California Oil Spill Harder to Clean up in Choppy Waters
California oil spill harder to clean up in choppy waters; more dead animals found
Japan Pledges Climate Change Aid to Pacific Island Nations
Japan pledges climate change aid to Pacific island nations in latest bid to raise clout
California Farmers Agree to Drastically Cut Water Use
Farmers in drought-stricken California agree to drastically cut back on water use
Woman Chains Herself to Shell Ship in Bay North of Seattle
Woman chains herself to Shell oil drilling support ship in bay north of Seattle
Senate Blocks House Surveillance Bill, 2-Month Extension
Fate of parts of Patriot Act in doubt as Senate blocks House bill, 2-month extension
Las Vegas Feels Magnitude-4.8 Earthquake 100 Miles Away
Magnitude-4.8 quake in rural Nevada is felt 100 miles away in Vegas, closes busy highway ramp
Choppy Slick Is Harder to Clean up; More Oily Animals Found
California spill harder to clean up in rough seas; company ordered to take action
California Farmers Strike a Deal to Cut Water Use
Farmers' concession is the latest indication of the drought's severity.
Government Hunters Prepare to Kill Salmon-Eating Birds
Government hunters scout Columbia River island before starting to kill salmon-eating birds
Adult Dating Site Investigating Breach of User Data
Report says hackers stole users' names, dating preferences from adult dating site
White House: Offensive Twitter Posts Part of 'Open Society'
White House: Offensive replies on @POTUS Twitter account are 'part of an open society'
Prosecutors: Professor Offered China Data on US-Made Device
Physics professor at Philadelphia university accused in plot to provide US technology to China
Quake Rattles Nerves in Napa Valley After 2014 Disaster
Magnitude-4.1 earthquake rattles nerves in California's Napa Valley after last year's disaster
French Court Rejects Uber's Challenge to Legal Restrictions
French court rejects Uber's challenge to legal restrictions on virtual ride-hailing service
Endangered Antelope Dying off in Vast Numbers in Kazakhstan
Endangered saiga antelope mysteriously dying off in vast numbers in Kazakhstan; 85,000 dead
Alaska's Popular Walrus Cam Streams Again After a Decade
Popular webcam streaming images of Pacific walruses from remote Alaska island returns
Environmentalists Seize on Latest Santa Barbara Oil Spill
Environmentalists seize on latest Santa Barbara oil spill, 46 years after historic disaster
Senators Offer Compromise on Domestic Surveillance Changes
Key surveillance powers set to expire if Congress fails to agree on extension of Patriot Act
Aviation Agency Unveils Messaging System to Reduce Delays
Aviation agency showcases electronic messaging system for pilots, controllers to reduce delays
US State Dept. Employee Faces Cyberstalking, Hacking Charges
US State Dept. employee assigned to London Embassy accused of hacking into women's computers
PayPal's New Chief Promises New Services for a Mobile World
PayPal wants to help consumers shop with their phones, and pay for hamburgers too
A Look at How California Spill Compares With 1969 Disaster
A look at how California oil spill compares with landmark 1969 disaster in same area
Canadian E-Commerce Platform Shopify Climbs in Market Debut
Shares of e-commerce platform Shopify jump 51 percent in first day of trading after $131M IPO
Hewlett-Packard Sells Stake in Chinese Unit for $2.3B
HP sells stake in Chinese storage and server unit for $2.3B amid tech tensions
AP PHOTOS: Crews Rake, Vacuum up Oil After California Spill
AP PHOTOS: After spill, crews get to work shoveling, vacuuming up oil on California coast
Paralyzed Man Uses His Thoughts to Control a Robotic Arm
Paralyzed man controls robotic arm with thoughts in quest for mind-controlled prosthetics
Back Home on Earth: SpaceX Craft Returns From Space Station
Back home on Earth: SpaceX cargo capsule returns from space station with load of experiments
House Presses Senate to Pass Domestic Surveillance Changes
Key surveillance powers set to expire if Congress fails to agree on extension of Patriot Act
Ready for Liquor Bottles Smart Enough to Talk Smart Phones?
High-tech high balls? Get ready to belly up as new tech uncorks liquor bottle intelligence
Failed Launches Cast Shadow Over Russian Space Program
Rocket failures dent Russian space prestige, threatening role in multi-billion dollar industry