Judge Invalidates Rule Against Telescope Mountain Protests
Judge invalidates rule against mountain protests of the Thirty Meter Telescope project
New California Law Extends Privacy Rights to Electronic Data
California law boosts data protections, but activists say action still needed at federal level
More, Smaller Icebergs Could Show up in Alaska Tanker Lanes
Study foresees more, smaller icebergs from Alaska glacier in oil tanker shipping lanes
In Rare Event, Remnants of Pacific Hurricane Hit Alaska
In rare weather event, remnants of Pacific hurricane hit Alaska
Boom in Gene-Editing Studies Amid Ethics Debate Over Its Use
HEALTHBEAT: Gene-editing research seeks to balance ethics with potential for fighting disease
Mexican Site Yields New Details of Sacrifice of Spaniards
Excavations at Mexican ruin site yields new details of Aztecs' sacrifice of captured Spaniards
ZomBee Watch Helps Scientists Track Honeybee Killer
ZomBee Watch citizen-science project helps researchers track honeybee-killing parasite
California Agency Votes to Ban SeaWorld Orca Breeding
California agency approves major expansion of SeaWorld orca tanks but bans captive breeding
Beyond 'Like:' 6 Ways You Might Soon Emote on Facebook
Facebook hopes users in Spain and Ireland will 'love' their new emotion buttons
Monarch Butterflies Begin Entering Mexico on Migration
Monarch butterflies begin entering Mexico for annual migration to central pine forests
High-Tech Firm's Plans to Make Drones in NY Spark Questions
CEO of firm planning solar-powered drones in NY is mum on links to high-tech Web companies
Ex-Railroad Town, Sparks Braces for Tesla, Switch Boom
Known for a century as the "Rail City," Sparks ready to boom again with Tesla, Switch jobs
Idaho Nuclear Lab Director Eyes New Generation of Scientists
New director of Idaho's federal nuclear facility sees opportunities to advance energy security
Study: Eurasian Farmers Migrated to Africa 3,000 Years Ago
Study: Ancient DNA supports theory that Eurasian farmers migrated to Africa 3,000 years ago
Netflix Raising US Price for Most Popular Video Plan by $1
Netflix boosting US price of top video plan by $1 to cover rising programming costs
Amazon Challenges Etsy With Handmade at Amazon
Amazon launches Handmade site for artisans, challenging crafty site Etsy
Blue Sky and Red Ice at Pluto, NASA Spacecraft Discovers
Blue sky and red ice at Pluto, NASA's New Horizons spacecraft discovers during flyby
Rocket With Secret Payload Launches From California Coast
Rocket carrying secret government payload launches from central California coast
Scientists: Major Coral Bleaching Crisis Spreads Worldwide
Devastating coral bleaching spreads across globe; Scientists blame climate change, El Nino
Greek Town Glimpses Mass Transit Future: Driverless Buses
Look, no hands! Driverless buses get major test in Greek town, aim to revolutionize transport
Rocket Launched From Wallops to Test Motor, Other Technology
NASA launches rocket from Wallops to test motor, spacecraft systems and other technology
Feds Say First Humpback Whales of Season Spotted in Hawaii
First humpback whales of season arrive in Hawaii waters; feds warm boaters to watch out
Tokyo Auto Show to Highlight 'Smart' Green Cars
Tokyo auto show to highlight 'smart' green cars that drive themselves, stay connected online
IMF Chief: We're Cooked If We Fail on Climate Change
IMF's Lagarde: We're cooked if we fail to urgently address climate change.
Clinton Subject to Hack Attempts From China, Korea, Germany
Hillary Clinton's email server was hit by repeated cyberattack attempts from foreign countries
Clinton Subject to Hack Attempts From China, Korea, Germany
Hillary Clinton's email server was hit by repeated cyberattack attempts from foreign countries
Trio Wins Nobel Prize for Mapping How Cells Fix DNA Damage
3 win Nobel Prize in chemistry for finding how cells repair their DNA, may help treat cancer
Rare Monk Seals Doing Well in Northwestern Hawaiian Islands
Endangered Hawaiian monk seals are making a strong comeback in Northwestern Hawaiian Islands
AP Interview: Secret Project Wins Chinese Scientist a Nobel
AP Interview: Work on secret military project wins Chinese scientist a Nobel Prize in medicine
California Wants Renewable Energy for Half Its Power by 2030
California commits to getting half its electricity from renewable energy in 15 years