University of Louisville Accepts President's Resignation
University of Louisville trustees have accepted the resignation of embattled President James Ramsey, whose long tenure was...
Hotter Weather Expected Near Blaze That Killed 1
Firefighters are bracing for hotter weather and lower humidity in the area near Big Sur where a wildfire has destroyed 34...
Biden to Speak at Vigil for Slain Baton Rouge Officers
Vice President Joe Biden and U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch are scheduled to speak at a Baton Rouge vigil honoring the...
Individuals, Agencies Dodge Blame as Freddie Gray Case Ends
Fourteen months after an arrestee's death prompted massive protests, spawned rioting and toppled the careers of the city's...
Reagan Shooter Hinckley Will Soon Leave Hospital for Good
In as soon as a week's time, the only living man to have shot an American president could pack his bags and leave a...
Quotations in the News
Quotations in the News
Powerball's Estimated Jackpot Hits $478 Million
No one has matched the jackpot-winning numbers in Wednesday night's Powerball drawing, and the prize has increased to an...
1 Dead, 8 Hurt as Car Plows Into Los Angeles Bible Group
A car has plowed into the front of a Los Angeles house where a group of 11 people were holding a bible study and prayer...
No Winners in Wednesday's Powerball Drawing, Jackpot Now $478 Million
The chance of winning Powerball is 292.2 million-to-1.
Deadly Ambushes Against Law Enforcement up in 2016
A look at law enforcement deaths so far this year according to a new report.
Boy Reopens Lemonade Stand After Being Shot With BB Gun
A 9-year-old Wisconsin boy reopened his lemonade stand after being shot in the face with a BB gun.
Students Offer Impromptu Serenade as Army Private Leaves Plane
Students from Iowa sang "Battle Hymn of the Republic" as an Army private escorted WWII soldier remains off the plane.
ARCHIVAL VIDEO: John Hinckley, Jr.'s Parents Speak Out in 1983
April 28, 1983: Barbara Walters interviews the parents of John Hinckley, Jr. for ABC's "20/20."
All Charges Dropped Against Baltimore Cops in Freddie Gray Death
Prosecutors in Baltimore dropped all charges against the three remaining Baltimore police officers charged in the death of...
Smithsonian Is Searching for a Beer Scholar
The Smithsonian's National Museum of American History is looking for someone to conduct research on American brewing history.
Attempted Carjacking Proves to Be a Washout
Two suspects ran off after being hit by a high-powered soap sprayer at a Louisiana car wash.
Iowa Football Player Mistaken for Robber During 'Pokemon Go' Game in Park
Police released bodycam footage showing an encounter last week between a black University of Iowa football player and...
Meet the Man Behind Geno's Steaks
ABC News' Charli James tours the famous Philly eatery with owner, Geno.
This Week 07/24/16: Another Email Scandal Emerges Ahead of the Democratic National Convention
Guests: Robby Mook, Bernie Sanders, Paul Manafort, Matt Dowd, Donna Brazile, Keith Ellison, Tom Cole
GMA 07/24/16: WikiLeaks Releases Democratic National Committee Emails
Democratic National Convention Week Preview; San Diego Comic-Con Celebrates Fierce Women
Nightline 07/21/16: Donald Trump's Big Night Accepting GOP Nomination
Donald Trump, from Building an Empire to Presidential Nominee; Fox News Chief Roger Ailes Resigns
07/15/16: Answers For Annie
Virginia Teen Found Dead Behind Dumpster in Baltimore; Parents Determined to Find Answers in Daughter's Mysterious Death