Injured Bear Who Roams NJ Town May Get New Home
A GoFundMe campaign has raised over $15,000 to help get the bear to a sanctuary.
'Amazing' Strangers Assist Honeymooners Whose Car Breaks Down
One gave them $100, another picked up repair bill for car marked “just married."
US Airman Who Helped Thwart French Train Attack Stabbed
Spencer Stone was honored for his heroics in France.
Watch Firefighters Put Out Raging Fire Across Several Boats at Marina
Firefighters battled the fire across at least five boats for an hour.
How an Army Veteran Finds Peace in Ceramics
Jon Meadows uses sculpturing to detail his time at war and healing at home.
Teen Girl Bails Out of Moving Car to Escape Abduction
The girl bailed out of the car in Bridgeport, Conn.
Malala Yousafzai Opens Up About New Film, Teenage Life and Mission to Educate Girls
Malala Yousafzai has a new title on her resume: movie star.
Charges Recommended in James Blake Arrest Case
The CCRB recommended discipline for one officer and charges for another.
Tough Words From Judge as She Sends Abuse Victim to Jail
The woman was sentenced to three days after not appearing at a trial.
See Little Girl Interrupt Ceremony to Hug Soldier Dad
Her dad had just come back from an eight-month deployment in Kuwait.
After the Flood, a Rush to Preserve Drinking Water
After the flood, a rush to preserve drinking water in South Carolina's capital city
Alabama Judge: Feds Should Issue Same-Sex Marriage Licenses
Alabama judge: Federal, not state, government should issue marriage licenses to gay couples
The Latest: Union: 'Sad Day' for Chicago Schools Leadership
The Latest on ex-Chicago Public Schools CEO charged: Union says 'sad day' for district leaders
Daughter's Dash to Welcome Home Dad Brings Smiles to Army
Daughter's dash to welcome home her soldier dad brings smiles to Army Colorado post
Baby Missing in Florida; Parents Charged With Child Neglect
9-week-old baby missing in Florida; parents charged with child neglect, awaiting extradition
NY Minimum Wage Push Spurs US Debate, Faces Hurdles at Home
New York push for $15 minimum wage spurs broader national debate but faces obstacles at home
FBI: Ohio Man Coerced Teens in 5 States to Perform Sex Acts
Ohio man charged with coercing teen girls in 5 states to perform nude sex acts, provide videos
New Jersey Goes to Court to Seize Beach Lots for Dunes
New Jersey files eminent domain claim to seize 87 public beach lots for Margate dune project
Passenger: Overloaded Van's Riders Pleaded to Slow Down
Passenger: Overloaded van's riders screamed, yelled at driver to slow down before deadly crash
Oct. 7, 2003: Arnold Schwarzenegger Elected
The action movie star is elected Governor of California.
Honeymooners Get Help From Strangers When Car Breaks Down
Whitney and Sean Moore's car broke down as they were driving to their honeymoon in Gulf Shores, Alabama.
France Train Attack Hero Stabbed in California
Spencer Stone, one of the three Americans who helped thwart a terrorist attack, is in stable condition after being stabbed in...
Injured Army veteran uses ceramics to tell his story of going to war and healing at home
After suffering multiple head injuries in both Iraq and Afghanistan, Army veteran Jon Meadows articulates his journey of...
Teen Jumps Out of Moving Car to Escape Abductor
The 17-year-old victim bailed out of the Toyota in Bridgeport, Conn.
Pregnant Woman Goes Into Labor During Canoe Rescue
Tyshenequia McLean was trapped by flooding in South Carolina, but made it to the hospital in time to deliver a healthy baby...
Annual Harvest of the White House Kitchen Garden
First Lady harvests and prepares food with students.
All Day Breakfast is Served
ABC's Charli James and Michael Rothman take on McDonald's all day breakfast menu
South Carolina Faces the Aftermath of Destructive Floodwaters
FEMA is onsite to assess the damage from flash floods caused by record rainfall.
Feds Launch Probe Into How Cargo Ship Sank During Hurricane
The NTSB investigators will be looking at the logs, maintenance records, and the fitness of crew and captain, officials said...
GMA 10/08/15: The US General in Charge of Afghanistan Back on Capitol Hill Following the Hospital Tragedy
Rupert Murdock Says Ben Carson Would Be a 'Real Black President'; Bill Cosby Set to Answer Questions Under Oath
Nightline 10/07/15: Why a Police Program Wants to Keep Drug Offenders Out of Jail
Seven-Time Lottery Winner Offers Tips to Powerball Winner; Nobel Peace Prize Winner Malala on 'He Named Me Malala'
WN 10/07/15: Hillary Clinton Disagrees With White House on Pacific Trade Deal
Americans are avoiding the dentist because of the cost; Russia fires cruise missiles into Syria.
This Week 10/04/15: Donald Trump Interview Addresses a Range of Issues
Guests: Donald Trump, Chris Christie, Greta Van Susteren, Matt Bai, Tom Cole, Keith Ellison
20/20 10/02/2015: Secrets of the Sell
'Shark Tank' Shark Kevin O'Leary Names His Top 5 Sales Techniques; What You Might Not Know About the Business of Mark Kay