New England Digging Out After Getting Slammed by Storm
More than 30 inches of snow fell in some areas.
Massive Snowball Fight Breaks Out in Portsmouth, New Hampshire
Residents found the perfect way to endure the snowy conditions.
Amazing Time-Lapse Video Shows Snow Accumulation in Massachusetts
Watch the snow piling up on a backyard deck.
Blizzard Helps Bring Long-Lost NYC Dog Home to Owner
It took a major snowfall to finally round up Burt the whippet.
New Yorkers' Take on the Blizzard That Wasn't
New Yorkers took a snow day Tuesday after a massive blizzard blew over the city.
Vanderbilt Rape Trial: Ex-Football Players Found Guilty
Ex-football players were accused of raping a young woman in a dorm room.
New England Gets Walloped by More Than 2 Feet of Snow
Storm caused shutdowns of mass transit systems from New York City to Boston.
Surveillance Video Shows Moment Man Allegedly Hit Pregnant Girlfriend With Car
Woman recovering from minor injuries, according to police.
Bodies of Georgia Couple in Craigslist Car Case Identified
Bud and June Runion vanished after trip to see car located via Craigslist.
Famed SC Civil Rights Protesters to Have Records Erased
Civil rights-era arrests to be vacated for 9 who integrated lunch counter in South Carolina
Trans-Pacific Balloon Crew: It's Like Camping in the Sky
Camping in the sky: Trans-Pacific balloon crew two-thirds of the way toward breaking 2 records
Prosecutors Promise Thorough Probe of Police Killing of Teen
Prosecutors promise thorough investigation after police kill girl who hit officer with car
Thieves Smash Stolen SUV Into San Francisco Museum for Gold
Thieves smash SUV into San Francisco museum to steal gold in latest smash-and-grab theft
Cuomo, De Blasio, Defend Strict NYC Storm Regulations
Strict NYC storm regulations enacted by Gov. Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio could be the new normal
How Much Snow Fell Vs. How Much Was Forecast
How much snow fell vs. how much was forecast: A sampling of totals from across the Northeast
Utah Parents Showed Troubling Signs Before Deaths
Family says Utah parents who killed themselves and their 3 children showed troubling signs
Massive Snowball Fight in Portsmouth, New Hampshire
Dozens of people participated in the snowball fight.
Dramatic Helmet Cam Video Shows Firefighters Rescuing 3 Children
Members of the Fresno Fire Department were able to pull three children out of an apartment fire.
New Yorkers Take on the Blizzard That Wasn't
Residents took a snow day on Tuesday after a massive blizzard blew over New York City.
Ex-Vanderbilt Football Players Found Guilty of Rape
Brandon Vandenburg and Cory Batey are found guilty on all charges in the rape of an unconscious 21-year-old woman in 2013.
Juno Misses NYC, Hammers Northeast; NFL Has Deflate-gate Person of Interest; Balloonists Take Flight
Winter storm Juno misses New York, hammers Northeast; NFL has a person of interest in Deflate-Gate scandal; Balloonists set...
ABC News GoStream - Blizzard Dumps Roughly 2 Feet of Snow on Boston
ABC News' Rob Marciano and Josh Haskell report live from the Boston Harbor.
Suspect Charged With Murder of Missing Craigslist Car Couple
Ronnie "Jay" Towns, 28, appeared in court today and was charged in the murders of Bud and June Runion.
High Tide Damages Coastal Homes in Massachusetts
ABC News' David Wright reports from the flooded streets of Marshfield, Massachusetts
Day In Pictures 1.27.15
Maine Residents Battle The Blizzard, Obama Wraps Up India Visit, Survivors Mark 70th Anniversary Of Auschwitz's Liberation
Man Allegedly Crashes Car Into Pregnant Girlfriend
Justin Lee Colby, 33, was arrested in Florida for attempted homicide after allegedly slamming his vehicle into his pregnant...
Nightline 1/27: Vanderbilt Rape Trial: Ex-Football Players Found Guilty
The New Face of Mormonism: Women; Snowed in and Hooking Up in the City
WN 1/27: 2015 Blizzard Hits New England Hard
ISIS hostage pleads for prisoner swap; 70th anniversary of Auschwitz commemorated.
GMA 1/26: Giant Winter Storm Threatens to Blast the Northeast
Georgia Couple Missing After Answering Online Vintage Car Ad; White House Experiences Drone Breach
This Week 1/25: Republicans Look Ahead To 2016 Election
Guests: Denis McDonough, Bobby Jindal, Donna Brazile, Bill Kristol, Sara Fagen, Cokie Roberts
2020 1/24: Teen Goes Missing After Meeting With Girlfriend's Ex
College Student Charged With Friend's Murder, Kidnapping; Girl Testifies At Ex's Trial For Murdering Her New Love