Air Traffic Control 'Staffing Crisis' Could Lead to Flight Delays, Union Warns
Here's why the number of certified air traffic controllers is at a 27-year low.
Man Claims to Have Photographed Mythical Devil
Resident David Black said he caught a winged creature on camera.
Driver Live-Streams While Claiming to Be Drunk
Whitney Beall, of Lakeland, Florida, was charged with DUI.
Alleged Ukrainian Hacker Extradited to US
Sergey Vovnenko is accused of taking part in an international conspiracy.
Emotional Chief ID'd Firefighters Killed in Kansas City Blaze
The firefighters were 17-year and 13-year veterans.
Border Patrol Cuts Use of Force by Nearly 40 Percent
Nation's largest law enforcement agency reduces use-of-force incidents.
Watch a Dazzling Display of 7,000 Jack-o'-Lanterns
The Great Jack-o'-Lantern Blaze is an annual Halloween festival.
Expert Reports Find Tamir Rice Shooting 'Reasonable'
Tamir was holding a toy gun when he was shot by an officer in November 2014.
Olive Garden Apologizes to Kansas City Cop
The restaurant chain has apologized after a cop was turned away for being armed.
UN Official Criticizes Lack of Women at Peace Tables
UN official criticizes low participation of women in peacemaking 15 years after UN resolution
Kansas Elections Chief Files 3 Criminal Cases Under New Law
Kobach's office files 3 criminal cases, alleging voters cast ballots in Kansas, other states
State Wants to Prosecute Charleston Church Shooting First
South Carolina wants to prosecute Charleston church shooting case before federal government
Deputies Raid Farms Accused of Slaughtering Horses
Deputies raid farms accused of illegally slaughtering horses, selling meat; 750 animals taken
Police: Dad Attacked Daycare Owner After He Was Denied Kids
Father charged with assaulting daycare owner because she wouldn't let him take his children
Dry Autumn Delivers Fire and Destruction to Prairie States
Amid hot, dry fall, grass fires bring destruction from Wyoming to Iowa; no rain in sight
Man Claims He Lost Job at Catholic Home Because He's Gay
Virginia man says he was fired from job at Catholic assisted living home because he's gay
Jury Selection Delayed in Teen's Trial Over Teacher's Death
Jury selection delayed in trial of Massachusetts teen accused of raping, killing math teacher
Civil Rights Groups Oppose King Monument at Stone Mountain
Leaders of civil rights groups oppose Martin Luther King Jr. monument at Georgia mountain
Kansas City Fire Chief Mourns Two Firefighters Killed
Chief Paul Berardi praised veteran firefighters Larry J. Leggio and John V. Mesh for saving two civilians before the burning...
Flight Crew Booed After Woman Kicked Off Flight
The passenger was removed after reportedly not hearing a flight attendant's directions to move out of the aisle.
Halloween Heats Up
Tour the Great Jack O'Lantern Blaze
The Legend Lives on in Sleepy Hollow
ABC takes you inside a spooky tour of Sleepy Hollow, NY
Escaped Fugitive Recalls Being Captured After 34 Years on the Run
Willie Lee Austin escaped while on furlough from a Georgia prison and made a new life in Florida.
Stadium in Washington State Covered in Water After Rain Storm
A heavy rain on Oct. 10, 2015 flooded Tacoma's Stadium Bowl.
Returning Service Members Meet Their Newborns
Ten crew members on the U.S.S. Providence all became dads, some of them for the first time while they were on their six month...
Family of Slain Five Month Old Speaks Out
On Oct. 1, 5-month-old Aavielle Wakefield was shot and killed in Cleveland while in the car with her mother, grandmother and...
Police Body Cams Video Capture Rescue of Undocumented Immigrants
Texas police officers found the 39 undocumented immigrants in the back of an 18-wheeler truck.
Oct. 7, 2003: Arnold Schwarzenegger Elected
The action movie star is elected Governor of California.
Nightline 10/12/15: 19-Year-Old Fights to Be Taken Off Sex Offender Registry
How One Kings Lane Can Help You Live in Luxury for Less; Meet the Creator Behind the Photo Blog Humans of New York
WN 10/12/15: Lottery Fraud Investigation Spans 3 States
Democrats get ready to debate in Las Vegas; Kelly Ripa gets her star in Hollywood.
GMA 10/12/15: Jason Rezaian Convicted by Iranian Court
Allegiant Plane Engine Catches on Fire; Driver Recalls His Truck Being Demolished by a Waterspout.
This Week 10/11/15: Who Will the Republicans Choose As the Next House Speaker?
Guests: Michael E. Leiter, Jason Chaffetz, Cokie Roberts, Mark Halperin, LZ Granderson, Reihan Salam
20/20 10/09/15: '#Unfriended'
Tennessee Woman Claims She's Victim of Online Threats to Her Life; Young Couple Found Murdered With Baby Alive, Covered in...