Poll: Public Outlook for the Year Ahead
Outlook for 2006 Is Positive; Wide Partisan Gap Remains
Poll: Majority Wants Alito on Supreme Court
Most Also Want Roe vs. Wade to Remain Law of the Land
Poll: Bush's Approval Ratings Climb
Iraqi Elections, Economic Gains Lift President From Career Lows
2005 National Poll of Iraq
On the Eve of the Elections, Most Iraqis Want Iraq To Stay Unified
2005 National Poll of Afghanistan
Despite Deep Challenges in Daily Life, Afghans Express a Positive Outlook
Poll: Elbow Room No Problem in Heaven
Nine in 10 Americans Believe in Heaven, but a Quarter Say It's Christians Only
POLL: What Americans Want for the Holidays
From World Peace to Thermal Socks, Holiday Wish Lists Run the Gamut
Poll: Holiday Spending
In a Season of Giving, Spending Plans Are Higher
Poll: Issues Favor Dems in 2006 Elections
A Year Out from 2006 Vote, ABC News/Washington Post Issues Poll Suggests Opening for Change
Poll: Bush Approval Hits New Low
On Iraq, Economy and Ethics, a Perfect Storm Bedevils Bush
Poll: Tempered Support for Alito
Supreme Court Nominee Enjoys Support, but Not As Much As Roberts Did
Poll: Ethical Issues Tar Bush Administration
Most Call Libby Indictment a Sign of Broader Ethical Wrongdoing
Poll: Will You Live Longer and Better?
Most Wish for a Long Life, Despite Broad Aging Concerns
Poll: Confidence in Anti-Terror Response Drops
ABC News Poll Shows Americans Concerned About Emergency Preparation for Nuclear Threat
Poll: Most Say God Not a Factor in Hurricanes
A New ABC News/Washington Post Poll Shows Majority of Americans Don't Blame Hurricanes on God or Global Warming
Poll: Roberts Support Held Steady
But Most Still Want to Hear His Position on Abortion
Most Believe Bush Administration Lacks Katrina Plan
ABC News Poll Finds That Majority Approves of Roberts as Chief
Poll: Bush Approval Drops
ABC News Poll Finds That Katrina Response Ratings Worsen
Poll: Bush Not Taking Brunt of Katrina Criticism
Hurricane Preparedness Is Faulted; Fewer Blame Bush for Problems
Poll: Bush Approval at Career Low
ABC News/Washington Post Poll Finds Iraq Ratings Negative, but Stable
Poll: Americans Angry About Gas Prices
As Fuel Costs Rise, Americans Spend Less on Other Things, Save Less and Take on More Debt
Poll: Roberts Nomination Wins Broad Favor
Bush's Supreme Court Choice Is Popular, But Many Want to Know Abortion Stance
Poll: Americans Taking London Attacks in Stride
ABC News/Washington Post Poll Finds No Increase in U.S. Terrorism Concerns
Poll: Many Doubt White House Cooperation in CIA Leak Probe
Most Say Rove Should Lose Job if He Leaked Classified Information
Poll: Public Back Legal Drinking Age Limit
After 21 Years of Age-21 Drinking, Public Support Remains Strong
Poll: Contact Between Races Up
Discrimination Remains as Racially Mixed Communities Multiply
Big Spenders to Fan Out for Summer Break
Poll: As the Start of Summer Nears, Most Are Gearing Up for a Vacation, and Many Plan to Spend More
Poll: Public Closely Split on Judges' Views
Just More Than Half Say Senate Should Consider Nominees' Political Views
Poll: Many See No Need to Worry About Warming
Most Think Global Warming Has Begun, but Differ With Scientists on Urgency
Poll: Support Seen for Patriot Act
Most Back Extending the Patriot Act, But Concerns About Intrusions Grow
Poll: Bush Performance Ratings Plummet
Concerns on Iraq and Domestic Policy Underlie a Rising Political Alienation
Poll: Most Trust Media
Six in 10 Americans are Confident in the Media, ABC News/Washington Post Poll Finds
Poll: Few Americans Focused on Filibuster Issue
Public Divided on Whether to Change Senate Rules
POLL: What Americans Eat for Breakfast
Nearly Four in 10 Skip What Mom Said Was Most Important Meal of the Day
Poll: Working Moms Make it Work
They're As Satisfied as Other Women With Their Ability to Balance Work and Family Life
Poll: Springtime Politics
Doubts About GOP Leadership Include Bush, Judges and DeLay
Poll: American Catholics Support New Pope
Benedict XVI Seen as Traditionalist; Americans Seek Modernized Church
Poll: Mixed Reviews for 'Sanitized' Movies
Americans Are Divided on 'Sanitizing' Movies for Rental, But Many Say They May Watch
Poll: No Role for Government in Schiavo Case
Federal Intervention in Schiavo Case Prompts Broad Public Disapproval
Poll: Pope John Paul II is Broadly Popular
Despite Favorable View of Pontiff, Most Would Shift Church Policy
Poll: Identity Theft Concerns Rise
Few Think There Are Sufficient Safeguards
Poll: Americans Support Punishment for Steroid Use
Broad Concern About Steroids Fuels Support for Punitive Rules
Poll: Two-Thirds Back Spouse in Right to Die Cases
Broad Majority Think Final Say Should go to Spouse Rather than Parents
Poll: Americans Conflicted About Iraq War
Two Years After War's Start, Deeper Doubts About Costs and Benefits
Poll: Bush's Social Security Plan is Tough Sell
President's Job Approval Steady, But Most Americans Don't Like His Social Security Plans
Poll: Traffic in the United States
A Look Under the Hood of a Nation on Wheels
Poll: U.S. Split Before State of the Union
At Start of His Second Term, President Bush Faces Divided Nation
Poll: Bush Ratings Tepid, Expectations Mixed
Iraq Looms Large Over Second Term
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