Couple to Turn a Combined 212 Years Old
Duranord and Jeanne Veillard have been married for 82 years.
'Hot Convict' Plans His Modeling Future From Prison
Jeremy Meeks is working with an agent to get into modeling, acting upon release.
Jameis Winston Rape Accuser Speaks Out in Film
"It doesn't really make sense," she said.
Man Had 'Mental Breakdown' After Ex-Wife's Death, Daughter Testifies
Malkie Wall testified in murder trial against her father.
How a Man's Log Cabin Went Missing
Authorities eventually found the cabin 3,750 feet away.
5 Things to Know This Morning: Llama Drama
5 Things to Know This Morning
Llama Drama on the Streets as Animals Break Free
Confused llamas wreaked havoc in Sun City, Arizona.
Even the South Can't Escape a Record-Breaking Winter
Frozen slush is washing up on the Massachusetts island of Nantucket.
Cops Hunt Gunman After 1 Dead in Texas Shooting Attacks
The attacks all involved people walking alone, police said.
Woman Who Stole, Euthanized Dog of Man With Cancer Gets Jail
Pittsburgh woman who stole, euthanized her cancer-stricken neighbor's dog is sentenced to jail
Net Neutrality Fans Use Grumpy Cat in Aerial Jab at Comcast
Net neutrality advocates take aerial jab at Comcast, fly Grumpy Cat banner past headquarters
8 Shot to Death, Including Gunman, in Missouri Rampage
8 people dead, including gunman, in house-to-house shooting rampage in Missouri
Anti-Islamic Protesters Shout at Muslims at Oklahoma Capitol
Muslim Day participants at Oklahoma Capitol met by anti-Islamic protesters
Head Injury to Suspect as Child Could Be Used by Defense
Head injury caused by abuse as child could become factor in defense of Vegas killing suspect
Prosecutor: Fake, Rather Than Real Bomb, Irrelevant to Plot
Prosecutor: Fake, rather than real explosives, irrelevant to FBI sting in Kansas bomb plot
Man Gets 66-Year Term for Shooting Phoenix Officer, Robbery
Man sentenced to 66 years for shooting police officer, sheriff's posse member after robbery
Man Gets Life for Killing 80-Year-Old Who Was Bound, Beaten
Man gets life in prison for killing 80-year-old woman who was duct-taped to chair, beaten
Syria Expels 3 Key UN Humanitarian Staffers
Syrian government expels 3 key UN humanitarian staffers for contact with opposition groups
Louisiana Governor's Budget: Avoid Tax Hikes, but Limit Cuts
Louisiana governor's budget: Avoid tax hikes, but limit cuts that might mar national campaign
Motive Sought in Missouri Shooting Spree
Joseph Jessy Aldridge is suspected of gunning down seven people in southern Missouri before killing himself.
Neighborhood Riled Up Over 'Art' Display With Swastika
Neighbors and a California state senator are asking the resident to remove the "vulgar" display.
Missouri Shooting Rampage
9 dead, shooter went home-to-home.
8 Dead in Southern Missouri Shooting
Police are investigating multiple crime scenes where seven victims were killed before the suspected gunman turned the weapon...
Oregon Log Cabin Found After Vanishing Act
The 1,500-square-foot structure was located by authorities after being reported stolen.
Conservative Political Action Conference 2015 - Day 1 Recap
Chris Christie, Ted Cruz and Ben Carson speak on day 1 of CPAC.
'America's Next Top Model' Contestant Found Dead
Police have arrested a suspect in the death of Mirjana Puhar, 19, who was found along with two other victims in a North...
9/27/1998: Experts Dissect JonBenet Ramsey Ransom Note
Clues in the ransom note left after the 6-year-old's murder may point to Patsy Ramsey as its author.
8/17/2006: John Mark Karr Admits to Killing JonBenet Ramsey
The suspect was arrested in Thailand after claiming he accidentally killed the 6-year-old beauty queen.
12/05/1997: JonBenet Ramsey Case Gets New Lead Investigator
Commander Mark Beckner takes over the murder case of 6-year-old beauty queen JonBenet Ramsey one year after her death.
GMA 02/27/15: More Information About 'Jihadi John's' Upbringing
NFL Will Appeal Adrian Peterson Decision; Is The Dress Gold and White, or Blue and Black?
Nightline 02/26/15: Aaron Hernandez Murder Trial: Explosive New Evidence
Insta-ly Famous: Models Discovered Through Instagram; 'How To Get Away With Murder' Shocking Season Finale
WN: 02/26/15: Manhunt for Suspect in Houston-Area Shootings
Traffic-stopping llamas on the loose; America's favorite dogs.
This Week 02/22/15: Terror Group Threatens One of US' Largest Malls
Guests: Jeh Johnson, Lindsey Graham, Keith Ellison, Amy Chozick, Joe Klein, Bill Kristol
2020 02/20/15: Twelve-Year-Old Found Close to Death With 19 Stab Wounds
Girls Attacked Friend to Be Worthy of 'Slender Man'; Police Hunt for Young Girls Accused of Stabbing Their Friend; Meet the...