Long-Missing Beagle 2 Mars Lander Finally Found
Turns out the mission was a success, after all.
Elon Musk's Hyperloop Idea Inches Forward
Billionaire's pet project takes a step closer to becoming a reality.
Inside the Moments After Astronauts Evacuated ISS
A suspected gas leak promoted astronauts to evacuated to Russian section of ISS.
Astronaut's Optimistic Video Will Make You Smile
Astronaut Chris Hadfield explains why now is the perfect time for positivity.
Elon Musk Wants to Rein in the Robots
Elon Musk donates $10 million to artificial intelligence research.
Hubble Telescope Captures Majestic Photo
Some 20 years after first image, stunning new photo of "Pillars of Creation."
'Close, but No Cigar' for SpaceX Rocket Landing
The company put one of its rockets to the ultimate test.
Video Captures Moment SpaceX Rocket Crash Landed
SpaceX shares video of failed attempt to land Falcon 9 rocket on a barge.
Astronauts' Eyesight Damaged by Flight
Why are veterans with 20/20 vision unable to focus?
First Meteor Shower of 2012 Dazzles
Quadrantid meteors best before dawn Wednesday.
The Sky is Falling! Biggest Meteor Shower of Year
Perseids happen annually in mid-August.
Pictures of Youngest Planet Yet Seen
First-ever images of planet in the making
NASA's 'Terror' Video Goes Viral
NASA scores hit with video about landing new rover on Mars.
Mars Rover's First Color Panorama
Curiosity rover gets ready to roam Martian surface.
Neil Armstrong, First Man on the Moon, Dies
"That's one small step for a man...."
With Shuttle Gone, Florida Retrenches
"Space Coast" plans on life without astronauts.
Space Shuttle Kerfuffle: Houston Slighted
Used shuttles go to museums in Florida, Virginia, California, but not Texas.
9 Sensational Sci-Fi Ideas That Came True
Technologies and gadgets that debuted in science fiction films and novels.
After Last Shuttle Launch, Will U.S. Space Dominance End?
U.S. will rely on Russians for space travel as NASA enters the dreaded 'Gap.'
Yuri Gagarin: Top 7 Myths on 1st Man in Space
It's 50 years since the first manned spaceflight.
Alan Shepard, America's 1st Astronaut
50th anniversary of Alan Shepard's Freedom 7 flight.
Requiem for a Rover: Mars Spirit's Mission Ends
No signals in a year, and NASA gives up trying.
Bling! A Diamond Planet
Arthur C. Clarke, the late science-fiction writer most famous for “2001: A Space Odyssey,” let his mind wander all over the...
New Planet Right in Our Neighborhood
How many science fiction stories have been written about Alpha Centauri, the closest star system to our own?  How many...
NASA Discovers Two Earth-Sized Planets
Kepler space telescope finds two new planets orbiting a Sun-like star.
Are We Alone in the Universe?
NASA launches Kepler probe to search for other life-supporting planets.
Comet Seen From Space Station
Astronaut Dan Burbank captures stunning view of Comet Lovejoy from orbit.
SpaceX Test Launches Private Enterprise Ship
Private company launches Dragon, makes first commercial return from orbit.
Steelers' Space Fan
An astronaut on the International Space Station supports his football team.
Steelers' Space Fan
An astronaut on the International Space Station supports his football team.
Space Shuttle: A Brief History
ABC News' Ned Potter on the shuttles' triumphs and tragedies.
Space Shuttle Facts in 60 Seconds
A by the numbers look at the final shuttle launch.
8/12/77: Shuttle Enterprise Test
The first manned separation flight test of NASA's Space Shuttle Enterprise.
July 11, 1979: Skylab Breaks Apart
The American space station re-enters the atmosphere and breaks apart.
Today in History: Viking I Lands on Mars
NASA's unmanned Viking I spacecraft takes pictures of Mars' rocky surface.
7/18/75: Russian-U.S. Space Mission
Astronauts Leonov and Stafford hold a joint press conference from space.
July 20, 1969: First Man on the Moon
The first astronauts walk on the lunar surface during NASA's Apollo 11 mission.
July 19, 1966: Gemini 10 Mission
Gemini 10 astronaut makes spacewalk to photograph stars.
Today in History: NASA Agena Launch
An unmanned rocket for Gemini 10 to dock with in space.
July 3, 2006: Asteroid Passes By Earth
An asteroid large to wipe out a city passes close to the Earth.
Endeavour Cruises Toward Final Home
It is cruising two miles per hour to its home at the California Science Center.
One Last Look Inside Space Shuttle
Retired orbiter is being prepped for display at the Kennedy Space Center.
Hubble Peers Into Heart of the Crab Nebula
Spacecraft telescopes offer rare looks at the solar system and beyond.
NASA Celebrates Skylab
NASA commemorates 40th anniversary of Skylab, the first U.S. space station.