Hunger in America: How to Help
This Thanksgiving, more than 50 million live in "food insecure" households.
Pay What You Can: Restaurants Reduce Tab to Tackle Hunger
Panera Cares cafes suggest prices to patrons on case-by-case basis.
Bringing Food From Farms to Tables of the Needy
"Farm to Family" gives excess food to the hungry.
Single Dad Sells Possessions to Feed His Family
Once part of the middle-class, Don Orange now relies on food bank assistance.
20 Million More Americans on Food Stamps
One in seven Americans are on food stamps.
Hunger at Home: Local Heroes Come to the Rescue
Pastor Bob Caldwell feeds more than 700 people for just $700.
Hunger Hurts: Millions of American Kids Go Hungry
Children in every county in the United States wake up hungry.
Feeding Hungry Kids With 'Bags of Hope'
This Arizona nonprofit feeds kids on weekends.
Hunger, Children in America: Slow and Steady Starvation
Nearly 15 million children live in poverty in the U.S.
Family's Tough Choice: Pay Bills or Eat
Pennsylvania parents fend off kids' questions on why they're not joining meal.
Americans Often Can't Afford to Feed Families
New report shows millions of Americans often go hungry.
Colleges Open Food Pantries for Hungry Students
Many students have trouble affording their next meal.
1 in 7 Americans Now Live in Poverty
The federal poverty rate rose from 13.2 percent to 14.3 percent in 2009.
'Thankful': Americans Reach Out to Families
This Thanksgiving, ABC News reconnected with several people interviewed during its “Hunger at Home: Crisis in America” series...
Thanksgiving: Giving Thanks In Tough Times
     No matter what your religious faith, you’ve probably heard the hymn NOW THANK WE ALL OUR GOD.  ”Now Thank We All Our...
'Scary Mommy' Blogger Helps 300+ Families Afford Thanksgiving
A last-minute project by Jill Smokler raised more than $18,000.
ABC News' 'Hunger at Home: Crisis in America'
Special coverage begins Wednesday Aug. 24, 2011.
Hunger Hurts: Americans Fighting Back
Children in every county in the United States wake up hungry.
Feed the Meter, Feed the Homeless
Parking meters in San Antonio, Texas, are converted into donation stations.