Mom of Teen Charged in 'Slender Man' Stabbing Speaks Out
Angie Geyser said her daughter was diagnosed with early onset schizophrenia.
Police Had Previous Run-Ins With Mom Who Killed Daughters
A Texas sheriff's office says its officers had been called out multiple times in the past to the home of a mother who killed...
Police: Off-Duty Cop Shoots, Kills Pit Bull During Dog Fight
Vermont authorities say an off-duty police officer shot and killed a pit bull that apparently attacked his dog at a dog park
Missouri Man Accused of Killing 4 Relatives, Burning Bodies
A 25-year-old northwest Missouri man is accused of fatally shooting four of his family members then burning their bodies
The Latest: Crews Get More Control Over Wyoming Blaze
Firefighters have gained greater control over a wildfire in northeast Wyoming
Sheen in Lake Ontario Identified as Oil From Nuclear Plant
A spokesman for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission says a sheen on Lake Ontario has been traced to a small oil spill from the...
The Latest: Alito Reads Aloud Dissenting Abortion Opinion
At the U.S. Supreme Court, the justices' decision in the Texas abortion clinic case provoked a strong response from Justice...
Chipotle Looks to Recover With Temporary Loyalty Program
Chipotle is introducing a loyalty program as it fights to recover from food scares _ but the program will run temporarily
Ex-Student Gets Life Term for Killing Baby at Sorority House
A former Ohio college student accused of giving birth in a sorority house bathroom and killing her baby girl by disposing of...
2 Campers Presumed Dead Found Alive After W. Virginia Floods
At least 25 people killed in past week.
Tarpon Jumps Onto Boat to Avoid Shark Attack
Ashley Moore recorded a dramatic chase between a tarpon and a hammerhead shark.
Bear Attacks Man in California Campground
Authorities are searching for a bear they say attacked a man by clawing through his tent.
Two Inmates Captured, One Still on the Run
Two brothers who escaped from a South Carolina jail were captured Sunday night while a third inmate remains on the loose,...
Cop Shot 7 Times in Incident Near Philadelphia
The suspected gunman is in custody, police said.
2 Dead in California Fire That Torched 19,000 Acres
The cause of the fire is not known, officials say.
Video Shows Dunkin' Employee Dropping Donuts, Then Putting Them up for Sale
Video of the incident has garnered more than 71,000 views on Facebook.
Dozens Injured After Walking on Hot Coals at Tony Robbins Event
At least five people ended up hospitalized, officials said.
On the Front Lines of Wildfire Fighting
Firefighters in California face off against the blaze that has destroyed dozens of homes.
Unlikely Bond Forms Between Teen and Stranger
A stranger helped Chauncy Jones raise more than $87,000 to support his family in just two weeks.
Cop Shot While Investigating Drug Activity Near Philadelphia
A uniformed police officer was shot three times while investigating illegal drug activity near Philadelphia this morning,...
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