Baby Chimp Keeva Gets New Surrogate Mother
Her biological mother couldn't "properly care for her," zoo staff said.
Fiery Scene After Train Derails in North Dakota
Residents in a nearby small town were forced to evacuate this morning.
Man Who Held American Flag in Garland Returns
He's asking Americans of different backgrounds to raise their flags with him.
Oklahoma Airport Evacuated With Tornado Nearby
Tornadoes touched down in Oklahoma and Nebraska.
Agriculture Gets a Pass Again in New Water Rules
Farmers exempt from new restrictions despite criticism.
Recovering Sea Lions at Marine Center Injured In Chlorine Attack
Police say they're searching for whoever contaminated the pool.
DOJ Weighing Federal Civil Rights Probe of Baltimore Police
DOJ already doing federal civil rights probe into death of Freddie Gray.
Abuse, Infidelity Allegations Follow Mayor???s Shooting Death
Lynette Crespo is charged with voluntary manslaughter.
Hear Final Moments Aboard Doomed Plane With Young Survivor
The girl survived the crash and walked a mile for help.
Cop Suing Starbucks Says He Didn't Think the Coffee 'Was That Hot'
Lt. Matthew Kohr and his wife are suing Starbucks for $750,000.
Honolulu Police Use Sex Assault Charge in Prostitution Sting
Women arrested in Honolulu prostitution sting face unusual charge of sex assault
Tornadoes Rake Oklahoma City Suburbs, Parts of Tornado Alley
Tornado brushes Moore, Oklahoma; other twisters reported in Kansas, Nebraska
Oxfam America Presses SEC on Drafting Disclosure Regulations
Oxfam America presses SEC on disclosure regulations for corporate payments to governments
Latest on Severe Weather: Dozens of Oklahoma Homes Destroyed
The Latest on severe weather: Dozens of homes destroys on outskirts of Oklahoma City
Driver Locks Kids on School Bus, Lectures Them on Behavior
School bus driver resigns after locking kids on bus, lecturing them about behavior
Jim Wright Early Casualty of Rising US House Partisanship
Known as eloquent speaker, Jim Wright was 1st US House speaker driven from office in midterm
Former House Speaker Jim Wright Dies at Age 92
Jim Wright, veteran Texas congressman and first House speaker to resign under fire, dies at 92
Georgia Sheriff Charged in Shooting of Real Estate Agent
Georgia sheriff charged with reckless conduct in shooting of real estate agent at model home
Panel Backs Plan for Nuclear Waste Disposal Near Lake Huron
Canadian panel endorses plan for nuclear waste disposal near Lake Huron
Baby Chimp Switches Zoos in Search for Surrogate Mother
Keeva will be transferred from the Maryland Zoo to the Tampa Lowry Park Zoo after her birth mother wasn't able to properly...
Sea Lions at Recovery Center Hurt in Alleged Chlorine Attack
Seventeen rescued sea lions suffered eye burns after someone allegedly poured chlorine into their pool at the Pacific Marine...
Hear Final Moments Aboard Doomed Plane With Young Survivor
The young, lone survivor, Sailor Gutzler, trekked nearly a mile through dense woods to get help, but her parents, sister and...
Soldiers Inspire Captain Who Was '5 Feet From Failure'
Capt. Sarah Cudd is shown stumbling to finish the trek in under three hours at New Jersey's Fort Dix.
Texas Teacher's Piggyback Ride Inspires a School
Tiffany Thorn made sure one of her third-grade students crossed the finish line at Field Day.
Garland, Texas, Residents Stand Strong After Terror Attack
Patriotic reactions as citizens respond to attempt to attack Muhammad cartoon event.
Underwater Skeletons in Lawn Chairs Fake Out Authorities
A snorkeler on the Arizona-California border called authorities after discovering what he thought were human skeletons...
US Couple Found Stabbed to Death on Virgin Islands Vacation
The bodies were discovered in the couple's rental home, located in the Sapphire Bay area of St. Thomas.
Wells Fargo Sued for Alleged Fraudulent Behavior
The City of Los Angeles claims in a lawsuit that Wells Fargo "victimized" customers with illegal bank tactics, opening up...
NYPD Cop Dies After Weekend Shooting
Brian Moore, 25, was on duty as part of a detail targeting illegal guns when he was shot.
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American ISIS Recruiter "Miski" Linked to Texas Suspect; Bradley Cooper Raises Awareness of Bone Marrow Donation
Nightline 05/05/15: SC College Student Accused of Poisoning Roommates' Food
This Knockout Is a Teen Model Turned Boxing Contender; Kendall Jenner Opens Up About Father Bruce Jenner
WN 05/05/15: Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg on The Heartbreaking Loss of Her Husband
Some boxing fans upset Pacquiao did not disclose his shoulder injury; new documentary on Pakistani musicians and their...
20/20 05/01/15: 'Love. War. Renewal. The Taya Kyle Story'
What 'American Sniper' Chris Kyle Was Like as Husband, Father; Taya Kyle Returns to Where 'American Sniper' Chris Kyle Died;...
This Week 05/03/15: Baltimore Officers Charged in Freddie Gray Case
Guests: Elijah Cummings, Tim Scott, Bill Kristol, Bill Richardson, Katrina vanden Heuvel, Dana Perino