Facebook Outage Brings Jokes, Marketing Pitches to Twitter
Hourlong global outage at Facebook, Instagram blamed on internal glitch
Obama Floats Offering First-Ever Drilling Lease in Atlantic
Obama signals opening up Atlantic Ocean to drilling for first time, removes areas off Alaska
Astronomers Find Solar System More Than Double Ours in Age
Astronomers find solar system more than double ours in age, with close-to-Earth-size planets
Lyft Cars Still Think Pink, but Streamline the 'Stache
Rail-hailing company Lyft still thinks pink, but rolls out streamlined 'glowstache' for cars
Monarch Butterflies Rebound in Mexico, Numbers Still Low
Monarch butterflies rebound 69 percent in Mexico, but numbers still dangerously low
Northeast Blizzard Wasn't a Bust, but It Was a Miss for Many
Blizzard tracks east, leaving forecaster to apologize and some to ask 'Where's the snow?'
Obama Says US Must Catch up to Ensure Drones Are Safe
Obama says US must create laws, rules to ensure drones are safe and don't violate privacy
Dutch Judge Approves Hacking Suspect's Extradition to US
Dutch judge approves extradition to US of Russian suspect in multimillion dollar hack
Japan Turns to 'I Am Kenji' Facebook Page on Hostage Crisis
Japan turns to 'I am Kenji' Facebook page, Twitter chatter to cope with hostage crisis
China Says 'Harmful Info' Must Be Managed After VPNs Blocked
In response to reports it is blocking VPNs, China says 'harmful information' must be managed
After Roughly 40 Minute Outage, Facebook Again Accessible in US, Asia, Other Regions
After roughly 40 minute outage, Facebook again accessible in US, Asia, other regions
Facebook's Instagram Service Says It Is Aware of Outage and Is Working on a Fix
Facebook's Instagram service says it is aware of outage and is working on a fix
Facebook Suffers Widespread Outage Affecting Users in United States, Asia
Facebook suffers widespread outage affecting users in United States, Asia
4 Rockets Launched Into Northern Lights to Study Turbulence
4 rockets launched into the aurora over Alaska to study turbulent air currents
Microsoft Earnings Report Doesn't Excite Market
Microsoft's cloud, Surface and Xbox revenue soars, but shares slip after-hours
Law Enforcement Wants Popular Police-Tracking App Disabled
Law Enforcement pushes Google to disable police-tracker from popular traffic mobile app Waze
WikiLeaks Slams Google Over Delay in Revealing US Warrants
Secret-spilling organization demands answers from Google.
Quadcopters Straddle the Line Between Drones and Toys
Quadcopters like the one that crashed at White House straddle the line between drones, toys
IBM "Flatly Denies" Report of Mass Layoffs
IBM says magazine report predicting 100,000 layoffs is 'ridiculous,' 'baseless'
Boeing, SpaceX Will Beat Russia on Price for Astronaut Rides
Boeing, SpaceX capsules will beat Russia on price for US astronaut rides to space station
County Suspends Home Purchase Program Over Lava Concerns
Hawaii County suspends home purchase, auction program over lava concerns
Montana Oil Spill Estimate Lowered to 30,000 Gallons
Montana pipeline spill estimate lowered to 30,000 gallons of oil; cleanup problems persist
Malaysia Air Site Hacked, Some Customer Data Appears Online
Malaysia Airlines website hacked, some customer data posted online
Cuban Youth Build Secret Computer Network Despite Wi-Fi Ban
Cuban youth build secret computer network that allows 1000s to play games, chat, share media
Motorola Unveils 3 Smart Phones for Return to China
Motorola unveils 3 smart phones for return to China following acquisition by Lenovo
Turkish Court Orders Facebook Pages Blocked
Turkish court orders Facebook pages 'insulting' prophet to be blocked
Malaysia Air Site Hacked by Group Claiming Support for IS
Malaysia Airlines website hacked by group claiming to support Islamic State
Navy Wants to Increase Use of Sonar-Emitting Buoys
Navy seeks more sonar-emitting buoys; critics raise concerns over impact on marine mammals
Millions of GMO Insects Could Be Released in Florida Keys
FDA mulls releasing genetically modified mosquitoes to fight viral diseases.
Elon Musk's SpaceX Drops Lawsuit Against Air Force
SpaceX drops lawsuit alleging Air Force rigged contract to launch military satellites