Sick From 'Pig Brain Mist': Mystery Solved
Slaughterhouse workers who inhaled pig brains suffered wacky immune reactions.
In Internet First, Hearing to Be Webcast
In an Internet first, a music copyright hearing will be broadcast live online.
No Jobs, but What WILL Be at MacWorld '09?
Apple's CEO won't be there, but a few tasty rumors might actually pan out.
Smart and Sexy: The Hottest Geeks of 2008
Wired.com readers choose the sexiest geeks of the year.
Search Site Pays Cash for Your 2 Cents
Search engine Mahalo creates a marketplace for users' knowledge.
Major Milestones for the Mighty Mouse
The mouse turns 40 and Logitech produces its one billionth mouse.
Science Has Supersized Thanksgiving Dinner
Nearly everything on your plate has been enhanced by science.
Lawsuit Alleges Classmates.com Is a Scam
A Classmates.com user sues, claiming no one was trying to reach him.
A Screen That Can Fit in Your Pocket
A 'Minority Report'-type screen could be 2-3 years away, scientists say.
Nearby Solar System Resembles Our Own
A nearby solar system looks like our own and could harbor planets like Earth.
Twitter: A High-Tech Tool for Terrorists?
A draft Army report suggests Twitter could be effective in coordinating attacks.
Toy Robot Remembers Your Name
Toy robot Zeno was designed to encourage the humanization of technology.
Voter Database Glitches Spark Controversy
Voter-registration database problems could disenfranchise thousands of voters.
Virus Infects Space Station Laptops (Again)
Viruses that steal passwords affected Space Station laptops in July.
Cops Need Warrant to Get Cell Phone Tracking Data
To use your phone as a tracking device, police need a warrant, a court rules.
Five Geek-Friendly Cruises
Geek-themed cruises sub in video games and Macs for sunbathing and dancing.
Cabbies Wicked Mad About Green Taxi Rule
Taxi drivers are hot under the hood about having to switch to hybrids.
Is Apple's Success Really a Curse?
Recent glitches suggests that Apple may getting too big for its own good.
Child Online Protection Act Overturned
Court calls a law meant to keep children away from online porn unconstitutional.
Last Resort: Move Polar Bears to Antarctica
New proposal suggests drastic plan to save endangered species.
Google Maps Disease Outbreaks
Google's HealthMap lets users follow along the disease trail.
Struggling Airlines Drop Big Bucks on WiFi
Extra service could mean big bucks for struggling airlines.
Media Mogul's Secret Weapon: Hackers?
A lawsuit alleges that a News Corp. subsidiary hired hackers to sabotage rivals.
Apple vs. the Big Apple Over Logo
The tech giant cries foul over New York's eerily similar apple logo.
Science vs. Religion: Which Is More Fun?
A head-to-head comparison of the forces that shape society.
Obama Dreams of Hybrid Hummers
The candidate supported wild technologies such as wound-healing LED lights.
Blu-ray Headed For X-Box 360?
Microsoft is reportedly in talks to enhance gaming experience with Blu-ray.
Broadcast Your Face Above Times Square
Artist plans to digitally project 10,000 faces over the big apple.
Affair Allegations Haunt Wikipedia Chief
Founder Wales denies breaking marital and company rules.
Fans Start 'Craigslist' for Obama Campaigners
Need used campaign posters, t-shirts, bumper stickers? ObamaCycle may have it.
Yahoo Takes on Digg
Buzz is a social news site lets readers rank vote stories up or down.
Did Texting Contribute to Obama's Wins?
Campaign used Spanish-language phone banking, texting to get out vote.
MySpace Bug Leaks 'Private' Teen Photos
Despite MySpace's assurances this week, private profiles aren't so private.
NASA May Try 'Second Life' for Lonely Crew
NASA dreams of an interplanetary "Second Life" for Mars crew.
Nasal Spray Might Replace Sleep
Forget coffee. Scientists may have found drug that will eliminate sleepiness.
Are You Ready for Dating 2.0?
Sites bet on video, text messaging and social networks to amp up online dating.
How 'Green' Are Green Web Sites?
On the Internet, anyone can be an environmentalist, but not all sites deliver.
Startup Allows Calls from Any Device, Open Apps
Ribbit takes on telecom companies, allowing flexibility for 3rd party apps.
Radiohead Wants Piece of Scalpers' Action
Hundreds of bands joined group that wants to charge sites like StubHub, eBay.
Shopping SOS: How to Score a Wii
Can't find the popular console? Try these tips to up your chances.
China Hearts Black Market iPhones
Nevermind that Apple's gadget hasn't been released -- the country is in love.
Major Sites' Banner Ads Can Hijack PCs
Spiked ads have been spotted on MLB.com, NHL.com and The Economist.
Inside Gitmo: Psych Tactics and Dogs
Military manual details day-to-day operations of Gitmo detention facility.
'I Was a Hacker for the MPAA'
Young hacker posed as file-sharing spy for promises of fame, fortune.
Site Taps 'Crowd Wisdom' to Quiz '08ers
Readers can vote on Digg-like site of video questions to be sent to contenders.
Candidates, How Do You Feel About Mars?
Mars Society members want next president to send people to Mars.
Can You Find the Next Google?
Intel launches a Digg-like site to rate software startups.
OMG! Doc Opens IM Practice
Brooklyn doctor counsels patients via instant messenging and e-mail.
Fingerprint Tech Means Never Losing Keys Again
New company wants to make fingerprint technology a reality.
A Genome Test for Suicidal Thoughts?
Test finds genes linking suicidal ideas and antidepressant. Designer medicine?