Volcanic Eruption Begins Under Iceland Glacier
Iceland raises aviation alert to red as subglacial volcanic eruption begins at Bardarbunga
2 Europe Navigation Satellites in the Wrong Orbits
Europe's Galileo navigation program goes off course as 2 satellites launched into wrong orbits
Iceland Raises Aviation Code for Bardarbunga Volcano to Red, Indicating Some Eruption
Iceland raises aviation code for Bardarbunga volcano to red, indicating some eruption
After Ferguson: Calls for Police 'Body Cameras'
What if Michael Brown's last moments had been recorded?
Gov't Warns US Retailers About Hacking Software
Homeland Security warns retailers about hacking software, estimates 1,000 businesses affected
Rocket Explodes During Test Flight; No Injuries
SpaceX rocket explodes during flight at Central Texas test site; no injuries reported
Gov't Warns US Retailers About Hacking Software
Homeland Security warns retailers about hacking software, estimates 1,000 businesses affected
Oregon Sues Oracle Over Failed Health Care Website
Oregon sues Oracle over state's troubled Cover Oregon health insurance exchange website
Official Says Hackers Hit up to 25,000 Fed Workers
Official says breach at security clearance contractor affects up to 25,000 federal workers
Fitbit: We Don't Sell Personal Data
Fitbit: We don't sell personal data to advertisers and never have
Lawn Removal in Parched California Draws Fine
Homeowners association fines California woman who removed her lawn during state's drought
Lawsuits Challenge FAA Drone, Model Aircraft Rules
Lawsuits filed challenging stricter FAA rules for model aircraft, commercial drone operations
Scientists Urge Rehiring of Fired Nuke Lab Worker
Group urges rehiring of Los Alamos lab worker who says he was fired for anti-nuke views
Oregon Files Lawsuit Against Oracle Corp. Over State's Troubled Health Exchange Website
Oregon files lawsuit against Oracle Corp. over state's troubled health exchange website
Dinosaur Footprints Set for Public Display in Utah
Area with 200-plus dinosaur tracks including prints from T-rex ancestor opening to public soon
Gadget Watch: Get Ready for the Thermal Selfie
Gadget Watch: Hot or not? The new thermal camera back for the iPhone gives a definite answer
Ferguson Fallout: A Call for Police 'Body Cams'
In Ferguson fallout, calls grow for police to wear 'body cameras' _ but with caveats
SpaceX Gets 10-Year Tax Exemption for Texas Site
SpaceX launch site project in far South Texas gets 10-year county tax exemption
Philippines Makes Arrests in Online Extortion Ring
Philippines arrests suspected extortionists, says they lured people to expose selves online
GPS Devices Find Huge Water Loss in Western US
GPS devices find huge water losses, rising earth crust in western US because of drought
NKorea Launch Pad Expansion 'Nearing Completion'
US institute says upgrade of North Korean rocket launch pad should be ready by the fall
Tech Tips: Sprint's Good Rates Come With a Price
Tech Tips: Sprint's new plans offer savings, though advantages shrink for families with kids
Music Site SoundCloud to Start Paying Artists
Music streaming site SoundCloud to start paying artists a share of ad revenue
Ticketfly Buying WillCall for on-Premise Data
Ticketfly to buy WillCall for on-premise data on spending by ticket-buyers
UPS Says 51 Retail Stores Breached by Malware
UPS: Malware may have exposed information about shoppers who used cards at 51 stores
Social Media Pushes Back at Militant Propaganda
Social media pushes back at gruesome propaganda by Islamic militants
Liberian Slums Barricaded as Ebola Sets New Record
Liberia seals off slums as West Africa's caseload tops all previous Ebola outbreaks combined
Apple's Stock Bounces Back to Hit a New High
Apple's stock soars to new high amid rising hopes for bigger-screen iPhone, other new products
Former Lab Worker Sentenced in Nuke Secrets Plot
Former Los Alamos worker sentenced in conspiracy to sell nuke secrets
Neanderthals and Humans Had 'Ample Time' to Mix
New carbon dating suggests Neanderthals had 'ample time' to mix with modern humans