Study Blames Global Warming for 75 Percent of Very Hot Days
Human-caused global warming is responsible for 3 out of 4 super hot days, new study calculates
Applied Materials Calls off $9.4B Tokyo Electron Buyout
Applied Materials calls off $9.4B Tokyo Electron buyout citing antitrust concerns from Justice
Russian Official: Wages to Space Center Workers to Be Repaid
Russia's deputy premier visits space center, promises to pay back wages by weekend
High Court to Consider Lawsuits Over Personal Data
Supreme Court will consider lawsuits against Web sites that publish inaccurate personal data
Discover Discovers Apple Pay for Its US Cardholders
Discover cardholders get their Apple Pay, last of the major credit card networks to join
Thailand Seizes 3 Tons of Elephant Tusks Smuggled From Kenya
Thailand seizes 3 tons of elephant tusks from Kenya in nation's 2nd-biggest bust
Hawaii Telescope Website Taken Down in Apparent Cyberattack
Hawaii's Thirty Meter Telescope website taken down in apparent cyberattack
Rescuers Struggle to Reach Many in Nepal Quake, Fear Worst
Rescuers struggle to reach villages near Nepal quake epicenter as death toll tops 3,300
No Time to Lose: Global Response to Nepal Quake Gears Up
No time to lose: Global response to Nepal earthquake gears up as airport, overland routes open
'Call of Duty: Black Ops 3': 5 Ways It's Different
'Call of Duty: Black Ops 3': 5 ways the military shooter sequel is different
Picture It: A 1,000-Year Exposure Showing a Changing Earth
Artist-philosopher plans 1,000-year photo exposure in Massachusetts.
Nepal Quake Death Toll Climbs to 1,910
Nepal quake death toll climbs to 1,910, including at least 721 in Kathmandu
Experts Gathered in Nepal a Week Ago to Ready for Earthquake
Experts gathered in Nepal a week before quake to prepare for 'nightmare waiting to happen'
Winners and Losers of the Demise of the Big Comcast Deal
Comcast lost with its $45 billion bet on Time Warner Cable. So who won?
Start of Dwarf Planet Mission Delayed After Small Mix-Up
Start of NASA's dwarf planet mission delayed after communication mix-up
Court: Iowa Casino Doesn't Have to Pay $41M Jackpot Error
Court: Iowa casino doesn't have to pay grandmother who won $41M bonus in slot machine error
Review: Getting Your Apple Watch? Here's How to Use It
Review: How to set up and use your new Apple Watch; comfort will take time
New York Begins Effort to Help Startups Navigate Regulations
New York officials, law schools launch effort to help tech startups navigate regulations
Huge Magma Chamber Spied Under Yellowstone Supervolcano
Huge magma chamber spied under Yellowstone supervolcano; threat level unchanged
Comcast Abandons Time Warner Cable Bid After Gov't Pushback
Comcast spikes $45B Time Warner Cable deal that would have created Internet and TV giant
Correction: Amazon-Cloud Computing Business Story
Correction: Amazon-Cloud Computing Business story
3 Idaho Quakes Rattle Residents From Washington to Montana
3 Idaho earthquakes, strongest at magnitude-4.2, rattle residents from Washington to Montana
Backpack Strap Used by Apollo 14 Moonwalker Sells for $41K
Backpack strap used by Apollo 14 moonwalker Edgar Mitchell sells for $41K-plus at auction
Computer Program to Take on World's Best in Texas Hold 'Em
Carnegie Mellon computer program to take on world's best in 2-week Texas Hold 'em tournament
Comcast Deal May Be Dead, but Cable Consolidation Will Go On
Comcast-Time Warner Cable may be dead, but many people's cable companies will still change
Comcast Dropping $45 Billion Time Warner Cable Bid That Would Have Created Cable Behemoth
Comcast dropping $45 billion Time Warner Cable bid that would have created cable behemoth
Google Lavishes Chairman With $109 Million Pay Package
Google Chairman Eric Schmidt reaps $109 million in 2014 pay as company's stock falls 5 percent
Cablevision Cuts Lowest Internet-Only Price, Adds Antenna
Cablevision cuts lowest Internet-only price, adds antenna in aim at cord-cutters
Microsoft Results Show Company's Shift, but Is It Enough?
After a year's honeymoon, Microsoft boss Nadella faces pressure to show results
Jaws Meets Kangaroo? Rare, Cute Pocket Shark Found in Deep
You've heard of the pocket fisherman? Biologists find rare pocket shark and he's pretty cute