration Speech
John F. Kennedy gives his inaugural address.
The History of Inaugurations
Many traditions haven't changed since George Washington took the oath.
Dancing With the Presidents
A look at how past presidents have faired on the dance floor.
Barbara's Presidential Interviews
Walters interviews Nixon, Obama and everyone in between.
Obama's Journey to Presidency
A look back at the events and people that help shaped the 44th president.
Michelle Obama on Maintaining 'Normalcy'
Mrs. Obama tells Bob Woodruff it's "surreal" to be the first lady.
Dancing the Night Away
The first couple danced at 10 official balls.
Joe Biden: 'I Can't Dance'
The vice president downplays his dancing skills at the inaugural balls.
Sasha Gives Her Dad Thumbs Up
Sasha Obama gives her father the thumbs up after he is sworn in as president.
JuJu Juggles the Red Carpet
Celebrities share their excitement over the inaugural balls.
EXCLUSIVE: Obama's First Interview
The president talks to ABC's Robin Roberts about the error at inauguration.
President Obama Walks the Parade Route
The Obamas walk along Pennsylvania avenue.
President Obama's First Chat
In exclusive interview, Obama talks about his first hours as President.
A Night of Celebration
A backstage look as the first family celebrates a day to remember.
The First Couple's First Dance
President Obama and the first lady dance to the singing of Beyonce Knowles.
Transition of Power: Behind the Scenes
There was a flurry of activity behind the scenes of the swearing-in ceremony.
Obama Speaks at Neighborhood Ball
The new president praised the strength of communities at the start of the dance.
Juju Shares Her Inaugural Observations
Juju Chang talks with Charlie Gibson about tapping into the digital realm.
Sen. Ted Kennedy Leaves on a Stretcher
Health scare forces the Mass. senator to leave congressional luncheon. NO AUDIO
Jackson Calls Inauguration a 'Seminal Moment'
Civil rights leader Jesse Jackson says to many Jan. 20 represents "redemption."
Brazile 'Steals' Obama's Blanket
ABC News' Charlie Gibson grants Donna Brazile "a blanket pardon" for her act.
Powell on Obama: 'I Was Tearing Up'
Colin Powell, moved by the ceremony says, "I think I am still a Republican."
Crowd Roars for Hil and Bill
Former presidents arrive at the inaugural ceremony and join in the celebrations.
Top Video of '09: Did Jimmy Carter Snub the Clintons?
Frosty Relations? Former presidents appear to avoid one another.
Sarah Silverman's Tribute to Bush
The comedian looks at the bright side of Bush's eight-year presidency.
No Inaugural Love for Obama Girl?
Obama Girl visits Washington to be a part of Obama's Inauguration Day.
Spike Lee: This is a 'Celebration'
Filmmaker Spike Lee and his wife say they feel the presence of their ancestors.
Aretha Franklin's Inaugural Song
The singer performs "My Country, 'Tis of Thee."
The New First Lady
The Washington Post's Liz Mundy discusses Michelle Obama.
The Obamas and Bushes Meet for Coffee
The president and first lady host the future first couple at the White House.
Obama Faces Domestic, Foreign Issues
ABC's Martha Raddatz and Betsy Stark weigh in on administration's challenges.
Tears and Cheers at Viewing Parties
From Times Square to classrooms - the inauguration was broadcast everywhere.
28-Second Tradition
The face of America transformed as Barack Obama to recited the oath.
Millions Crowd the Mall
An estimated 1.9 million people packed the streets of D.C. to witness history.
Kenya: From Heritage to History
Obama's father's country celebrates America's first black president.