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PHOTO An artists conception of the LCROSS space probe, trailing its Centaur booster rocket on a crash course toward the moon is shown.
After Apollo: Water on the Moon? NASA probe, 40 years after Apollo, to make a splash if it finds frozen deposits.
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Moon Landing History Revisited
VIDEO: ABCs Robert Krulwich on mans impact on space exploration.
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Apollo 11's impact on future plans for space exploration (July 20, 1994).
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1969 animation shows how the spacecraft's parts made its moon mission possible.
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1969 Profile of Neil Armstrong ABC's Frank Reynolds talks about the life of the Apollo 11 commander.
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Aldrin was the second man to step on the lunar surface (July 20, 1999).
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NASA releases partially restored video from the historic 1969 moonwalk.
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Six volunteers end 105-day simulated Mars mission isolation in Moscow.
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Astronauts get their first taste of drinking water from purified urine.