Funeral for Murdered Teen Held as Police Search for Killer
Police are still searching for a suspect in the murder of April Millsap
Infant Found Dead at Oregon Resort; Mother Sought
Infant found dead at Oregon coast resort, another child seriously hurt; mother sought
Jurors Will Consider Manslaughter Against Agent
Judge allows Hawaii jury to consider manslaughter when deciding federal agent's murder retrial
North Dakota Town Sees 1st Human Trafficking Case
Convicted sex offender charged in North Dakota oil patch town's 1st human trafficking case
California Prisons Alter Treatment of Mentally Ill
California prisons promise changes in treatment of mentally ill inmates after pepper-spraying
Records Show Arizona Inmate Was Injected 15 Times
Records show Arizona inmate received 15 times standard drug dose during lengthy execution
Ebola Forces Mormon Missionaries From West Africa
Mormon missionaries being transferred out of Sierra Leone, Liberia due to Ebola outbreak
Columbia River Dilemma: Kill Birds to Save Fish?
A dilemma along the Columbia River: Kill birds to protect fish?
40 Hurt in 2 San Francisco Bus, Train Crashes
40 hurts in separate crashes involving San Francisco transit bus and train
Ex-Banker Sentenced in NY Insider Trading Case
Ex-banker sentenced in New York for making inside trades linked to child support
Nevada No Lock for Tesla Plant Despite Groundwork
5 states still competing for Tesla gigafactory; Nevada hopes groundwork near Reno is good sign
Two Ebola Patients Coming to US; Gaza Cease-fire Collapses
As fear mounts over Ebola patients returning to US, Tropical Storm Bertha churns in the Atlantic, and a pack of coyotes...
Medical Examiner Rules NYPD Choke Hold Death A Homicide
Report says Eric Garner's death, which was caught on video, was caused by a police officer's choke hold.
Police Raid House in Teen Murder Investigation, Make Pot Bust
Two were arrested for an illegal grow operation after house raid in connection with the April Millsap murder investigation.
Does That Crosswalk Button Actually Work?
ABC News' Ryan Owens lets Texas residents in on a secret about pushing the button to cross the street.
Thief Caught on Tape Stealing Package Off Doorstep
A homeowner's security cameras caught a man pulling up shortly after the package was left and nabbing it.
Day in Pictures: 7/31/14
Images from across the globe: Gaza Under Attack, Serbia Coal Mine Floods, Barcelona Protests Gaza Bombings, Ray Rice Makes...
Ebola Outbreak Raises Concerns for Travelers; Ray Rice Apologizes Again
As U.S. warns against traveling to Ebola-hit countries, Ruth Bader Ginsburg addresses retirement rumors, and a gunman shoots...
Ray Rice: 'My Actions That Night Were Totally Inexcusable'
The Baltimore Ravens player discusses events that happened in an Atlantic City Casino with his wife.
Quadriplegic Graphic Design Artist Proves That Obstacles Can Be Overcome
Tony Ramos pursued his dreams even though he was challenged as a result of a childhood bicycle accident.
Deadly Ebola Outbreak Spreads in West Africa
Fears of Ebola spread as 1 American is dead and 2 American aid workers infected.
WN 7/30: Kelsey Grammer Confronts His Sister's Killer
Surge in cops killed on the job; water main break at UCLA.
This Week 7/27: US Evacuates Libyan Embassy
Guests: Donna Brazile, Tom Cole, S.E. Cupp, Robert Reich, Andrew Rosenthal
2020 7/25: Losing It!
Feud Between Two Neighbors Ends in Death; Why People Lose It Waiting in Line; U.S. Senator Punches Fellow Senator in the Head
Nightline Prime 7/26: The Elkhart 4: A Home Invasion Gone Horribly Wrong
Hiring a Hitman to Murder Your Own Mother?; Las Vegas Bar Fights Ends in Murder Charges for Calif. Pastor; Busting an...