Jonathan Karl
ABC News' Senior Political Correspondent
Rick Klein
Political Director
Amy Walter
ABC News Political Director
Ken Burns: Prohibition Meant to Be a Magic Bullet
Filmmaker says lessons from prohibition era resonate in society today.
Iowa GOP Chairman: 2012 Field 'Very Fluid'
Matt Strawn says Ames Straw Poll is "important test" for presidential campaigns.
Comedian Remy Munasifi on 'Raise the Debt Ceiling'
Local comedian pokes fun at Washington's impasse with debt ceiling rap video.
What Would President Bartlet Do?
Actor Martin Sheen jokes he will "shut down government" over debt crisis.
Grover Norquist: Herman Cain's 9-9-9 Plan Is 'Very Dangerous'
"Godfather" of taxes likens Cain's plan to prescribing tapeworms to lose weight.
Cecil vs. Jesmer: DSCC and NRSC Directors on Senate 2012 Races
Rob Jesmer and Guy Cecil jostle over MA, WI and other hot Senate races for 2012.
Rep. Brady: 'I Do Have Confidence' in Boehner
The Texas congressman adds "focus on a grand bargain is really a distraction."
Rep. King: Democrats Scaring People to Raise Debt Ceiling
Iowa congressman also talks about presidential candidate Michele Bachmann.
Jon Huntsman on ABC's Top Line
2012 candidate says Romney leads from behind, Perry has "nonsensical" focus.
Rep. Michele Bachmann: Reagan Was No Flat Taxer
Bachmann throws cold water on the idea of a flat tax with the ultimate insult.
Santorum to Palin: We Want Your Endorsement
GOP 2012 candidate talks Palin, his low poll numbers, and his 2012 competitors.
Herman Cain: 'I Can Beat' President Obama
2012 Potential Presidential Candidate Herman Cain on "Top Line."
Sen. Brown, D-Oh.: Voters 'Just Said No'
Senator says elitists in the country aimed at the middle class, and lost.
Rep. Clyburn: $4 Trillion in Cuts Possible
Says solving deficit with only cuts, and no revenue, could be "catastrophic."
Rep. Baldwin: 'Room for Encouragement' in Recall
Congresswoman calls Wisconsin recall an accomplishment; GOP maintained majority.
Chris Van Hollen: Is 'Top Line' The 'eHarmony of Congress?'
Rep. Chris Van Hollen, D-MD, previews the State of the Union on "Top Line."