NASA Data Shows 2016 Was Warmest Year on Record Globally
It was the third straight year to set a new record for global temperatures.
US Sues Oracle, Says It Pays White Men More Than Others
The U.S. Department of Labor has filed a lawsuit against Oracle, claiming that the technology giant has a "systemic practice"...
States Argue in Court for More Say Over Endangered Species
The federal government is asking an appeals court to overturn an order that bars the release of endangered wolves in New...
Netflix's Shrinking DVD Service Faces Uncertain Future
Netflix's video streaming service is booming while its steadily shrinking DVD-by-mail business has turned into an...
Earth Sets Hottest Year Record for Third-Straight Time,
Scientists say the Earth sizzled to a third-straight heat record last year
Correction: Wind Energy Story
Correction: Wind Energy story
World's Primates Facing Extinction Crisis, New Report Says
A new study says 60 percent of the world's primates are threatened with extinction and three quarters face shrinking...
Colorado Lynx Touted on Social Media Died of Natural Causes
Colorado wildlife managers say a rare lynx that was found dead just days after creating a stir on social media died of...
The Latest: State Argues for More Say on Endangered Species
A federal appeals court is weighing whether New Mexico can block the federal government from releasing more endangered wolves...
Macedonia Says Its Capital Is Most Polluted City in Europe
Bad news from a new study: Macedonia says Skopje is the most polluted capital in Europe, with some 1,300 people dying...
Twilio's Big Day on Wall Street
San Francisco company makes the software that lets you call your Uber driver.
RIP BlackBerry Classic: Company Will Stop Making Iconic Smartphone
"We are ready for this change," said the company's COO.
Facebook's WhatsApp Turns on Encryption for 1 Billion Users
In the wake of Apple vs. FBI, WhatsApp completes encryption rollout.
NASA Astronaut Ready for First Trip to Space
Rubins reveals what she's most excited to do when she gets to the space station.
How to Adjust the Filter Strength in Your Instagram Photos
Ability to adjust filter strength and more in latest update.
Is the Word 'Mormon' Really Trademarked?
The Church of Latter-Day Saints is in a dispute with a Mormon dating site.
Rich, Thriving, Busy: Where Hot Or Not's Co-Founders Are Today
Jim Young and James Hong are alive, well, rich and dabbling in new media.
Remember Those Embarrassing Myspace Photos? Myspace Does ...
Maybe you shouldn't have posted them in the first place.
Is Air Travel Becoming 'for Rich People' Only?
Rising costs of airfare may price out travelers in the future.
WhatsApp's Co-founder Is Upset About Apple's New Messaging Features
In today’s Worldwide Developer Conference, Apple rolled out a few new features for its iMessage app, including audio and...
Reflections From the Last Man to Walk on the Moon
Former astronaut Gene Cernan sat down with Peter Jennings in 1998 to reminisce about his adventures in space.
Google Maps Expands Into the Parking Business
Reports say the new beta version will be able to tell users about parking situations at their destinations.
Stanford Research Team Creates Safer Lithium-Ion Batteries
The new invention adds flame retardants to existing battery technology.
Wireless Carriers Boost Network Capacity in Washington, DC for Trump Inauguration
Nearly one million people are expected to attend the Trump inauguration, causing a spike in cell phone traffic.
Amazon's Major Expansion Plans
Amazon to add more than 100,000 jobs in an attempt to cut down delivery times.
JetBlue Offers Free Wi-Fi for Everyone on Domestic Flights
Passengers will now be able to tap into gate-to-gate high speed internet access at no extra charge.
The Playstation 4 and Xbox One, Back to Back
Learn about the latest video game systems from Sony and Microsoft.
Windows 8.1: Microsoft's Big Update Explained in Photos
Small tweaks and additions improve Microsoft's tablet and computer operating sys
Nokia Through The Years
Which phone did you own?
3D Print Everything
The most unbelievable objects made with a 3D printer.
Google Doodle Celebrates Leo Tolstoy's 186th Birthday
Google pays homage to the author's classics in a doodle slideshow.
Best Supermoon Pics From Around the World
The moon on its elliptical orbit is at its closest point to earth.
Google I/O in Photos
Google announced updates to maps and new music and messaging services.
Seahorse Armor Inspire Robotic Designs
Seahorse Armor Inspire Robotic Designs
Postcards From Mars
Opportunity rover still going after 8 years on Martian surface.
Build Your Own Cellphone
Build Your Own Cellphone
Facebook Home and HTC First in Photos 
A look at Facebook's new software and the first phone to run it.
Mars Rover Cuts Into Rock
Mars Curiosity rover looks for chemical signs of past life.
Tech Toys of the 1990s
Remember These? Some of the best '90s Tech Toys.
SXSW: Geeks Hit Up Austin
Enthusiasts check out the latest in emerging technology.
Hubble Peers Into Heart of the Crab Nebula
Spacecraft telescopes offer rare looks at the solar system and beyond.
BlackBerry Past: Which Did You Own?
BlackBerry dominated for years, then was beaten by iPhone and Android.
Baby Polar Bear Hangs Out at the Zoo
Absolutely adorable baby animals!
Behind Microsoft's New Tablet
Microsoft Surface: Behind Microsoft's New Tablet
Inside Google
A look behind the scenes at the physical heart of the Internet.
1st iPhone Prototypes Revealed
Court documents reveal photos of early iPhone prototypes
10 Women Who Broke the Glass Ceiling
Marissa Mayer, new Yahoo CEO, is the latest woman to lead a major company.
Facebook's IPO Anniversary
Facebook held its initial public offering a year ago today, raising $16 billion.
Apple Products Since the Beginning
From a handmade computer to the iPhone and iPad.