Semi Narrowly Misses State Trooper, Driver in Dash Cam Video
The driver credited the trooper with saving his life.
Heavy Snow, Mechanical Problem Delays Flight 9 Hours
The actual flight was only a half hour.
Stolen NASCAR Sprint Cup Race Car Found
Missing race car forced driver to withdraw from Sunday's race.
See the Home Display That Has Neighbors Riled Up
Neighbors and a senator are asking the resident to remove the "vulgar" display.
How a Teenager Is Attempting to Ride Into the Rodeo History Books
Being over a barrel is not a bad thing for this girl.
Couple to Turn a Combined 212 Years Old
Duranord and Jeanne Veillard have been married for 82 years.
'Hot Convict' Plans His Modeling Future From Prison
Jeremy Meeks is working with an agent to get into modeling, acting upon release.
Jameis Winston Rape Accuser Speaks Out in Film
"It doesn't really make sense," she said.
Man Had 'Mental Breakdown' After Ex-Wife's Death, Daughter Testifies
Malkie Wall testified in murder trial against her father.
How a Man's Log Cabin Went Missing
Authorities eventually found the cabin 3,750 feet away.
Youth Hockey Players Escape Injury in Rink Roof Collapse
Youth hockey players escape injury in partial roof collapse at skating rink
NYC ID Program Starts off With a Bang
Throngs rush to get NYC IDs, causing waits as residents seek cards loaded with benefits
Wesleyan Overdoses Happened as School Stepped up Efforts
Wesleyan overdoses happened even as the school stepped up enforcement efforts
Retired Goodyear Blimp Gondola Joins Cleveland Exhibit
Retired Goodyear blimp gondola joins Cleveland historical society exhibit on autos, aviation
Buffett Reflects on His Firm's Success and Strength
Warren Buffett reflects on 50 years of running Berkshire Hathaway and his hopes for the future
Dallas-Area Ice Forces Cancellation of Hundreds of Flights
Hundreds of Dallas-Fort Worth airport flights canceled due to ice; roads also dangerous
National Monument Supporters in California Get Antsy
National monument supporters ramp up efforts as window for executive action narrows
Hyundai Recalls 263,000 Cars Due to Power-Steering Problem
Hyundai recalls 263,000 cars in US and Canada due to problem with power-assisted steering
Florida Police Chief Fired for Arrest in Prostitution Sting
Florida police chief nabbed in prostitution sting; blames pressures of job for 'bad decision'
World War II Veteran Takes Wild Ride
Claude Bratcher gets a joyride on a sled pulled by a four-wheeler.
Ohio State Trooper Nearly Hit by Oncoming Truck
Crash took place when the highway patrolman was assisting a driver on the side of the road.
Motive Sought in Missouri Shooting Spree
Joseph Jessy Aldridge is suspected of gunning down seven people in southern Missouri before killing himself.
Neighborhood Riled Up Over 'Art' Display With Swastika
Neighbors and a California state senator are asking the resident to remove the "vulgar" display.
Missouri Shooting Rampage
9 dead, shooter went home-to-home.
8 Dead in Southern Missouri Shooting
Police are investigating multiple crime scenes where seven victims were killed before the suspected gunman turned the weapon...
Oregon Log Cabin Found After Vanishing Act
The 1,500-square-foot structure was located by authorities after being reported stolen.
Conservative Political Action Conference 2015 - Day 1 Recap
Chris Christie, Ted Cruz and Ben Carson speak on day 1 of CPAC.
'America's Next Top Model' Contestant Found Dead
Police have arrested a suspect in the death of Mirjana Puhar, 19, who was found along with two other victims in a North...
9/27/1998: Experts Dissect JonBenet Ramsey Ransom Note
Clues in the ransom note left after the 6-year-old's murder may point to Patsy Ramsey as its author.
20/20 02/27/15: A Nation of Women Behind Bars: A Diane Sawyer Hidden America Special
Women Behind Bars and the Families They Left Behind; The Duel Between Inmates and Officers Over Prison Contraband; What Life...
Nightline 02/27/15: Woman Behind Bars Share Stories Of Pre-Prison Lives
'Repeat After Me': Stars Pull Pranks on ABC's New Hidden Camera Show; The Dress That Broke the Internet: Explained
WN 02/27/15: Man Kills 7 Before Taking His Own Life in Missouri
'Jihadi John' without the mask; Homeland Security funding on the line.
GMA 02/27/15: More Information About 'Jihadi John's' Upbringing
NFL Will Appeal Adrian Peterson Decision; Is The Dress Gold and White, or Blue and Black?
This Week 02/22/15: Terror Group Threatens One of US' Largest Malls
Guests: Jeh Johnson, Lindsey Graham, Keith Ellison, Amy Chozick, Joe Klein, Bill Kristol