Does Microsoft's Surface Tablet Live Up to the Hype?
Does Microsoft's Surface tablet live up to the hype?
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How do you use Windows 8? Here are 8 tips.
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Lenovo's new Windows 8 computers flip, twist, and pull apart.
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An inside look at how Microsoft is planning to reinvent itself and Windows.
Windows 8: Accepting Change Required
Windows 8 requires instruction and a willingness to learn.
Why Microsoft Should Have Started Making Computers Years Ago
Last year I sat down with Mike Angiulo, Microsoft's corporate VP of Windows Planning, Hardware and PC Ecosystem. (Long title,...
Microsoft Surface Takes on iPad
Microsoft's going right after the iPad with its $499 Surface tablet.
Room for Squares: New Microsoft Logo
Windows and Office aren't the only things getting a new look this year.
New Webmail Takes Aim at Gmail
Microsoft's new webmail has a clean design and intelligent features.
Microsoft Office Redesigned for Tablets
New versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook are ready for your touch.
Windows Phone 8: What's Coming Next?
Microsoft shows off new features of its next generation of Windows Phones.
Microsoft Surface: Questions Answered
Microsoft's new tablet computer first look.
Windows 8: Weird New Computer Designs
Asus, Acer, Toshiba, and Lenovo promise new Hardware form factors for new OS
Windows 8 Ready for Download
Microsoft polishes up Windows 8 and prepares for a public release.
Can Windows 8's Apps Beat the iPad's?
Microsoft's new Windows 8 Store is full of beautiful apps.
iPad Review: How Much Better Is the New Tablet?
The new iPad has arrived and so has ABC News' definitive review.
Nexus 7 Review: $200 Spent Well
How does the $200 Nexus 7 tablet fare against Amazon's $200 Kindle Fire?
Asus Launches Dual-Screen 'Taichi' Notebook
It probably wasn’t the best day for a computer maker to unveil new devices, as everything would inevitably be overshadowed by...
Acer Iconia W510 Windows 8 Tablet With Keyboard Coming in November
On Oct. 26, Microsoft will start offering Windows 8 and, simultaneously, the computer makers of the world will start offering...
Toshiba Previews U925t Tablet-Laptop
The Windows 8 computers are here and they continue to get more interesting by the hour today. On the heels of Samsung’s new...
Microsoft Surface Tablet: an iPad Killer?
  That’s a tablet made by Microsoft, and it’s a tablet unlike any other market. That’s the message Microsoft wanted to impart...
Lenovo Yoga Convertible Laptop-Tablet Coming with Windows 8 RT
Lenovo officially announced its Windows 8 ThinkPad Tablet 2 this week, which will be aimed at professionals. But the...
Windows 8 Released to Manufacturers Now, Released to You Oct. 26
  Continuing its series of summer announcements, Microsoft confirmed today that Windows 8 is ready to go. Well, almost ready...
Windows 8 Devices Coming in October
We’ve been following Microsoft’s Windows 8 for a number of months now — from its Consumer Preview or Beta release to the...
QWIKI: What's Windows 8?
Tim Cook on Windows 8: Converging a 'Toaster and a Refrigerator'
If you had any concerns that Apple CEO Tim Cook might not be able to provide Steve Jobs-like one-liners on earnings calls,...
Windows 8 Consumer Preview
Photos: Windows 8 Consumer Preview