Comic-Con Gets First Look at 'Mockingjay' Trailer
Comic-Con attendees get first look at 'Mockingjay' trailer, 'Hunger Games' capitol experience
APNewsBreak: Study Recommends Inmate Immunity Test
APNewsBreak: Study recommends valley fever test to decide who to house at 2 California prisons
Earthquakes Jolt 4 Different Areas of Alaska
Quakes occur in 4 parts of Alaska; no reports of damage, but some wireless service affected
Cellphone Unlocking Set to Become Legal Again
Cellphone unlocking set to become legal again, but effect is limited
US Plans Wide Seismic Testing of Sea Floor
US plans widespread tests of ocean floor using sound blasting along East Coast
Lyft Says It's Starting New York City Service
After service challenged in court, Lyft says it's starting New York City service
Historic Civil War Battle Sites Have a Mobile App
Emory University honors the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Atlanta with a mobile tour app
Report: China to Declare Qualcomm a Monopoly
Report: Chinese regulators conclude chip supplier Qualcomm
Baidu Profit up 34 Percent as Mobile Service Grows
Baidu reports quarterly profit up 34 percent as revenue from mobile tops 30 percent
Amazon Shares Fall on 2Q Loss
Amazon shares fall on deeper-than-expected 2nd-quarter loss
Proxy Adviser Says Sprint CEO Was Paid Too Much
Proxy adviser ISS says Sprint CEO Hesse was paid too much to stay after sale to Softbank
Fukushima Study: Think About Unthinkable Disasters
US Fukushima report tells nuke industry to think more often about worst case scenarios
Texas Governor's Startup Fund Is Not All It Seems
Texas tech fund gave money to startups that moved out of state, forfeited right to do business
Wyoming Cave With Fossil Secrets to Be Excavated
New scientific expedition to study remains of thousands of ancient animals in Wyoming cave
Nokia Sees Brighter Future Without Handset Unit
Nokia says Q2 profit up 20 percent, gives upbeat outlook after sale of troubled handset unit
FX Says Overnight Ratings Becoming Meaningless
FX ratings stand illustrates changes in how people watch TV
Cuba Looks to Mangroves to Fend off Rising Seas
Seeking to fend off rising sea, Cuba moves to save mangrove forests hurt by neglect, logging
LG Electronics Says 2Q Profit More Than Doubled
LG Electronics says 2Q profit more than doubled as mobile division ends streak of losses
European Central Bank Hit by Data Theft
European Central Bank says contact data stolen in breach of website database security
LG Electronics Says 2Q Profit More Than Doubled
LG Electronics says 2Q profit more than doubled as mobile division ends streak of losses
Social Security Spent $300M on 'IT Boondoggle'
Internal report: Social Security spent nearly $300M on new computer system that doesn't work
US Wildlife Officials Propose Limiting Snake Trade
US Fish and Wildlife proposes limiting trade of 5 snake species, including boa constrictor
Fire Season in West Expected to Get More Intense
Wildfire season off to slow start in some areas of West, expected to get more intense
Get Paid for Posts? Social Networking's New Twist
New social networks promise to reward people with money as well as 'likes' for their posts
Twitter Admits to Diversity Problem in Workforce
Twitter is latest tech company to acknowledge a shortage of women, black, Latino workers
Cheaper Wireless Plans Cut Into AT&T 2Q Profit
AT&T profit hurt by cheaper wireless plans; fighting on price with T-Mobile
Facebook 2Q Earnings, Revenue Soar
Facebook on a roll as 2nd-quarter earnings, revenue surpass expectations
Audit: NASA Doesn't Have the Money for Big Rockets
Failure to launch? Auditors say NASA doesn't have enough money to build big rockets on time
Review: Amazon Fire Offers New Ways to Use Phones
Review: Amazon Fire offers new ways to use phones, needs more outside apps to enable features
Review: Fire Phone, an Improvement on the Familiar
Review: Amazon Fire phone is an improvement on the familiar