The Year Ahead: Hope Up, Worldview Down
Nearly Three-Quarters of Americans Are More Hopeful Than Fearful of What 2007 Has in Store
Americans Doubt Bush Will Change Course in Iraq
An ABC News/Washington Post Poll Reveals the Public's Frustration with the President's Handling of the War in Iraq
Bush Suffers Record-Low Job Approval
ABC News/Washington Post Poll: 70 Percent Disapprove of Bush's Handling of War, Six in 10 Say War Not Worth Fighting
2006 National Poll of Afghanistan
Five Years After the Taliban's Fall
Poll: Democrats Hold Slightly Narrowed Lead
Frustration With Bush, Iraq Prominent Among Voter Concerns
Will New Jersey Gay Decision Be a National Factor in the Midterm Elections?
No Compelling Evidence Same-Sex Marriage Sharply Boosts Conservative Voter Turnout
Midterm Election: Referendum on War
In What Comes Down to a Referendum on Iraq, the Center Peels Away
As Health Care Costs Take a Toll, Some Changes Win Broad Backing
New Poll Highs: 25 Percent Report Problems Paying Medical Bills, Nearly 3 Out of 10 Put Off Treatment Because of Costs
Republicans Inch Closer in ???06 Election Preference
Terrorism Inched Up in Importance, Repubs Regained Edge in Trust
Five Years Later, 9/11 Still Resonates; Eight in 10 Say Their Outlook???s Changed
The shock of 9/11 still echoes across the American landscape.
Pain, Fury Still Rage a Year After Katrina
ABC News Poll Finds Loss, Frustration and Anger Linger in Katrina's Path
New Flares for GOP in 2006 Election Views
53 Percent of Americans Call Themselves "Anti-Incumbent"
Public Sees Shared Blame in Israel-Hezbollah Conflict
Majority Says Hezbollah Deserves More Blame
Most Feel Gas Pinch, But Keep on Cruisin'
Poll: 60 Percent Say Gas Prices Are Causing Financial Hardship
Steroids or Not, Fans Want Bonds to Play
Three-Quarter of People Polled Think Bonds Knew,But Most Say Don't Suspend Him
Public Opposes Terms of Gitmo Detainment
Seven in 10 American Oppose Holding Detainees Indefinitely Without Charges
Bush Approval Rating Eases off the Brink
Improved Views on Iraq Push President's Approval Rating Slightly Higher
Most Oppose Gay Marriage; Fewer Back an Amendment
ABC News Poll Finds Greater Intensity Among Same-Sex Marriage Opponents
Poll: Americans Support Searches
Public Sides With FBI in Congress Search Issue
ABC News Poll: Many Young Adults Would Consider Adoption
Foster Care Flies Under the Radar, but There Is Broad Support for Reform
ABC News Poll: Sex Lives of American Teens
Gauging U.S. Teens' Sexual Behavior
Bush Slumps to a New Low -- It's All About Iraq
George W. Bush's job approval rating has slumped to 33 percent, tying the all-time low for presidential approval in the 25...
Public Supports Troops on Border
Conservatives in Favor, but Proposal Also Wins Support From Independents, Moderates and Liberals
Phone-Records Surveillance Is Broadly Acceptable to Public
Americans by nearly a 2-1 ratio call the surveillance of telephone records an acceptable way for the federal government to...
It's Tax Day, And We're Not Happy About It
Polling Shows Americans Believe Government Wastes Most Tax Money
Majority of Americans Want Massachusetts-Style Health Law
Poll Finds Support for State's Initiative
Bush Approval Rating at New Career Low
ABC News/Washington Post Poll: Only 38 Percent of Americans Approval of Bush's Overall Job Performance, the Lowest of His...
Poll: Work, Worry and Accomplishment Define Mothering
Most Say They're Good, but Not Great at It
More Than Six in 10 Still Support Decision in Schiavo Case
One Year Later, Americans' Views Are Unchanged
Poll: Public Concern on Warming Gains Intensity
Many See a Change in Weather Patterns
Poll: Most Worried About Bird Flu, But Confident About Government Response
Compared with Republicans, Democrats Are Somewhat More Concerned
Poll: Bush Strong on Terrorism, Wrong on Katrina
Americans Approve of Bush's Response to Terror, but Disapprove of His Handling of Katrina, ABC News/Washington Post Poll Says
Poll: Americans Skeptical of Islam and Arabs
9/11 Hardened Americans' Views of Muslims
Showdown 2008: Clinton vs. McCain
ABC News Poll Shows Clinton Has Strong Support From Base, McCain's Support Broader
Americans Doubt That the U.S. Effort in Iraq Is Improving
Public Concerned Civil War in Iraq a Real Possibility
'Crash' Wins Oscar Poll, But Many Say 'None of the Above'
34 Percent Have No Opinion When Asked to Name Best Picture
Poll: Rudeness in America, 2006
It's the #@%! Cell Phones
Poll: Greenspan Leaves 'Em Wanting More
Federal Reserve Chairman Retires After 18 Years
Poll: Americans Favor Iran Sanctions
Seven in 10 Back Iran Sanctions; Four in 10, U.S. Military Strikes
Poll: Weak Ratings for Bush Ahead of Speech
War Fatigue, Ethics Concerns Impact Approval Rating
Poll: Majorities Disapprove of Bush on Ethics
Three-Quarters Favor Release of Abramoff Meeting Records
Poll: Majority of Americans Want the Senate to Confirm Alito
Most People to Tune in to Confirmation Hearings
Poll: Americans Hope to Shed Pounds in New Year
Losing Weight Is on the 2006 Agenda; Making it Happen Is a Different Story
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