Humanity Beneath the Halo
'The Nativity Story' Seeks to Connect With Its Audience With More Human Portrayals of Mary and Joseph
Not Everyone Is a Believer in Faith-Based Diets
Medical Experts Warn of False Diet Prophets
Christian Businesses Making a Profit While Saving Souls
But Are Business Owners Spreading or Exploiting Their Faith?
Spreading the Gospel Through Pro Wrestling
Evangelical Christianity's New and Unusual Outreach Approach
For More Teens, Jesus Is Way Cool
Youth Ministries Try to Attract More Teens by Making Christianity More Edgy
Critics Aren't Keeping Quiet Over 'Silent Night' Lyrics Change
School Under Fire for Having Kids Sing New Words to Classic Christmas Song
White House Holiday Cards Create Political Divide
Conservative Group Prefers "Merry Christmas" to "Happy Holidays"
Are Students Losing Their Religion on Campus?
Many Young People Turn Away from God in College, But It Doesn't Have to Be That Way
Christian Conservatives Fight 'Happy Holidays'
Groups Gear Up to Fight for 'Christmas,' But Is There Really an Issue?
At Christmas, What's In a Name?
Effort to Rename Christmas Trees "Holiday Trees" Sparks Debate
Small Group Wields Major Influence in Intelligent Design Debate
Some Question Organization's Religious Affiliations as Controversy Continues
Mother of Two Wins a New Home at Church
The Texas Church Has Been Giving Away Prizes to Those Who Show Up to Services
Is Luis Palau the Next Billy Graham?
Evangelical Preacher Hosts Huge Festival in D.C.
Katrina Helps Teach Nun's Lesson of Faith
Catholic Broadcaster Loved Home City, But Philosophy Didn't Hit Home Until Storm Struck
'Catholic Woodstock' Activists Want Pope to Allow Condom Use
Will Youth Coalition's Protest Change the Church's Stance on Sex?
Christian Video Games Offer Wholesome Action
Game Makers Hope Non-Violent Alternatives Will Catch On
Why Hasn't Boom in Religious Merchandise Helped Retailers?
Increased Interest in Religion Has Heightened Competition Among Christian Shops
Green and Godly Grow in Ranks
Among the Religious Right, Some Finding a Voice in Speaking Up For the Environment
'Bright' Movement Fights for the Non-Religious
Is a Movement to Fight for the Non-Religious a Bright Idea or Merely a 'Bright' One?
Can a Religious Person Accept Other Faiths?
New Pope's Call for Dialogue Raises Question of Meaning of Belief
Does a Pew Fit in Your Cubicle?
Some Companies Say Yes, and Hire Workplace Chaplains
Reverend Asks, What Would Jesus Drive?
Religious Leaders Take Up Environmental Cause
Apocalyptic Science Fiction Series Becomes a Long-Running Smash Hit
It's a series of suspense books where everybody already knows the outcome, in a genre that few have taken seriously. And...
A Cosmo-Style Makeover for the Bible?
The New Testament Meets Cosmo, as Pop Culture and Religion Intersect
Access to Birth Control Under Threat?
'The Pill' Is Now Caught Up in Abortion Battle
Many Turn to Prayer, Not Prescriptions
Americans Use Prayer Nearly as Often as Medication to Treat Pain, According to ABC Poll
Should Pharmacists' Moral Codes Trump Professional Duties?
Some Pharmacists Have Triggered Legal Battles By Refusing to Fill Contraceptive Prescriptions
Christian Campers Focus on Politics
Camp Gears Home-Schoolers for Future in Elected Offices
Despite Criticism, 'Intelligent Design' Finds Powerful Backers
Seattle Group Works to Create National Debate Where Scientists Say None Exists
Non-Religious Kids Find Refuge in 'Godless' Camp
'Godless' Camp Take Religion Out of Everyday Life
Many Trying to Reconcile Religious Beliefs with Evidence of Evolution
Museum Offers Compromise on Debate Over Origins of Life, As Debate Heats Up
NASCAR Takes Religion to the Raceway
Evangelical Faith Has Prominent Place in Nation's Fastest-Growing Spectator Sport
Mega-Churches Offer Prayer, Play, Shopping
Churches with Thousands of Members and a One-Stop Mentality Becoming More Popular
Christian Cheerleaders Full of 'Holy' Spirit
Conservative Christians Find New Ways to Influence Popular Culture
Christian-Themed Apparel Sees Popularity Surge
But What Happens to Faith When Trends Change?
Married Priests May Be Test for Catholic Church
Two Catholic Priests, One Married and One Celibate, Weigh In on Marriage Question
Evangelical Christians Take Aim at Islam
Evangelical Christians Rally Against Islam, Despite Bush Disavowal
In Louisiana, a School Prayer Showdown
School District's Disagreement Could Go Before Supreme Court, Experts Say
Religion, Politics Can Be Combustible Match
North Carolina Church Kicks Out Members Over Political Views
Religion Plays Big Role in Bush Presidency
Religion Prominent in Bush Presidency
Presidents: Bible-Cutters, Mystics, Masons
Bush Invokes Religion, but Past Presidents' Beliefs Also Controversial
Bush on Religion and God
President Says He Believes Muslims and Christians Pray to Same God
Evangelicals to Bush: Payback Time
Christian Conservatives Say They Gave Bush 'Moral Mandate'; Call Him to Act on Their Behalf
Religious Intolerance Alleged at Military Academy
Air Force Addresses Complaints of Jewish, Atheist Cadets
Angry at Rulings, Some Judge the Judges
Unpopular Decisions, Personal Grudges Bring Judges Under Fire -- Figuratively and Literally
Primer: Judicial Nominees and the Filibuster
What Is Really Happening in the Senate When It Comes to the President's Judicial Nominees?
Is 'John of God' a Healer or a Charlatan?
Searching for Hope and Health in a Remote Brazilian Village
New Pope May Face Latin America Issues
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Heaven -- Where Is It? How Do We Get There?
Barbara Walters Explores the Meaning of Heaven and Afterlife
Tracking 'The Da Vinci Code'
'GMA' Follows the Clues Detailed in the Best-Selling Book