Billboard Jungle: Chicago Divorce Ad Comes Down
Lawyer defends her sign; local pol orders sign be taken down.
Garden State Terror Plot Foiled
Six men were arrested for allegedly plotting to attack Fort Dix.
Is Paris Hilton Really Going to Jail?
ABC News Legal Experts Weigh In
EXCLUSIVE: Don Imus' Lawsuit -- CBS 'Encouraged' Shock Jock's Behavior
Don Imus Will Claim CBS Got What It Bargained For. He's Suing for $120 million.
Internal Justice Investigation: News to Former Gonzales Aide
Firings, hiring practices queried; ex-aide learned of inquiry from press release
Sex Offenders Forced Under Bridge
Barred from living near children, sex offenders find few options.
Va. Tech Students Hope Shootings Don't Give Guns a Bad Name
Fellow student hopes shootings don't give shooting sports "a bad name."
Exonerated Ex-Duke Players Don't Deserve Scorn
Opinion: Shame on the Media.
After Imus, Rap Music May Change Tune
Rap stars consider cleaner lyrics in response to shock-jock firing.
Can Imus Come Back?
What's Next for the Deposed Radio DJ?
Justice Morale Takes Hit as Gonzales Controversy Lingers
Former official praises ousted U.S. attorneys, laments morale decline
Justice Official Stunned By Extent Of White House Involvement In U.S. Attorneys Affair
Career Justice Department Staffer Testified Before Congress on Tuesday
Duke Prosecutor Apologizes
Durham District Attorney Mike Nifong cites 'mistakes.' His lawyer says prosecutor will prevail in ethics court.
Justice Prevails at Duke
How Fellow Students Backed Three Accused Lacrosse Players and Learned a Lesson About Media and the Law
What's Next for Ex-Duke Prosecutor, Players?
Attorneys for the Three Young Men Want Nifong Investigated
Ex-Duke Players Seek to Rebuild Reputations
Lacrosse Players Look to Move Beyond Rape Allegations as Their Nightmare Ends
As Duke Lacrosse Case Ends, Legal Battle for Redress Begins
Duke Players Have Several Options Should They Decide to Seek Damages, Legal Experts Say
Charges Dropped in Duke Lacrosse Case
North Carolina Attorney General Describes Nifong's Case as Driven by 'Bravado'
Duke Lacrosse Case: America's Top Sex Crimes Expert Cites Serious Problems
Linda Fairstein Questions Whether Case Will Go Forward
The Prosecutor's Defense -- Lawyer for Ex-Duke Prosecutor Nifong Speaks Out
Given the Chance to Do It Again, Nifong Would Still Bring Charges, Attorney Says
Former Duke Prosecutor Faces New Ethics Charges
Nifong Accused of Withholding DNA Evidence From Defense, Making Misrepresentations to Judge
In the Shadow of Duke Lacrosse Case, Students Come Together
First-Time Event Brings Students Together on Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday
AG Takes Duke Case, Won't Rule Out Rape Charges
State Office Accepts Durham DA's Request to Recuse Himself
DA in Duke Case Asks to Be Removed
After Weeks of Criticism, District Attorney Mike Nifong Asks to Recuse Himself
Duke Accuser: Player 'Did Not Commit Sex Acts on Me'
Series of New Allegations Throw New Doubt on Accuser's Story
Accuser in Duke Case Gives Birth
Birth Comes 10 Months After Party Where Woman Claimed She Was Raped
'Driving While Hot' - Hilton Blames Cops
Some celebrity watchers say jail may make the socialite even more popular.
Paris Hilton Sues Web Site for Exploiting Her Fame
Airing the Celebrity's Dirty Laundry May Have Crossed Privacy Boundaries
Mel Gibson Addresses Accusations of Anti-Semitism
Says His Father's Beliefs Have Nothing to Do With What Happened That Night
Celebrity Justice: Does Punishment Fit the Crime?
Boy George Will Start His Community Service as a Street Sweeper; Did He Get Off Easy, and Will He Bounce Back as Others Have...
Book Excerpt: 'Supreme Conflict'
Jan Crawford Greenburg's New Book Takes an Unprecedented Look Into the History of the Supreme Court
Anna Nicole Smith's Daughter Could Inherit All
Despite Will Leaving Everything to Deceased Son and Excluding 'Future Spouses and Children,' Some Believe Infant Daughter May...
Anna Nicole Smith's Body to Be Buried in the Bahamas
An Emotional Judge Seidlin Delivers Decision
Texans Still Opposed to Perry's HPV Plan
The state's House of Representatives votes to overturn mandatory vaccinations.
Democrats Rethinking Abortion
Some Candidates Looking for a Compromise Position
Should the Deaf Get Death?
A Controversial South Dakota Death Penalty Murder Case Raises an Unusual Issue: Should There Be a Different Standard for the...
Brain Scans May Keep Child Killer From Death
Defense Attorneys Say Neuroscience Proves Couey Has Uncontrolled Sexual Urges
Illegal Immigrant Arrested in Florida Kidnapping
Thanks to Quick Thinking and a Safety Pin, 13-Year-Old Clay Moore Is Safe Today
Plea Deal Possible for Missouri Kidnap Suspect
Prosecutor Says Potential Deal Could Include Several Life Sentences
Astronaut Facing Kidnap Charge, Released on Bail
Police Reports Say Lisa Nowak Wore a Disguise and Drove 900 Miles for Attempted Kidnapping
Jersey Revives Same-Sex Marriage Debate
New Jersey Becomes Third State to Legalize Civil Unions
Behind the Scenes of the Supreme Court
Jan Crawford Greenburg releases new book, "Supreme Conflict: The Inside Story."
Guardian of Smith's Baby to Decide Burial Site
The guardian of Anna Nicole's daughter will decide her final resting place.
Feb. 12, 1985: Abortion Debate
The long-running debate over abortion is heating up in Washington.
Is The End of Capital Punishment Near?
Capital punishment suspended in FL after an execution was apparently botched.
Baby Returned After Kidnapping
Four-day-old baby Mychael is reunited with her parents after kidnapping.
New Questions in Missouri Abduction Case
Shawn Hornbeck may have left clues on the Internet in his four-year captivity.
Sex Offender Restrictions in 'Safe' Towns
Efforts to protect neighborhoods from sex offenders may be backfiring.
Should Don't Ask Don't Tell Go Away?
Soldier injured in Iraq campaigning against ban on serving while openly gay