So, You Want to Change the World?
Meet people and learn about places and programs working to change the world.
'Elders' Want To Save World
A gathering of elders takes on AIDS, TB, climate change and more.
Saving the World With Shoes
Designer Blake Mycoskie donates shoes to poor children overseas.
Killer Stocks: Do You Invest in Genocide?
Is your portfolio socially responsible? How to buy stocks that fit your beliefs.
California Firefighting Goes High-Tech
From satellites to digital models, researchers play a part in battling blazes.
Donate Your Bike, Save the World?
In Africa's poor rural areas, some children walk 10 mi. to school every morning.
The Medicine That Changed the World
From vaccines to clean water, health advances have changed the world.
On a Mission to Free Political Prisoners
Jared Genser helped free a friend from Chinese prison.
Anita Roddick's Legacy: Changing the Face of an Industry
Founder of the Body Shop credited with changing the face of cosmetics industry.
Ice-Cold Innovation in Miami Could Help Injured NFLer Walk Again
ABC talks to one of the doctors behind cooling therapy used on Kevin Everett.
Celeb Takes Up a Cause: Do Fans Follow?
When stars rally for causes, regular folks don't necessairly open their wallets.
The Most Influential People in the World
They're 25 people who've changed the world -- some for better, some for worse.
So Long, New York! See Ya, Miami!
New report visualizes impact of sea level rise -- and it's not pretty.
Wal-Mart Commits to Going Green
Environmentalists, once wary, now optimistic about impact company could have.
From Cub Scout to Corner Office
New chief scout takes the BSA into a new century.
Companies That Go Green Really Help
Environmentalists say green initiatives like News Corp's will help the climate.
What's the Next Microtrend?
The man who coined the term "soccer mom" on how small groups make big changes.
Bono: 'I Want to Change the World'
The rock star and activist guest edits the July Africa issue of Vanity Fair.
Actor and 'Science Guy' in Enviro-Smackdown
Neighbors Ed Begley and Bill Nye compete over who can go greener.
No Impact Man: Extreme Green Living
The Beavan family's "no impact" lifestyle means giving up many conveniences.
Kid-Possible! Entrepreneurs Making a Difference
'That Was Easy' competition showcases youth ventures.
Changing the World with a Click of the Mouse
Group honors Web sites trying to change the world via the Internet.
Dollars for Pounds: Incentives Encourage Weight Loss
Even small financial incentives can encourage weight loss, new research shows.
Green Monster: Live Earth Rocks World
Fans go wild, but can a series of concerts save the Earth?
Nancy Brinker Discusses the Susan Komen Foundation
Leading breast cancer fighter Nancy Brinker describes her mission.
Changing the World With a Click
Organization remixes the world for social change.
Reduce Your Carbon Emissions
Actor and green advocate Ed Begley shares tips on carbon offsetting.
Wal-Mart's Green Revolution
The giant retailer makes efforts to reduce its environmental impact.
Creating Homes for the Neediest
The Tanzanian Children's Fund brings hope to orphaned children in Africa.
Teens Find 'H.O.P.E.' in South Africa
Find out more about H.O.P.E. at www.southafricanhope.org.