Report: Some Top Baby Monitors Lack Basic Security Features
Several top baby monitors lack basic security, vulnerable to hackers, report says
New NASA Soil Moisture Satellite Loses 1 Science Instrument
Recently launched NASA soil moisture satellite loses function in 1 of 2 science instruments
Tesla Says It Will Take Orders for Cheaper Car in March
Tesla Motors says it will start taking orders for smaller, lower-priced Model 3 car in March
North America's Tallest Mountain Gets New Name _ and Height
New measurement trims official elevation of Alaska's Denali, North America's tallest peak
Judge to Move Forward With Suit Over NSA's Bulk Collection
Judge wants to push ahead with challenge to NSA's bulk collection of Americans' phone records
Lots of Trees to Hug: Study Counts 3 Trillion Trees on Earth
Seeing and counting the trees from the forests: Study calculates 3 trillion trees now on Earth
Apple Wants to Guide Your News Consumption With News App
Apple wants to guide news consumption with News app, partnerships with 50 news companies
India SUV Maker Rides Into US Market ... on a Scooter
Mahindra, India's biggest SUV maker, looks to crack the US market with electric scooter
Court Sides With Uber Drivers to Expand Case Over Pay
Judge grants class-action status to case in California against Uber over payment of drivers
Amazon Adds More Dash Buttons After Rollout
Amazon adds 11 more Dash buttons that automatically reorder household products
Nations' Pledges to Cut Emissions Called Insufficient
Analysts: Emission cuts for Paris climate pact not enough to stop Earth warming 2 degrees C
Report: Malware Targeting Android Smartphones on the Rise
Report: Malware targeting Android smartphones on the rise, some handsets infected at sale
Soyuz Carrying 3-Man Crew Blasts off for Orbiting Station
Soyuz craft carrying Russian, Dane and Kazakh blasts off for International Space Station
Court Sides With Uber Drivers to Expand Case Over Pay
Judge grants class-action status to case in California against Uber over payment of drivers
Yahoo CEO to Give Birth to Twins While Tackling Turnaround
Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer reveals she is pregnant with twins, vows to deliver company turnaround
CEOs Big News Can Cause Ripple Effects for Company
Yahoo's Mayer among many CEOs that face balancing act announcing health or personal news
Judge Grants Class-Action Status to Case in California Against Uber Over Payment of Drivers
Judge grants class-action status to case in California against Uber over payment of drivers
Comcast Teeing up New Services Targeted at Millennials
Comcast is latest in cable industry to try to attract millennials
Texas Regulator Clears Oil and Gas Company of Causing Quakes
Texas regulator's preliminary findings clear oil and gas company of causing earthquakes
Google Refines Logo as It Prepares to Join Alphabet
Google dons new-look logo as it heads into new era under holding company Alphabet
State's Wildlife Policy Debated After Encounter With Bear
Encounter between woman, bear provokes new round of debate over Connecticut wildlife policy
Clinton, Aides Stressed Protecting State Dept. Info in Email
Clinton, aides stressed need to protect sensitive State Department information in email
Amazon to Let Prime Members Download Videos
Amazon to let Prime members download some videos for offline viewing for free
Sweden Optimistic Over Questioning Assange in London
Sweden, in talks with Ecuador, optimistic over questioning Assange at embassy in London
UN: This El Nino to Be Among the Strongest Since 1950
UN's meteorological agency predicts rising El Nino event could be among strongest since 1950
5 Things to Watch at the IFA Gadget Show in Berlin
Smartphones, watches and clever gadgets: 5 things to watch at the IFA technology show
Hilton Dips Toe in 'Sharing Economy' With Uber Partnership
Hotel chain Hilton explores 'sharing economy' through partnership with Uber
CERN: Test Results Show More Detail About 'God Particle'
2 experiments unveil sharper details about Higgs boson, largely in line with predictions
UK Agency Against Cybercrime Targeted in Online Attack
Britain's National Crime Agency says website targeted in cyberattack, but no security breach
Tech Tips: Windows 10 Privacy Settings Worth Checking
Tech Tips: Take back control, as Windows 10 offers personalization, but collects more data