Gov't Revokes Rule Limiting Species Protections
Agencies must consult wildlife experts to limit threat to endangered species.
Scientists Surprised by NASA Chief's Climate Comments
NASA administrator Michael Griffin questions need to combat warming.
NASA: 10 Years to Climate 'Tipping Point'
NASA analysis says it won't take much to reach "dangerous tipping points."
American Pika Heads Toward Extinction
Global warming is forcing the American pika up mountains and towards extinction.
Allergy Season ??? Global Warming Makes It Worse
Doctors say rising temperatures make plants bloom more.
Global Warming Expert Fears 'Refugee Crisis'
The Second of Four Major Reports on Climate Change Says It's a Different World Already
Two of the Biggest Changes in Climate News
The World Awaits Friday's Verdict in Paris
One Gigantic Wild Card In Global Warming
Scientists Factor Greenland into Global Warming Equation
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'Happy Feet' Not So Happy
Penguins Endangered by Melting Ice, Overfishing
Weird Science Getting New Respect, Just in Case
Giant Sunshades in Space? Monster Air Scrubbers? Far Fetched Plans for Controlling Earth's Fever
Aspen, Colo., Takes on Global Warming
City -- and a Significant Number of its Residents -- Heats up Its Response to the Environmental Challenge of Our Times
Seeking Extra Planet Before 2050, Inquire Within
World Wildlife Fund Report Says Humans Are Consuming More Resources Than Earth Can Replenish
ABC News Reporting Cited As Evidence In Congressional Hearing On Global Warming
Making Money by Feeding Confusion Over Global Warming
Global Warming Could Slam Food Supply
Food Prices Could Rise as Farmers in California's Prolific San Joaquin Valley Feel the Effects
The Psychology of Global Warming: Alarm-ist Versus Alarm-ing
One Expert Warns Temperatures Could Climb to Highest Level in 500,000 Years
Welcome to New York; That'll Be $8
American cities look to London for a controversial traffic solution.
Do Bottled Water Drinkers Consume Oil?
Plastic containers and their transport foul the planet, some say.
Green Skies: Branson Bets on Biofuel Jets
Airline maverick pushes technology. Could it clear the air?
Japan: Land of Green Gizmos
Where going green is almost a sense of duty.
Going Green -- or Gifting a Right to Pollute?
Some believe carbon offsets can do more harm than good.
Silicon Valley Betting on Solar Power
Entrepreneurs Expect Green Movement Will Move Solar Panels Firmly into the Mainstream
Green Monster: Live Earth Rocks World
Fans go wild, but can a series of concerts save the Earth?
Critics: Live Earth Not So Green
Critics said the Live Earth promoting global awareness wasn't so eco-friendly.
Hypocrite? Madonna's Green Cred in Doubt
Madonna performs at Live Earth, but her investments suggest other priorities.
Live Earth: Will It Make a Difference?
Al Gore pulls out all the stops to promote concerts to fight global warming.
Surprise D.C. Show Added to 'Live Earth'
Al Gore to launch D.C. event, then head to previously announced venue in N.J.
Ice 'n' Roll: Live Earth From Antarctica
Nunatak will be the first band to ever perform live on Antartica.
Concern Soars About Global Warming as World's Top Environmental Threat
Increasing Numbers Believe Global Warming Is Caused by Humans and That Scientists Agree on It
Gingrich: Pelosi 'Disqualified Herself'
Former Speaker Newt Gingrich says Pelosi should resign from her post as speaker.
New Era of Cars Will Have More Green, Less Guzzle
Will Americans have to give up their SUVs under Obama's new mileage rules?
Obama Drives for 35 MPG by 2016
More efficient cars cost more -- will you make it back at the pump?
Global Warming Data Buried in Mud
Scientists study sediments to see how warming water affects marine life.
Greener and Cleaner Cars
President Obama announces new car emissions standards.
Prince Charles Teams Up with a Frog
British royal launches Internet video campaign to save rainforests.
Nature's Edge (04.28.09)
Stem to stern, crawling all over an icebreaker and sunny frozen sea surface.
Greening the Economy
Interest in organic products could lead to lower prices.
Central Park Bird-Watching
Long-time follower says fewer birds are migrating through the park.
Global Warming Suspect Uncovered in Alaska
Frozen methane gases are melting, then thawing glaciers.
Carbon Emissions Change the Elements
As the air gets warmer and water more acidic, more species will disappear.
Antarctic Ice Sheet Melting Faster
Rising sea levels could impact New York, London in just a few decades.
The New Science of Play
Play proves vital for many species surviving in this dangerous world.
Linking Droughts to Global Warming
Scientists say weather is increasingly influenced by warming.
Counting All the Fish in the Sea
Biologist Jesse Ausubel explains how scientists take a census of marine life.
Ocean Acidification
Increased carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere damage marine ecosystems.
Live Earth Concert Backfires
The concert to fight climate change generated more than 1,000 tons of garbage.
Live Earth Rocks the World
Al Gore festival promotes environmental causes with 7-point plan and pop music.
24 New Species Discovered
Spectacular new species from the jungles of Suriname, in South America.
Melting Giants: Glaciers 70 Years Later
A photographer witnesses how 70 years have changed some breath-taking sights.