Amazon Echo Picks Up 3 Helpful New Skills
The speaker can now feed you, take you places and serenade you.
Facebook Reveals Its a Smaller World After All
Facebook reveals just how close we're all connected on 12 years later.
Ex-NFL Players Want to Help You Find a Job
Brandon King and Thad Turner are tackling the tech world with new GiiG app.
Obama Seeks Cybersecurity Boost to Replace 'Ancient' Tech
President Barack Obama warns that the federal government is relying on archaic, leaky and broken computers systems to protect...
UK Lawmakers Say Proposed Spy Law Fails to Protect Privacy
Lawmakers responsible for scrutinizing Britain's intelligence agencies say there are not enough privacy safeguards in plans...
Indian Scientists Study Chunk That Fell From Sky, Killed Man
Scientists said they were analyzing a small blue object that plummeted from the sky and killed a man in southern India
After 15 Years, Cleanup Plan Approved for Contaminated Town
The U.S. Environmental Protection has given final approval to a costly cleanup program for a Montana community where health...
Apollo Education to Go Private in $1.1 Billion Deal
Apollo Education goes private in $1.1 billion buyout with for-profit colleges under pressure
Studies Aim to Restore Habitat of Imperiled Northwest Fish
Scientists in the Pacific Northwest are studying more than a dozen watersheds to develop templates on habitat restoration...
Good Washington Snowpack Raises Hopes of Calmer Fire Season
A federal agency says mountain snowpack came in above normal in Washington state, raising hopes the normally soggy state will...
An Icky New Hero: Roach-Like Robots May Help in Disasters
Scientists have built a robot inspired by the repulsive cockroach
India Internet Ruling Blocks Facebook 'Free Basics' Program
India's government has effectively blocked a Facebook program that sought to connect with low-income residents by offering...
Johns Hopkins Approved for HIV-Positive Organ Transplants
Johns Hopkins Medicine says it has received approval to perform organ transplants between HIV-positive donors and recipients
Google's Artificial Intelligence System Masters Game of 'Go'
With trillions of possible moves, Google has pulled off huge AI feat.
Facebook's WhatsApp Is Now Free
Why the messaging service will no longer charge a subscription fee.
Better Hope Your Password Isn't on This List
The worst passwords of 2015 -- and how to make a better one.
Asteroid Set for 2nd Earth Flyby Since 2013
The asteroid could come as close as 11,000 miles next month.
How to Adjust the Filter Strength in Your Instagram Photos
Ability to adjust filter strength and more in latest update.
Is the Word 'Mormon' Really Trademarked?
The Church of Latter-Day Saints is in a dispute with a Mormon dating site.
Rich, Thriving, Busy: Where Hot Or Not's Co-Founders Are Today
Jim Young and James Hong are alive, well, rich and dabbling in new media.
Remember Those Embarrassing Myspace Photos? Myspace Does ...
Maybe you shouldn't have posted them in the first place.
Is Air Travel Becoming 'for Rich People' Only?
Rising costs of airfare may price out travelers in the future.
WhatsApp's Co-founder Is Upset About Apple's New Messaging Features
In today’s Worldwide Developer Conference, Apple rolled out a few new features for its iMessage app, including audio and...
Sought After Feature Coming to Instagram
The app's newest update now allows users to easily switch between up to 5 different accounts.
Supermarkets of the Future
ABC News' Tina Trinh explores the technology being introduced at supermarkets to make for speedier checkouts and smarter...
Top Super Bowl Twitter Mentions
Beyonce topped the list after her halftime performance with Coldplay and Bruno Mars.
Apple Music Announces Major Upgrade for Android Devices
Subscribers will now be able to save their music catalogues on an external SD card.
Mark Zuckerberg Describes the Emotional Power of VR
Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg lays out his hopes and dreams for virtual reality storytelling.
Hardware Issues Shut Down IRS Tax Return E-File System
The Internal Revenue Service suffered a "hardware failure" that caused a shutdown of its e-file system.
Amazon to Expand Retail Store Presence
The online retailer plans to open more brick-and-mortar stores.
Birds of Prey Hunt Drones
One Dutch company is teaching raptors to treat drones as prey.
Our Journey to Space
A look at the moments when we left Earth's atmosphere.
The Playstation 4 and Xbox One, Back to Back
Learn about the latest video game systems from Sony and Microsoft.
Windows 8.1: Microsoft's Big Update Explained in Photos
Small tweaks and additions improve Microsoft's tablet and computer operating sys
Nokia Through The Years
Which phone did you own?
3D Print Everything
The most unbelievable objects made with a 3D printer.
Google Doodle Celebrates Leo Tolstoy's 186th Birthday
Google pays homage to the author's classics in a doodle slideshow.
Best Supermoon Pics From Around the World
The moon on its elliptical orbit is at its closest point to earth.
Google I/O in Photos
Google announced updates to maps and new music and messaging services.
Seahorse Armor Inspire Robotic Designs
Seahorse Armor Inspire Robotic Designs
Postcards From Mars
Opportunity rover still going after 8 years on Martian surface.
Build Your Own Cellphone
Build Your Own Cellphone
Facebook Home and HTC First in Photos 
A look at Facebook's new software and the first phone to run it.
Mars Rover Cuts Into Rock
Mars Curiosity rover looks for chemical signs of past life.
Tech Toys of the 1990s
Remember These? Some of the best '90s Tech Toys.
SXSW: Geeks Hit Up Austin
Enthusiasts check out the latest in emerging technology.
Mars Rover Sends a Selfie From the Red Planet
Spacecraft telescopes offer rare looks at the solar system and beyond.
BlackBerry Past: Which Did You Own?
BlackBerry dominated for years, then was beaten by iPhone and Android.
Bei Bei Experiences Snow for the First Time
Absolutely adorable baby animals!