5 Things to Know This Morning: Search for Clues
5 Things to Know This Morning
10 Things to Know for Today
10 Things to Know for Today
Old Remains Found in Unrefrigerated Morgue
Remains dating back more than a decade found in Rhode Island funeral home's uncooled morgue
Philanthropist Calls for Saving Corcoran in Court
Philanthropist Wayne Reynolds calls for saving Corcoran Gallery in court hearings on merger
Saint's Remains Return to Hawaii Permanently
Exhumed remains of saint who cared for exiled leprosy patients return permanently to Hawaii
Los Angeles Pipe Rupture: A Look at the Numbers
A look at the numbers behind the LA pipe rupture that inundated UCLA, closed Sunset Boulevard
AP Exclusive: Study Blames Lost Calves on Panthers
AP Exclusive: As Florida panther rebounds, study blames missing livestock on the predators
Quotations in the News
Quotations in the News
Immigration Courts Speed up Children's Cases
Immigration courts speed up hearings for children caught at the US border
Portland Settles Suit by Officer Who Honored Nazis
Portland struggles with settlement offered to officer who honored Nazi-era German soldiers
FBI Brings Key Witness in Oklahoma Bombing Trial
FBI to bring building manager to testify during trial over Oklahoma City bombing videos
Deadly Ebola Outbreak Spreads in West Africa
Fears of Ebola spread as 1 American is dead and 2 American aid workers infected.
U.N. School Bombed in Gaza; Prosecution Rests in 'Porch Shooting' Trial
As Israeli airstrikes blast Gaza, Obama takes on House GOP, and Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom allegedly get into scuffle. ...
Day in Pictures: 7/30/2014
Images from across the globe: Israel Strikes U.N. Refugees School, Crews Clean Up L.A. Water Main Break, Yemenis Protest...
Investigators Hunt for 14-Year-Old Girl's Killer
Police believe a man on a motorcycle is responsible for the killing of April Millsap.
Porch Shooting Trial Witness: Manner of Death Was 'Homicide'
As the prosecution rests its case, Theodore Wafer's attorneys try to prove he acted in self-defense.
LA Dept. of Water and Power Says Water Main Break Is 'Very Complex'
Jeff Bray, General Superintendent of Water Distribution, says the break is "located where two large diameter pipes come...
UCLA Water Main Break Wastes Up to 10 Million Gallons So Far
The accident was caused because of an outdated pipe.
Water Main Break Floods Sunset Blvd., UCLA Campus
A 100-year-old main spewed a geyser for hours, flooding streets and threatening athletic facilities.
LA Resident Call Out Water Wasters on Social Media
The hashtag #DroughtShaming has been used to expose people who are not following the city's tough restrictions.
This Is What a Plane Landing on a Beach Looks Like
Witness describes the unexpected moments when a small plane landed on Miami Beach.
Nightline 07/29: Mystery Behind Alleged New Hampshire Kidnapping
Alleged New Hampshire Kidnapping; Robocalls to Your Cell Phone; 'Sharknado 2'
7/29: New Information on Skin Cancer
7/29: New Information on Skin Cancer Tips to fight back against telemarketers; Meet Baby James, a 3-year-old golf prodigy.
GMA 7/29: Whale Watchers Stranded Overnight Off Boston Coast
Tornado Recorded in Boston Suburb Makes History; California Wildfires Threaten Hundreds of Homes
This Week 7/27: US Evacuates Libyan Embassy
Guests: Donna Brazile, Tom Cole, S.E. Cupp, Robert Reich, Andrew Rosenthal
2020 7/25: Losing It!
Feud Between Two Neighbors Ends in Death; Why People Lose It Waiting in Line; U.S. Senator Punches Fellow Senator in the Head
Nightline Prime 7/26: The Elkhart 4: A Home Invasion Gone Horribly Wrong
Hiring a Hitman to Murder Your Own Mother?; Las Vegas Bar Fights Ends in Murder Charges for Calif. Pastor; Busting an...