The Real News About Fake News
“Much of this reporting is not necessarily an attempt at deception."
Snow, Freezing Rain Hits Usually Misty Portland, Oregon
A wintry mix of snow, ice and rain showered fear and excitement in Portland _ a city that typically lives under a cloud of...
Alabama Inmate Coughs, Heaves, During Execution by Injection
An Alabama inmate coughed repeatedly and his upper body heaved for at least 13 minutes during an execution using a drug that...
Texas County Says 'Abysmal Mismanagement' Led to Prison Riot
A Texas county says in a lawsuit that "abysmal mismanagement" led to a 2015 prison riot that destroyed much of the facility
Lessons of Hotel Fire Echo After Oakland Warehouse Disaster
Seventy years ago, the deadliest hotel fire in U.S. history claimed 119 lives in Atlanta; today, its lessons are echoing...
'Secret Santa' Pays off Meal Accounts at Pennsylvania School
A secret Santa has paid off the outstanding meal accounts for students at a western Pennsylvania elementary school
Man Gets 2 Life Sentences for Killing Virginia State Trooper
The man who was convicted of shooting and killing a Virginia State Trooper in Dinwiddie County has been sentenced to two life...
Bloodied Hog Carcass Dumped Outside Oklahoma Islamic Center
Authorities are investigating after the carcass of a wild hog was dumped in the parking lot of an Islamic center in Oklahoma
Police Release Name of Man Who Lunged at Officers, Was Shot
Authorities in North Carolina have released the name of a man they say stabbed a woman to death, then lunged at officers with...
Gatlinburg, Smoky Mountains Reopen After Fatal Wildfires
Wildfires caused 14 deaths and damaged about 2,500 buildings.
Chain of Car Crashes on Icy I-96 in Michigan Kills at Least 3
Authorities pointed to whiteout conditions and black ice as possible causes.
Tributes Pour in for Pioneering Astronaut John Glenn
The death of legendary astronaut John Glenn sparked an outpouring of tributes, including from President Obama, who said the...
7.8 Magnitude Earthquake Recorded Near Solomon Islands
The quake's center was some 42 miles southwest of the Solomon Islands.
Second Officer Dies From Shooting in Georgia
A man suspected of shooting two police officers in Georgia is now dead.
Wedding Ring Lost for Over 15 Years Returned to Widowed Man
He said he felt comforted by ring's return in his wife's absence.
ARCHIVAL VIDEO: John Glenn Receives the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2012
May 29, 2012: President Obama bestows the award to John Glenn.
ARCHIVAL VIDEO: John Glenn Runs for Ohio Senate in 1974
Nov. 5, 1974: John Glenn discusses the Senate race in Ohio.
ARCHIVAL VIDEO: John Glenn Returns to Space in 1998
Oct. 29, 1998: John Glenn becomes the oldest man to fly in space.
ARCHIVAL VIDEO: The Friendship 7 Spacecraft Lifts Off in 1962
Feb. 20, 1962: The spacecraft is piloted by astronaut John Glenn.
John Glenn, 1st American to Orbit Earth, Dies
John Glenn, the first American astronaut to orbit the earth and a legendary figure in the American space flight program, has...
WN 12/08/16: Trailblazer Astronaut John Glenn Dead at 95
Holiday price fixing concerns; President Elect Trump takes aim at Carrier union boss.
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Dylann Roof Murder Trial Begins With Emotional Testimony; 2 Juveniles Accused of Starting Deadly Tennessee Fires
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Guests: Mike Pence, David Petraeus, David Axelrod, Matt Dowd, Alex Castellanos, Sara Fagen