Ferguson Cop Has No Temper, Is 'Struggling' With Shooting
Officer Darren Wilson described by friend as quiet, mannered, respectful.
Bloomberg Offers Grants to Help Cities Innovate
Bloomberg Philanthropies offers $45 million in grants to help cities become more innovative
Volunteers a Buffer Between Police, Protesters
Volunteers trying to help ease tensions, urging protesters to keep it peaceful
In 3 Deadly NYC Jail Beatings, No Criminal Charges
No charges brought against guards in all 3 New York City inmate beating deaths since 2009
Macy's to Pay $650,000 in Shopper-Profiling Probe
Macy's to pay $650,000 to resolve New York profiling allegations, attorney general says
Today in History
Today in History
Wildfire Near Yosemite Ebbs, Some Evacuees Return
Latest wildfire near Yosemite calms after early scares, some evacuees start to return
Lawyer: Man Shot Trespasser He Thought Pointed Gun
Lawyer: Former teacher killed unarmed trespasser he thought pointed gun in self-defense
Expert: DNA Evidence Links Suspect to Killing
Expert: DNA evidence links suspect to strangling in Los Angeles in 1980s
10 Things to Know for Wednesday
10 Things to Know for Wednesday
Arizona Flooding Creates Several Dramatic Scenes
Arizona flooding creates several dramatic scenes as people are rescued, roads are flooded
Rick Perry Booked on Corruption Charges; 'Minority of Lawbreakers' behind Ferguson Violence
As flash floods force daring water recues in Phoenix, a car crash kills 3 relatives of the Pope, and Egyptian cease-fire...
Dramatic Rescues in Phoenix after Flash Flooding
Many motorists were stranded after roads flooded in pounding rainstorm.
Day in Pictures: 8/19/14
Images from across the globe: Airstrikes Hit Gaza City, Pope's Relatives Killed in Crash, Tornado Touches Northern Italy, FC...
Man Killed by Police Said 'Shoot Me Now, Kill Me Now'
Black man wielding a knife shot dead by two police officers in St. Louis 10 days after Michael Brown was killed.
Trapped Woman Rescued From Arizona Floodwaters
Rescue crews pulled a woman from a minivan submerged in rushing floodwaters. (NO AUDIO)
Phoenix Flooding Strands Motorists for Hours
Several inches of rain fell in less than an hour, causing havoc during the morning commute.
Police Say Alleged South Pasadena School Shooting Plot Was 'Viable'
Officials discuss the investigation and arrest of two suspects accused of a plot to attack the California high school.
More Violence in Ferguson, MO After National Guard Called In
Police crackdown on protestors continues as tensions still high 10 days after unarmed teen Michael Brown’s shooting death.
'Motorcycle Groups' Assisting in Ferguson, Police Say
Motorcycle clubs have arrived in Ferguson, Mo., in an effort to protect stores against looters and attend peaceful rallies.
These Bikers Aim to Help Keep the Peace in Ferguson
A chapter of Outcast MC has joined with another motorcycle club to show support and keep the peace.
GMA 8/19: FBI Warns Public About Virtual Kidnapping Hoaxes
Florida Teen Disappears From Family's Houseboat; Taylor Swift Premieres 'Shake It Off' Music Video
Nightline 08/18: Ferguson, Missouri: Inside an American City Under Siege
Ferguson, Missouri: City Under Siege; Million-Dollar Mega-Closet Robbery; Remote Cultures
World News 8/18: Ferguson, Missouri: Moment of Crisis
The National Guard is called in to a city in turmoil after police shooting of unarmed teen.
20/20 08/15: "My Strange Affliction"
20/20 looks at the more peculiar afflictions that people are forced to endure.