Funeral Home's Harley Hearse Is a Hybrid Hit
Owner says motorcycle gives families unique option.
Inmate Ordered Freed in Landmark Illinois Case
Judge orders release of prisoner whose confession helped free death row inmate in 1999
Crews Respond to Rising Smoke at Wichita Airport
Crews responding to plumes of smoke rising at Wichita airport
Police: 2 Anti-Violence Organizers Beat Ex-Roomie
Police: 2 Pa. anti-violence community organizers beat former roommate in property dispute
Judge Won't Toss Most Charges in Homeless Killings
Judge won't toss most charges against New Mexico teens accused of fatally beating homeless men
New UN Envoy on Syria Briefs Security Council
New UN envoy on Syria briefs Security Council after visits to Assad allies, other key players
Delaware Politician's Spouse Nabbed in Sign Theft
Delaware state senator's husband arrested in theft of Republican signs
Suspect Jailed, 2nd Man Sought in NC Shooting
Suspect jailed, 2nd man sought in North Carolina courthouse shooting
Pair Convicted in Secret $1.6 M Navy Silencer Deal
Pair convicted for roles in secret $1.6 million Navy contract to build rifle silencers
A Headless Ranger? Mystery at Colonial Burial Site
A Headless Ranger? Mystery surrounds unmarked Colonial cemetery as locals mull site's future
Marine Wants New Charges in Iraq War Crime Tossed
Attorneys for Marine who served 7 years in Iraqi man's 2006 killing want new charges dismissed
100-Year-Old Time Capsule Found at Baltimore Monument
The copper box was discovered during a restoration project at Baltimore's Washington Monument.
View From the Sky: See the Hawaiian Lava Flow
Rob Marciano rides in a helicopter to get a birds-eye-view as lava threatens a small town.
US Troops in West Africa Subject to 21-Day Quarantine
Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel signs off on new directive for military members deployed to Ebola-infected countries.
Space Launch Explosion Rocks Wallops Island, VA; White House Gets Hacked; Lava River Continues to Flow
Space launch fails after rocket explodes at liftoff; The White House gets hacked, prime suspect is Russia; Rover of lava...
Antares Rocket Explosion Destroyed These Kids' Science Projects
Students at schools in Houston, Texas, had their projects on the unmanned rocket that exploded.
Space Station Supply Rocket Explodes on Launch
An unmanned space station supply rocket exploded seconds after launch from Wallops Island, Virginia.
UPS Driver Caught on Video Kicking $12K Package
Ray Martel was sending the expensive pressure gauge back to a client.
The School Science Projects That Never Reached Space
Students at Hobby Middle School in San Antonio, Texas, had their projects on the unmanned rocket that exploded.
Rocket Explosion: Daylight Breaks Over Crash Site
ABC News' David Kerley reports from viewing site at Wallops Island, Virginia, where spectators witnessed unmanned rocket...
US Security Tightens at Federal Government Buildings
The move was triggered by repeated calls from terrorist groups for attacks on law enforcement and government.
Nightline 10/29: Air Force Academy Cadet Goes Undercover to Fight Sexual Assault
On the Hunt for Killer Caimans; Cronut Creator Reveals How to Make Secret Recipe at Home
WN 10/29: West Wing Computers Hacked
Air Force Academy scandal; Halloween costumes keep US jobs at home.
GMA 10/29: Rocket Heading to Space Station Explodes After Launch
White House Computers Breached, Hackers Could Be Russian; Lava Flows Into Hawaiian Town, Burning at Least 1 Building
This Week 10/26: Looking at the 2014 Election and Beyond
Guests: Dr. Anthony Fauci, Matthew Olsen, Bill Richardson, Adam Kinzinger, Kristen Soltis Anderson, LZ Granderson
2020 10/24: Worker's Compensation Fraudsters Caught Faking Injuries
Woman Discovers House Was Stolen in Real Estate Rip-Off; Police Search for Wedding Crasher Who Stole Gifts, Cash; Psychics...