Opinion: When Politicians Can't Count
Romney and Obama, a coin toss, the mortgage mess and Big Bird.
Electoral College: A Mathematical Look
How one candidate could become president--with only 11 votes.
Scaling Up Is So Very Hard To Do
A mathematician looks at results of changes in the scale of physical objects
Logical Liars, Paradoxical Politicians
A mathematician explores the liar paradox.
End Foreign Aid, Save the Economy? Doesn't Add Up
How ignoring numerical magnitudes leads to misunderstanding.
Do Testing, Hiring Disparities Imply Bias?
A mathematician explores claims of prejudicial treatment in the media.
Problem With Studies: Why They Get It Wrong
Why it may not be so surprising that study findings don't always hold up.
What Baseball Can Teach About Statistics
A mathematician makes sense of statistics.
How to Get a Fair Result From a Coin Flip
A mathematician explains how to get a fair result from a biased coin.
Does Summer Mean More Boy Babies?
New probability puzzle from columnist John Allen Paulos.
How Much Oil's Spilling? It's Not Rocket Science
Columnist says BP could have gauged spill volume with elementary geometry.
Can You Solve These Number Puzzles?
Mathematician gives five or six reasons why parity puzzles are fun.
Who's Counting: Humpty Dumpty's Take on the News
A mathematician examines numbers in the news.
Who's Counting: Jobs, Health Care and Twitter
When numbers make a big difference in the news.
Did Netflix Out Customer? Private Details, Public
Suggesting movies is risky business. User picks reveal more than you may think.
Medical Stats: Not Always What They Seem
Columnist explains how to unspin and understand medical statistics.
Are Wall St. Big Shots Cutting in Line?
Columnist compares superfast trades to the supermarket fast lane.
Test Yourself: Which Tabloid Heds Actually True?
Can you separate fact from fiction when it comes to tabloid news?
Number Games: Misleading Nos. in the News
Numbers don't lie, right? Wrong. Take a look at three examples in the news.
Nudging: How to Get People to Do Right Thing
Sometimes it's better to lure -- not order -- people into the right choice.
Watch Your Tongue! Irish Ban Blasphemy
New law in Ireland fines those who publish blasphemy 25,000 euros.
Bad Things in Threes? It Doesn't Add Up
Recent celebrity deaths highlight our fascination with threes.
A Cancer Drug From Sunny Thailand?
Some studies suggest that a vitamin supplement could protect against cancer.
Problem With Drug Studies: The Patients?
Some believe strict regimen followers skew drug results, even with placebos.
Seduce Me, Swindle Me With ... Logic?
How logic can get you into trouble, romantically or financially.
Stimulus Psych 101: Economics vs. Politics
A numbers game reveals the psychology behind the stimulus package.
Imp in a Bottle: It's More Than Madoff
Con artists aren't the only reason unsavory schemes succeed.
Now Boarding: A Better Way to Load a Plane
Astrophysicist's computer simulations suggest airlines are doing it all wrong.
Big Brother in a Chip: Good for You?
A new book explores the mathematical tricks that make our lives easier.
Math Hits the News ... Sinks the Markets?
Math makes waves -- for good and bad reasons. Did it help sink the economy?
Financial Rescue? The Math Is Fuzzy
Why we can't predict the long-term effects of the bailout.
Virtual Elections Predict Nov. Outcome
A number of Web sites run thousands of virtual elections to see who wins most.
War, Spying and Party Game Delusions
Can a party game reveal flaws in U.S. wiretapping and war plans?
Could a President Pass This Test?
Employers test applicants' mettle with logic puzzles. How would politicians do?
Deny All You Want, They'll Still Believe
Why public denials may only fuel conspiracy theories.
56*: If Bonds Gets Asterisk, Should Joe D?
Report suggests slugger may have benefited from cozy relationship with scorer.
Math: Gift from God or Work of Man?
Course descriptions show some schools put math in a religious framework.
Solutions for 'Sicko' Health Care Holes?
Columnist believes money could be found for health insurance answers.
Can't Pick One Candidate? Vote for Many
Ranking order of candidates could create more accurate results.
Borat, Colbert and Our Loopy Selves
Book says our own reality is complicated and multilayered.
An Inconvenient Puzzle: Global Warming and ... Genies?
Columnist John Allen Paulos considers global warming, genies and torture.
Who's Counting: A Card Trick and a Religious Hoax
What May Seem Like Divine Intervention Is Rooted in the Principles of a Card Trick
Who's Counting: Pictures, Statistics and Genocide
Genocide Conundrum: People Sympathize With Individuals in Trouble More Than Large Groups
How Iraq Trillion Could Have Been Spent
The Cost of the Iraq War: Can You Say $1,000,000,000,000?
Who's Counting: Health, Wealth and Happiness
The New Year is Good Time to Crunch the Numbers on What's Most Important
Who's Counting: The Monty Hall Problem
Game Shows, a Variant Puzzle and a General Question
Who's Counting: Which 'Experts' Make Better Political Predictions?
Mathematician John Allen Paulos Looks at Who's More Reliable -- Foxes or Hedgehogs?
Who's Counting: Hacking Diebold Voting Machines
Mathematician John Allen Paulos Examines the Questions Raised About Some Voting Systems
What's Wrong With Creationist Probability?
As Support for Creationism Grows, Major Flaws in the Creationists' Argument
Who's Counting: It's Mean to Ignore the Median
Reading Economic Numbers from Democratic, Republican Points of View
Who's Counting: Cheney's One Percent Doctrine
Vice President Said to Feel That If There's a 1 Percent Chance, Then Act