Crew Docks at International Space Station
Russian, Italian, US astronauts dock at International Space Station after 6-hour trip
Does Bad Behavior Really Hurt Business?
Privacy blowups, exec gaffes abound in Silicon Valley. But do customers actually walk away?
UK Police: up to 5 Terror Plots Foiled This Year
Scotland Yard chief says up to 5 terror plots foiled this year amid increasing threat
New Mexico Spaceport Sets Sights on New Customers
New Mexico spaceport shifts focus to wooing new customers, maintaining state support
Kohler Introduces Odor-Eating Toilet Seat
Bothered by bathroom odors? Wisconsin-based Kohler introduces no-smell toilet seat
Search Continues at Ancient Greek Burial Mound
Scientists search for more tombs and skeletons in excavation of ancient burial site
Man Pleads Guilty in New York Cybercrime Case
California man pleads guilty to hacking conspiracy charge in New York malware case
Report: Grouse Needs 3-Mile Buffer From Drilling
Feds find struggling Western bird needs 3-mile buffer from drilling, impacting energy industry
Dish Restores Turner Channels to Lineup
Dish restores Turner channels to lineup a month after satellite TV provider dropped them
NYC Man Gets Prison for Role in Cybercrime Ring
NYC man gets prison for role in international cybercrime ring that targeted firms, military
Space Station Rarity: 2 Women on Long-Term Crew
Space station rarity: 2 women on long-term crew with launch of Italy's 1st female astronaut
Zookeepers Had Safety Concerns Before Gorilla Died
5 San Francisco zookeepers say baby gorilla died after zoo leaders ignored safety concerns
Aereo Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection
Online streaming service Aereo files for bankruptcy, citing unfavorable Supreme Court ruling
Square's Point-of-Sale Service Goes Global
Point-of-sale startup Square goes global, taking aim at cash registers around the world
Where's the Snow? Not in Alaska's Largest City
Where's the snow? Alaska's largest city trades conditions with much of the Lower 48
Groups Sue Feds Over Pacific Bigeye Fishing Rule
Groups sue to stop US rule they say undermines efforts to end Pacific bigeye tuna overfishing
NOAA: Globe Sets 5th Hottest-Month Record of 2014
With 5th record hot month, NOAA says 2014 likely to be globe's hottest year despite US cold
Wyoming Man Hospitalized After Breathing Ammonia
Officials: Plant worker hospitalized 10 days after ammonia exposure through faulty respirator
Researcher Who Found Cause of Lyme Disease Dies
Burgdorfer, researcher who discovered bacteria that causes Lyme disease, dies in Montana
Mobile Still a Struggle for Intel; PC Doing Better
Intel struggles in mobile computing, but says PCs are doing better, sees revenue up 6 percent
Obama Plugs Science, Math Education at Ceremony
Obama plugs math, science education; honors achievement in science, technology, innovation
AP Exclusive: Some in NSA Warned of a Backlash
AP Exclusive: Some in NSA warned that collecting phone records would spark a backlash
UN Climate Fund Falls Short of $10 Billion Target
Climate meeting falls short of $10 billion target to help poor countries tackle global warming
Scientists Record Thud of Philae's Comet Landing
Crunch on a comet: Scientists record thud of Philae probe's historic landing
1 of 2 Moderate Quakes Widely Felt in California
1 of 2 moderate earthquakes that strike central California widely felt in region
Human Rights Groups Release Anti-Surveillance Tool
Rights groups release tool that checks computers for government spy software
Yahoo Replaces Google as Firefox's Default Search
Yahoo to supplant Google as Firefox's default search engine, signaling new Yahoo ambitions
Billboard Ranking to Include Streams, Track Sales
Billboard's top 200 ranking will take streaming, digital sales into account starting Dec. 3
Utah Lawmaker Questions City Water Going to NSA
Lawmaker questions whether city water should be shut off to National Security Agency center
Officials Not Ready to Call Buffalo Snow a Record
Tales from the storm: Not quite a record; the lake effect explained; tips for motorists