How Customs Keeps Your Flowers Pest-Free for V-Day
Millions of flowers are checked every year for insects and drugs.
Research Finds Harmful Algae Toxins in Alaska Marine Mammals
A study led by National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration scientists says toxins from harmful ocean algae were detected...
Where Did El Nino Go? Heat, Dry Spell Stoke Drought Worry
Ten days with record heat and no rain have Californians worrying about the drought again
FBI: Washington Boys Located in Mexico in Safe Condition
The FBI says two brothers missing from Bellevue, Washington, since August have been found in safe condition in Mexico
Columbine Shooter's Mother Says She Thinks of Victims Daily
The mother of Columbine High School shooter Dylan Klebold says she didn't know anything was wrong with her son before the...
Today in History
Today in History
After Oregon Standoff, Some Say: Right Fight; Wrong Tactics
Right fight; wrong strategy. Many ranchers and sympathizers opposing federal control of public lands in the West concluded...
Police: Shooting at Phoenix-Area School Was a Murder-Suicide
Police have concluded that a shooting at a suburban Phoenix high school that killed two 15-year-old girls and caused panic...
Utah Plans to Take Legal Action Against EPA Over Mine Waste
Utah regulators say the Environmental Protection Agency didn't share data showing elevated levels of metals in the San Juan...
Texas A&M President Decries Reports of Racial Harassment
Several minority high school students from Dallas say they were racially harassed by some Texas A&M University students and...
Witness Recounts Harrowing Details of Machete Attack
Tracy was in the restaurant when the assailant started cutting people.
Police, School Superintendent, Mayor Offer Remarks on School Shooting
Two students are dead after a shooting in Glendale, Arizona.
Little Dog Stolen During Carjacking Is Reunited With Owner
Lola, an adorable little dog recently stolen during a carjacking, has been found and reunited with her owner in San...
Suspect Killed After Attacking Victims With Machete
Columbus Division of Police brief the media on attack.
Fun Facts About American Presidents
What you didn't know about our nation's leaders.
Double Shooting Reported at Arizona High School
After a double shooting at a Glendale, Arizona, high school this morning, police said the incident was isolated and the...
Teacher Removed From Class for Taking Grieving Student for Hot Cocoa
Janice Graf said she was comforting a high school student who was upset by the recent deaths of two friends.
Woman Uses Baseball Bat, Performs CPR to Save Unconscious Driver
Charlie Cottrill passed out from carbon monoxide poisoning while behind the wheel of his car.
Suspected Teen Hacker Who Targeted US Officials Arrested
For the past several months, a group calling itself "Crackas With Attitude" has been disclosing private information...
NYPD Officer Convicted of Manslaughter in Death of Akai Gurley
The officer, Peter Liang, w was 18 months out of the police academy when he shot and killed Gurley in a dimly lit staircase...
WN 02/12/16: Bitter and Dangerous Cold From New England to the Carolinas
Mother of Columbine school shooter breaks her silence 17 years later; Tim Tebow helps children with special needs all over...
GMA 02/12/16: Columbine Shooter's Mother Sue Klebold Speaks Out
Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders Trade Jabs at Democratic Debate; Is Kanye West Feuding With Taylor Swift Again?
02/11/16: Channing Tatum Reveals His Energy Secret Is an Amazonian Leaf Tea
How Life Changes For Parents When They Have More Than One Child; OK Go's New Music Video Puts Them in Zero Gravity
This Week 02/07/16: Presidential Candidates Prepare for New Hampshire Primary
Guests: Donald Trump, Marco Rubio, Hillary Clinton, Matthew Dowd, Donna Brazile, Cokie Roberts, Bill Kristol
20/20 02/05/16: A Dangerous Intersection
An encounter in traffic during a driving lesson leads to a shootout and the death of Tammy Meyers.