Obama: Sotomayor's Rise Is America's Story
The president calls the associate justice's new role a triumph for the country.
Sotomayor 'Grateful' to America
She says the country's ideals made her rise to the Supreme Court possible.
Close Vote on Sotomayor
Rachel Brand, former White House lawyer, analyzes the close Senate vote.
Swearing in Justice Sonia Sotomayor
Sonya Sotomayor is sworn in as a Supreme Court justice.
Obama 'Very Happy' With Sotomayor Confirmation
President applauds Senate for confirming Sonia Sotomayor as the next justice.
Franken Presides Over Sotomayor Vote
The "SNL" comic-turned-senator provokes a few chuckles.
Another GOP Sen. to Vote for Sotomayor
Sen. Voinovich, retiring at the end of the year, says he'll support Sotomayor.
Senate Votes on Sotomayor's Confirmation
Sen. Judd Gregg, R-NH., discusses Sotomayor ahead of the Senate vote.
McCain to Vote 'No' on Sotomayor
McCain: I can't "support activist judges that seek to legislate from the bench."
Zingers From Sotomayor Hearings
Highs and lows from Judge Sotomayor's confirmation hearings before the Senate.
Sotomayor Likely to Be Seated in Fall
On closing day, Republicans remain unsatisfied with the judge's testimony.
How Sotomayor 'Saved Baseball'
Baseball player David Cone speaks at Judge Sotomayor's confirmation hearing.
Witness: I Not Here as a Wise Latina Woman
Sotomayor hearing witness Linda Chavez mocks Sotomayor remark.
Senator Jokes With Judge About Swapping Jobs
Sen. Coburn shares a light moment with the judicial nominee.
Sotomayor Can Get By on Supreme Salary
Sotomayor has lived on a judge's salary for yrs., says she can "suffer through."
Firefighter Ricci Testifies Against Sotomayor
Frank Ricci, plaintiff in Ricci v. Destefano, shares his story.
Senator Talks Crack Cocaine
Sen. Sessions misspeaks when talking to witnesses during Sotomayor's hearing.
GOP Sen. Ends Questioning With Conciliatory Tone
Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., challenges Judge Sotomayor one final time.
Mayor Bloomberg Testifies for Sotomayor
Bloomberg jokes to Sessions they're not so different.
Sotomayor on Her Ambition to Be a Justice
Sonia Sotomayor shares why she wants to serve on the high court.
Graham Continues to Grill Sotomayor on Bias
Graham concerned about the interference of Sotomayor's beliefs in her rulings.
Elusive Sotomayor Dodges Probing Senators
Supreme Court nominee keeps answers safe on third day of confirmation hearings.
More Abortion Questions for Sotomayor
Supreme Court nominee stays firm on answers on third day of Senate hearings.
Sotomayor: Obama Did Not Ask About Abortion
Sotomayor says she did not discuss abortion with Obama.
Sotomayor: I'm Not a Pot Growing Expert
Sotomayor explains right to privacy in a marijuana growing case.
Coburn Drills Sotomayor on Right to Self-Defense
Coburn demands to know Sotomayor?s personal opinion on self-defense.
Franken: In Perry Mason, the Prosecutor Never Won
New senator Al Franken says he used to watch Perry Mason as a kid.
Sen. Jokes Sotomayor's Mother Has a Lot to Say
Sen. Klobuchar says Sonia Sotomayor's mother is holding her tongue.
Senator Channels Desi Arnaz
Judge Sonia Sotomayor hypothetically talks about shooting a Sen. Tom Coburn.
Sonia Sotomayor Takes the Heat
Republicans question the Supreme Court nominee on her temperament.
Bottom Line on Sotomayor's Confirmation Hearings
George Stephanopoulos evaluates the Supreme Court nominee's hearing testimony.
Highlights: Senators Grill Sotomayor
A look at day two of Judge Sonia Sotomayor's Supreme Court confirmation hearing.
GOP Sen. Asks Sotomayor: 'Temperament Problem?'
Graham asks Sotomayor if she's a bully, and hits her on 'Latina' remark.
Senators Grill Sotomayor
Sonia Sotomayor undergoes a rigorous hearing in her bid for the Supreme Court.
Kyl: Sotomayor Celebrates 'Latina' Comment
GOP Senator says Sotomayor seems to celebrate prejudice.
Schumer to Sotomayor: Yankees or Mets?
Sen. Schumer jokes with the judicial nominee about baseball rivalry.
Sotomayor: Wise Latina Woman Joke 'Fell Flat'
Judge Sotomayor says her 'wise latina woman' was a bad joke.
Sotomayor on the Senate Hot Seat
Supreme Court nominee gives answers on racism and abortion.
Sotomayor Challenged on Conn. Firefighters Case
Senators challenge and defend Sotomayor over a recent Supreme Court ruling.
Sen. Jokes About His Ability to 'Turn People On'
When a protester causes a stir, Sen. Grassley uses comedy to get back on track.
Sotomayor Grilled on 'Wise Latina' Remark
Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., confronts the judicial nominee about a 2002 speech.
Highlights: Sotomayor on the Hot Seat
A look at day one of Judge Sonia Sotomayor's Supreme Court confirmation hearing.
GOP Fears Sotomayor's 'Empathy'
Sen. Chuck Grassley says Sonia Sotomayor's "empathy" is "troubling."
Sotomayor Thanks Mother
At confirmation hearing, Sotomayor shares an emotional moment with mother.
Sotomayor Faces Day 2 of Court Hearings
The Supreme Court nominee is to undergo grilling on her judicial philosophy.
Sotomayor on the Hot Seat
Judge Sonia Sotomayor's confirmation hearings begin.
Sotomayor's Opening Statement
Listen to Sotomayor's full opening statement at the hearing.
Outbursts in Sotomayor Hearings
Opening statements are interrupted by a protester yelling "abortion is murder."
Judiciary Cmte Members Bicker During Hearing
Sens. Leahy and Sessions, the top Dem and GOP member on the cmte, take sides.