The Latest: Obama Says Paris Climate Talks 'Act of Defiance'
The Latest: Obama calls climate talks an 'act of defiance' by world after Paris attacks
Leaders of Warming Earth Meet in Paris to Cut Emissions
Leaders of a warming Earth, in largest gathering ever, rethink global energy in Paris
Japanese Whaling Fleet Set to Leave for Antarctic
Japan says whaling fleet set to depart for 3-month, scaled-down Antarctic hunt
Key Sticking Points in UN Climate Talks
Key sticking points as countries negotiate new UN climate agreement
Obama Prods World on Climate Change, Faces Pushback at Home
Obama prods world on climate change but faces pushback from critics on homefront
The Latest: Obama Visits Site of Paris Concert Attack
The Latest: Obama, Hollande visit site of Paris rock concert massacre ahead of climate talks
Study: About 1/3 of World Cactus Threatened With Extinction
Study: About 1/3 of world's cactus species threatened by development, illegal harvesting
Worldwide Climate Rallies Draw Hundreds of Thousands
Worldwide climate rallies draw hundreds of thousands; police fire tear gas in Paris
Tens of Billions Promised to Boost Clean Energy Tech
CLIMATE COUNTDOWN: Gates sparks multinational plan to spend billions on clean energy tech
Earth Is a Wilder, Warmer Place Since Last Climate Deal Made
CLIMATE COUNTDOWN: Earth is a wilder, warmer place since the last climate deal, 18 years ago
Hull-Aballoo: New Navy Destroyer's Seaworthiness Questioned
Seaworthy? We'll see. Navy stealth destroyer's stability questioned as 1st test nears
California Governor in Paris to Push Pact to Curb Emissions
California Gov. Jerry Brown pushes climate pact in Paris, brings mixed record on environment
AP Interview: UN Chief Wants Climate Target Review by 2020
AP Interview: UN chief Ban Ki-moon calls for review of climate targets before 2020
UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon Calls for Review of Climate Targets Before 2020
UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon calls for review of climate targets before 2020
Commonwealth Seeks Legally Binding Climate Deal in Paris
Leaders of 53-nation Commonwealth call for legally binding climate deal in Paris
You Down With ADP? A Glossary for UN Climate Talks
CLIMATE COUNTDOWN: You down with the ADP? A glossary to help navigate the UN climate talks
Hollande, Activists Gear up for Critical Climate Talks
French president, activists gear up for critical climate talks amid post-attack high security
Hamstrung by Congress, Obama Tries to Clinch Climate Pact
Hamstrung by Congress, GOP opposition, Obama heads to Paris to clinch global climate agreement
Egypt Says 90% Chance of Hidden Rooms in King Tut's Tomb
One researcher theorized that remains of Queen Nefertiti might be inside.
S Carolina Shoppers Latest to Pay Taxes on Amazon Sales
Amazon's reprieve from collecting sales taxes from South Carolina customers expires Jan. 1
Don't Get Grinched by Cybercrime During the Holiday Season
Cybercrime Grinches prowl the holidays; here's how to protect yourself as you shop
Air Pollution in Beijing Hits Hazardous Levels
Beijing hit with severe air pollution that's expected to linger for days
Hawaii-Based Longline Fishermen Allowed to Keep Catching Ahi
Hawaii longline fishermen allowed to keep catching ahi using new Guam quota allocations
Presidential Contenders Differ Sharply on Climate,
Stark differences between Republican, Democratic presidential candidates on climate, energy
After Paris, US Political Shift on Privacy Vs. Security
After Paris attacks, US politics shift on government phone data collection; Rubio sees opening
After Paris Attacks, Increased Resolve for UN Climate Talks
CLIMATE COUNTDOWN: Leaders say they won't let Paris attacks distract them from climate talks
Arkansas a Refuge From Rising Seas in Marshall Islands
Faced with rising seas, Marshall Islanders seek refuge in landlocked Arkansas
Feds Plan New Guidelines on Toxic Algae in Lakes, Rivers
Feds say new guidelines in works to protect swimmers from toxic algae in lakes, rivers
Noted Oceanographer John Knauss Dies at 90
Noted oceanographer John Knauss dies at 90; credited for helping protect seas
Nevada Researchers Trying to Turn Roadside Weed Into Biofuel
Fill 'er up with gumweed? Nevada researchers trying to turn roadside weed into biofuel