Survivor's Harrowing Tale of Facing Down Gunman
Vicki Gardner said she could not see shooter approach due to camera light.
Boy, 13, Aids Father After Boulder Falls on Him
Boy Scout skills helped him keep his father alive till help finally arrived.
Controversial Guardrail To Be Crash-Tested Again
Virginia To Test Guardrail For Safety Next Month
Meet Patches the Crossing Guard Dog
He's even got the uniform -- a highlighter-colored vest and a mini stop sign.
Police Find Wig, Shawl and Gun in Virginia Shooter's Car
The search warrant has been released.
How WDBJ Was Able to Get Through Thursday Morning???s Newscast
Virginia news station carries on a day after two colleagues were fatally shot.
Hollywood Acting Coach Found Guilty of Sexually Assaulting Teen
Cameron Thor was convicted on one count of performing a lewd act on a minor.
Shooter's Firing Filmed by Cameraman He Later Killed
Adam Ward was in the newsroom and filmed the moment Bryce Williams was fired.
Same-Sex Couple Denied Marriage License for 3rd Time
Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis has refused to issue licenses, citing her religion.
Firefighters Holding Their Own Against Giant Wildfire
Washington firefighters holding their own against giant Okanogan wildfire despite high winds.
National Zoo to Reveal Panda Cubs' Genders, Detail on Father
National Zoo to reveal panda cubs' genders and which male fathered the cubs
29 to Become Citizens at DC's MLK Memorial
29 people to become citizens during ceremony at Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial
Jurors to Resume Deliberations in Prep School Rape Case
Jurors in St. Paul's School rape case weighing credibility of 2 teens, other testimony
Lawyers Say Oklahoma Man Is Insane, Try to Halt Execution
Attorneys for Oklahoma man set to die for girl's death say he's insane, try to halt execution
White Supremacist to Defend Himself in Jewish Site Shootings
White supremacist slated to offer defense in capital murder trial for Jewish site shootings
Firefighters Holding Their Own Against Giant Wildfire
Washington firefighters holding their own against giant Okanogan wildfire despite high winds.
Savannah State Lockdown Lifted; 1 Injured in Shooting
Savannah State University lockdown lifted after shooting near student union injures 1
Today in History
Today in History
Prep School Rape Case Goes to Jury
Jurors are now considering the case against Owen Labrie, 19, who is accused of raping a freshman at St. Paul's School in New...
Crossing Guard Dog Armed With Stop Sign Keeps Kids Safe
Brad Curtis and his dog Patches, who wear matching safety vests, help school kids cross the street in a Pennsylvania school...
Kentucky Same-Sex Couple Refused Marriage License for Third Time
William Smith, Jr. and James Yates were denied a marriage license one day after a judge ordered Rowan County Clerk Kimberly...
August 27, 1964: 'Mary Poppins Released'
Can you say "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious"?
Morning Broadcast 'a Hard One' for WDBJ in Wake of Shootings
Colleagues of Alison Parker and Adam Ward at Virginia station WDBJ went back on the air one day after the shooting.
Coast Guard Rescues Woman, Dogs Off Cliff
The 54-year-old woman was walking a cliffside trail with two pitbulls late at night south of Thornton State Beach in...
Suspect in On-Air Shooting Dies From Self-Inflicted Wound
Vester Lee Flanagan, who was known professionally as Bryce Williams, died at a Fairfax, Virginia, hospital at about 1:30...
Defendant Takes Stand in Prep School Rape Trial
Owen Labrie is accused of raping a fellow classmate at St. Paul's School, allegedly as part of a school tradition called the...
Dog's Discovery Vital in Jared Fogle Investigation
Officials say a Labrador retriever named Bear detected a hidden flash drive in the former Subway spokesman's Indiana home.
Neighbors Band Together After Katrina
When Hurricane Katrina slammed into Gulfport, Mississippi, those in the neighborhood of Turkey Creek came together to help...
WN 08/27/15: New Details in Gunman's Sinister Plan
New poll shows Trump's biggest lead yet; jury deliberates in NH rape trial.
GMA 08/27/15: News Team Returns to Air After Deadly On-Air Shooting
Hillary Clinton Calls Most GOP Candidates 'Trump Without the Pizzazz or Hair'; Talking to Your Kids About Tragedy
Nightline 08/26/15: Virginia On-Air Shooting: New Details on What Happened
On a Journey to Meet India's Snake Charmers; How Rachel Roy's Looks Reach Michelle Obama to Kim Kardashian
20/20 08/21/15: Evidence of Love
Why This Woman Fell in Love With a Convicted Killer on Death Row; Woman on Mission to Prove Her Husband Didn't Kill 3 Women;...
This Week 08/23/15: Will VP Joe Biden Run for President?
Guests: Donald Trump, Scott Walker, Martin O'Malley, Bill Richardson, Ana Navarro, Rich Lowry, Nancy Gibbs, Matt Bai