5 Things to Know This Morning: Found Alive
5 Things to Know This Morning
California Teens Arrested in 920 Chicken Deaths
4 teens arrested on suspicion of using golf club to kill 920 chickens at ranch in California
2 Firefighters Retire During Atlantic City Blaze
2 Atlantic City battalion chiefs retire while battling blaze that displaced 17 people
Makeshift System Offers Detroit Water Hookup
Makeshift system offers water hookup for 2 Detroit businesses amid delayed repairs
More Than 4,000 Hogs Die in Fire at NC Farm
More than 4,000 hogs killed in fire at central North Carolina farm
Eastman Kodak Cutting 70 Jobs in Rochester Area
Eastman Kodak cutting 85 jobs, including 70 at its Rochester-area operations
Sandy Hook School Bomb Scare 'Low to No Threat'
School superintendent says Sandy Hook school bomb scare considered 'low to no threat'
10 Things to Know for Today
10 Things to Know for Today
California Community Reels After Mayor Shot Dead
California community comes to grips with shooting death of mayor in fight with son and wife
The Touching Moment a Baby Giraffe Bonded With His Mother
The calf pranced around as his mama watched.
Man Gets 30-Year Term for Oregon Bomb Plot
Man gets 30 years for plotting to detonate bomb at Portland, Oregon, Christmas tree event
School-Age Children Possibly Exposed to Ebola Patient; Secret Service Director Resigns
Hong Kong protesters threaten to occupy government buildings; 35,000 walruses swarm Alaska's shores; President Carter...
Outside the Apartment of 1st Person Diagnosed With Ebola in US
Family of sickened man is not allowed to leave building even to go to work or school.
New Calls For Secret Service Director to Resign
Agency under fire again after new revelations of a possible elevator security breach with president on board.
Football Head Coach in Concussion Controversy
University of Michigan's Brady Hoke under fire after concussed quarterback Shane Morris was allowed back into the game.
California Mayor Shot, Killed at Home
Police say Daniel Crespo was shot in what appeared to be a domestic dispute with his wife.
Secret Service Chief Grilled Over WH Breach; Michael Phelps Arrested on DUI Charges
Secret Service director takes responsibility for White House breach; Eric Frein manhunt finds two pipe bombs, and protesters...
Secret Service Director: White House Intrusion 'Unacceptable'
Secret Service Director Julie Pierson admitted the agency's security plan "was not properly executed."
Real Estate Agent Targeted Because She 'Worked Alone'
Aaron Lewis spoke to the press after being charged in connection with Beverly Carter's death.
Secret Service on the Hot Seat
ABC's Devin Dwyer outside the White House gates.
Escaping the Paniq Room
In under an hour, Alex Stone must escape from a locked panic room, or else...
GMA 10/1: CDC on High Alert After First US Ebola Case
Police Find Pipe Bombs During Manhunt in Pennsylvania; Breast Cancer and the 'Angelina Jolie Effect'
WN 9/30: Bill Gates Helps Fight Ebola
Realtor kidnapped and killed on way to home showing; Michael Phelps allegedly fails sobriety test, gets 2nd DUI.
Nightline 9/30: Ebola Case in US, and What's Being Done to Stop it Abroad
Is UVA Disappearance Suspect Tied to 2009 Murder?; Amal Alamuddin's Fairytale Wedding Dress Details Revealed
GMA 9/30: Secret Service Director Faces Congress Over White House Breaches
Arkansas Real Estate Agent's Body Found; UVA Abduction Suspect May Be Linked to Earlier Disappearance
This Week 9/28: Have Airstrikes in Syria Been Successful Against ISIS?
Guests: John Boehner, Bill O'Reilly, Matt Bai, Laura Ingraham, Matthew Dowd, Keith Ellison
2020 9/26: Out of the Woods
Birthday Sleepover Ends with 12-Year-Old Close to Death; Girls Tell Police They Plotted to Kill Friend for 'Slender Man';...