Hand-Washing Detectors Could Save Lives
New tech makes sure health care workers wash hands before caring for patients.
Scientists Ramp Up Search for E.T.
Could we find E.T. within 2 dozen years? At least one scientist thinks so.
If Death Is Certain, How Do You Live?
Facing death, a young cancer patient learns how to live.
What's the Best Way to Barbecue?
As the summer grilling season approaches, the charcoal vs. gas debate heats up.
A Way to Travel at 'Star Trek's' Warp Speed
Physicists say it's possible to go as fast as the Enterprise. In theory.
Best Defender Against Bullies? May Be a Girl
New research suggests girls are more likely to defend a victim of bullying.
Forget About It! Obsessing Can Age You
Obsessing about memory loss is a self-fulfilling prophecy, research suggests.
Can We Control the Weather?
Scientists ponder colossal schemes to tame hurricanes, climate change and more.
Picking a Mate: You or Your DNA?
Finding true love may not be romance and judgment, but cold genetics.
Could a Holographic Tiger Eat You?
Looking out a window or at a screen? The difference matters, researchers say.
Brave New World, Too Small to See
Nanotechnology could rebuild the world one atom at a time.
Dog Days of Summer Can Be Deadly
Man's best friend can be a killer in warm weather.
Geezer Power: Are Retirement Mandates Needed?
New research challenges mandatory retirement age for air traffic controllers.
The Mind-Altering Power of Music
Studying music can change the way a brain is wired, new research finds.
Only a Dream? Maybe Not
New study explores how dreams influence day-to-day behavior.
Don't Kick a Dog When It's Down
'Confrontational' training only makes your pooch more aggressive, study shows.
How do You Make Snap Decisions?
ESP? Mind-Reading? No, it has to do with memory.
Yes He Can? Obama and the Nuclear Threat
Obama promised to rid the world of nuclear weapons, but can it be done?
Is a Confession Conclusive? Not Necessarily
Researchers: 25 percent of confessions may be false.
Surprise! Sewage Helps Fishery Rebound
In the Nile delta, human waste actually helps marine life.
Is a Coconut Car Coming Your Way?
Get ready to rev the engine of a car partly made out of coconuts.
Coming Soon to Your Closet: Clever Clothes
Nanotech clothing could detect blood, call for help or charge a phone.
Absolute Power Corrupts? Not Obama
New management study suggests president-elect will wield his new power well.
Paws and Effect: Pets May Cut Stress
They're not just our best friends ... pets can reduce stress and our waistlines.
'Tis the Season for Tears
From infancy through adulthood, crying can be beneficial, researchers find.
A Year of Breakthroughs: Science in 2008
Discoveries in every realm of science marked '08. Here's our list of the top 10.
Did Climate Change Kill the Roman Empire?
Rainfall data suggest climate change may have partly caused the empire's fall.
Future Cell Phones: Experts in Your Pocket
Soon, cell phones may monitor your exercise and other habits.
Can You Smile Your Way to Success?
A better mood helps us focus on the big picture, researchers say.
In a Pandemic, Who Gets to Live?
Truck drivers may be as essential as doctors in dealing with the next pandemic.
Out of Character? Politicians Walk the Talk
Maybe politicians follow through on promises more than expected.
The Bottom Line on Offshore Drilling
Offshore drilling brings us closer to changing our planet irreversibly.
Study: It Pays to Be Sexist
Men with traditional gender role attitudes make bigger bucks, a study finds.
Why Do We Believe Impossible Things?
Even false beliefs can serve a useful purpose, a British scientist says.
Does Thinking Make Us Fatter?
Mental tasks cause people to eat more, researchers find.
Can We Get Better at Multitasking?
Scientists shed light on why multitasking is easier at some times than others.
Is August Dangerous?
Nature often unleashes its most extreme events in August. Is there a reason?
To Some, Lights Are Noisy
Scientists discover a rare condition in which people hear flashes of light.
Edible 'Sensor' Could Alert You to E. Coli
Films from silk could detect deadly poisons in food and water, researchers say.
Turning Water Into … Electricity?
Researchers in Florida look to the ocean for energy.
Scientist: Donuts Helped Shape Our Culture
From foreign pastry to blue-collar treat, donuts tell much about American life.
Tiny Microbe May Offer Insights Into Cancer
An ancient microbe that operates like cancer may be a missing link.
Computer Can Tell When You're Happy
Smile: Scientists develop software that can recognize emotions.
Feel Powerless? Buy Something
A new study gives credence to the idea of "retail therapy."
Batter Don't Swing: Science of Strikeouts
Scientists say human brain hits more fouls than homers.
Scientist Develops Lifelike Robotic Fish
Robofish could monitor pollution, undersea volcanoes or enemy submarines.
Teens Prefer Computers to Doctors
Adolescents more likely to reveal secrets to computer than doctor, study says.
Could Dust Stop Hurricanes?
A new idea to cool the ocean could mean fewer or less intense storms.
Real-Life 'Knight Rider' Car Coming Soon?
Researchers are working on a talking car that responds to your emotions.
Can Robot Worms Kill Cancer?
Microscopic mechanical worms may be deployed as cancer-seeking missiles.
Fake Sugar Can't Psych Out Brain
Artificial sweeteners often make the the brain hungrier, research finds.