Palin: 'Smarter Than You', 'Hotter than You'?
Sarah Palin spoke to a massive Tea Party rally in Boston Wednesday.
Sarah Palin Earned How Much Since July?!
The ex-governor's haul from TV, books and speaking gigs may be even bigger.
EXCLUSIVE: President Obama on Nukes, Palin
Obama brushes off criticism from Palin, questions Va. Civil War controversy.
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Former Alaska governor opens up to Barbara Walters about life in Alaska.
Palin Wants to Play a Major Role in National Politics, 'If People Will Have Me'
Fmr. Gov tells Barbara Walters Obama is "disingenuous" on "death panels" charge.
Sarah Palin Says Her Life Is Already 'Kind of a Reality Show'
Palin tells Barbara Walters about the toll her fame has taken on her family life
McCain Aides: Sarah Palin Is 'Going Rogue' With the Truth
Aides attempt to poke holes in Palin's blockbuster claims as book blitz begins.
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Sarah Palin speaks with Oprah Winfrey about the campaign, family and the future.
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Vice presidential candidate talks with Charles Gibson in exclusive interview.
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Republican VP nominee Sarah Palin delivers a stinging rebuke to Barack Obama.
Poll: Sarah Palin's Numbers Make Her Political Future an Uphill Climb
Just 40 percent of Americans hold a favorable opinion of Sarah Palin.
GOP Hasn't Pushed Palin Away - Poll
Two-thirds of Republicans want Palin to be "a major national political figure."
Potential Palin Rivals Cede the Spotlight to the Superstar
Is it worth competing for attention against mega-wattage superstar Sarah Palin?
Bristol Palin Fights for the Girls
Palin stars in a message asking teens to "pause before you play."
2012 Troops Refine Anti-Obamacare Message
Several top Republican presidential hopefuls continue anti-Obamacare message.
Palin's Unconventional TV Campaign
LL Cool J dropped from Palin program after airing complaint on Twitter.
LL Cool J vs. Palin: Rapper Takes on Fox News
Rapper takes on Fox News' use of an old interview in Sarah Palin's new show.
Palin's Tea Party Message to Foes: 'You're Fired'
Tea partiers gather for rally in Searchlight, Nev., Sen. Harry Reid's hometown.
McCain and Palin Together Again
Sarah Palin joins John McCain to campaign for the first time since 2008.
Vice President Cheney Talks to 'This Week'
Presses for Quick Resolution to Standoff
Palin's 'Going Rogue' Tour Kicks Off in Michigan
Hundreds turnout for Palin book tour debut.
Palin Takes Aim at McCain Staffers in Book
Much of "Going Rogue" is dedicated to family and contains few policy proposals.
'Going Rogue' Indeed: Palin Blasts McCain Camp, Media in New Book
Former VP candidate's new book tops Amazon, covering politics, media, family.
Sarah Palin: Rogue for President?
Just over half of Americans in a new ABC News/Washington Post poll have an unfavorable opinion of Palin.
Sarah Show: Another Palin Moment for GOP
What are you left with when you have a cattle call and take out a few of the top horses?
Palin: Obama's Nuke Stance Is Like Kid Who Says 'Punch Me in Face'
Sarah Palin hammered President Obama for putting unprecedented limits on the use of U.S. nuclear weapons.
Palin Breaks Out the Palm at Bachmann Rally: 'Kicking it Old-School'
Those notes on Sarah Palin's palm have become a political punch line -- including, now, for Palin herself.
Palin's Defense for Writing on her Hands: God Did It Too
Former Alaska governor took some heat last month for writing speaking pointers on her hand while criticizing Obama's use of...
GEORGE: Giuliani: Leaves Door Open for Governor Run
Hillary took herself out of the NY Governor's race, but Rudy left the door open.
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Fmr. GOP vice presidential pick opens up on private life, political ambitions.
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Palin says Levi Johnston is "family" and dishes on her '08 experience.
Palin Pens Behind-the-Scenes Memoir
Former vice presidential candidate discusses McCain campaign and her faith.
Sarah Palin Takes On Critics
The former vice presidential candidate's upcoming book creates a media blitz.
World News (11.13.09)
The discovery of ice on the moon could lead to a future NASA lunar base.
Palin's Payback Book
In her new book, "Going Rogue," Sarah Palin slams McCain campaign staffers.
Sarah Palin Lets Loose in 'Going Rogue'
A look inside the former Alaska governor's highly anticipated memoir.
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Oprah discusses her exclusive interview with Sarah Palin to air Monday.
Sarah Palin's 2008 Election Night Speeches
The former Alaska governor's victory and concession speeches are made public.
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While campaigning in New York, the vice president knocks his former rival.
Sarah Palin Slams Levi and CBS
Alaska's former governor fires back at Johnston's comments on "The Early Show."
Levi Johnston's Palin Family Tell-All
In Vanity Fair, Johnston says Palin wanted to keep pregnancy "a secret."
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Former Alaska governor discusses the shock of her daughter's pregnancy.
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Former GOP VP candidate tells ABC's Barbara Walters reveals her "desire."
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Former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin speaks out to Barbara Walters.
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Charles Gibson talks with the Alaskan governor about foreign policy.
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GOP VP candidate responds to govt. spending, abortion and stem cell research.
Palin on God and War
The GOP's VP pick tells Charles Gibson what she meant by her "holy war" comments
Palin: Family Questions Not Sexist
Sarah Palin: "Of course someone can be the vice president and raise a family."
Gov. Sarah Palin's Full RNC Address
Introducing the Family: 'From the Inside no family ever seems typical."