Massive Gas Leak Near Los Angeles Plugged After 16 Weeks
The utility that had a natural gas well leaking nearly four months says it expects the incident will cost at least $250...
Alternate Sites Considered for Embattled Giant Telescope
A group building one of the world's largest telescopes wants to start construction no later than April 2018_ even if that...
Indonesia Warns Messaging Apps to Drop Same-Sex Emoticons
Human Rights Watch has urged Indonesia's president to protect gay and lesbian rights, a day after his government told instant...
NYPD Has Used Cell Tracking Technology 1,000 Times Since '08
New York Civil Liberties Union data shows the New York Police Department has used secretive cellphone tracking technology...
What We Know: Scientists Find Einstein's Gravity Waves
What We Know: Scientists say they have found gravitational waves, just as Einstein predicted in 1916
Fired Coastal Commission Exec: 'Maybe I Was Too Independent'
The ousted top executive at the California Coastal Commission suspects he was fired because he was too independent
Congress Gives Final OK to Banning Local Internet Taxes
Congress has voted to permanently bar state and local governments from taxing access to the Internet
AP Explains: Just What Are Einstein's Gravitational Waves?
Gravitational waves are the subtle ripples of both space and time
Officials in Hawaii Create Nursery for Fast-Growing Coral
Hawaii's Department of Land and Natural Resources is growing coral in a nursery in hopes of creating a stock of healthy coral...
Einstein's Right Again: Scientists Detect Ripples in Gravity
Scientists say they have finally detected gravitational waves _ the ripples in the fabric of space-time that Einstein...
Utility Says It Has Stopped Natural Gas Leak Near Los Angeles After Nearly 4 Months
Utility says it has stopped natural gas leak near Los Angeles after nearly 4 months
Campaign Signs Get New Life to Help People With Disabilities
The huge Carly Fiorina signs along New Hampshire's Route 4 weren't enough to keep her campaign alive past Tuesday's...
Last Hours of Armed Standoff Play out Online for Listeners
The last armed occupiers of an Oregon wildlife refuge shouted, laughed and prayed for tens of thousands to hear online as...
Study: Neanderthal DNA May Influence Modern Depression Risk
A new study says a person's risk of becoming depressed or hooked on smoking may be influenced by DNA inherited from...
Nokia Says Quarterly Profit Rose but Cautions on Outlook
Nokia Corp. says fourth quarter profit grew more than 50 percent to $560 million on a slight increase in sales, buoyed by...
California Residents Live on the Edge of Crumbling Cliffs
Crumbling ocean cliffs along the Northern California coast have forced dozens to move quickly and at a high cost
Head of Google in Europe Grilled by UK Lawmakers
The chair of a UK parliamentary committee has grilled the president of Google in Europe in a fierce exchange about whether...
Scientists Say They Have Detected Gravitational Ripples, Just as Einstein Predicted a Century Ago
Scientists say they have detected gravitational ripples, just as Einstein predicted a century ago
Young Adults Swipe Right on Tinder, but Is It Just a Game?
Online dating is now hip with young adults, but not always for dating
Lawmakers Say UK's Draft Online Spying Law Needs Changes
The British government is under pressure to amend its proposed Internet surveillance law after a committee of lawmakers said...
Powerful California Coastal Panel Ousts Top Executive
The powerful agency that manages development on California's coastline fired its top executive, despite fears from...
Powerful California Coastal Panel Ousts Top Executive
The powerful agency that manages development on California's coastline fired its top executive, despite fears from...
The Latest: California Coast Commission Ousts Top Executive
The powerful agency that manages development on California's fabled coastline has voted to oust its top executive
Disappearing Act: Twitter Reports Flatlining User Growth
Twitter's 4th-quarter report provides the latest snapshot of a one-time trendsetter struggling to remain relevant
Tesla's 4Q Net Loss Doubles but Shares up on Outlook
Tesla's 4Q net loss doubles on slow ramp-up of Model X SUV, but shares up on outlook
Twitter Tweaks Its Timeline in Pursuit of More Users
Twitter is tweaking the way that tweets appear in its users' timelines in its latest attempt to broaden the appeal of its...
Key Things to Know About Changes in Twitter's Timeline
Twitter's tweaking its timeline to emphasize certain tweets from people you follow, but don't expect dramatic changes from...
Senate Panel Votes to Hold Website in Contempt Over Sex Ads
Senate panel votes to hold classified advertising website Backpage.com in civil contempt
The Latest: Backers Urge California Coast Panel to Keep Exec
The embattled top executive of a powerful commission that oversees development on California's famed coastline is getting...
Carly Fiorina Ends 2016 Republican Bid for President
Former technology executive Carly Fiorina says she is suspending her presidential campaign