23 Dead in West Virginia Flooding
Twenty-three people have died so far in devastating floods in West Virginia.
No Suspects in Shooting of 5 People in Washington Suburb
Police say they have yet to identify a suspect in the shooting of five people in a suburb of Washington
Oregon Teen Pierced in Eye by Javelin at Track Meet
Officials in Oregon say a teen was taken to a hospital in a helicopter after he tripped and was stabbed in the eye by a...
Extra Security Moves Honorees to Withdraw From Pride Parade
The stepped-up security surrounding San Francisco's LGBT pride celebration has caused two grand marshals and a health clinic...
The Latest: Only 12 Homes Damaged in New Mexico Fire
Officials say a massive wildfire in central New Mexico only destroyed half as many homes as initially thought
Man Wounded by Officer at South Carolina Beachfront Park
Authorities in South Carolina say a police officer investigating a suspicious man at a beachfront state park shot the man
2 Dead, Several Hurt After Fort Worth Dance Studio Shooting
Two people were killed and several others injured in a shooting outside a Texas dance studio during a party involving a group...
AP News Guide: The Flint Water Crisis Emails
Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder has released 290,000 more pages of state emails and documents related to the lead-contaminated...
Worker Barred From Homeland Security Office After Gun Arrest
A Department of Homeland Security analyst has been barred from the agency's headquarters while authorities continue to...
Study: Rotting Trees Caused Mysterious Holes in Huge Dunes
Researchers say mysterious holes that forced the closure of a massive dune at an Indiana national park after a 6-year-old boy...
Elderly Couple Dead, 80 Homes Burn in California Wildfire
A vast and voracious wildfire that has burned at least 80 homes in central California killed an elderly couple as they tried...
Cop Shot 7 Times in Incident Near Philadelphia
The suspected gunman is in custody, police said.
2 Dead in California Fire That Torched 19,000 Acres
The cause of the fire is not known, officials say.
Video Shows Dunkin' Employee Dropping Donuts, Then Putting Them up for Sale
Video of the incident has garnered more than 71,000 views on Facebook.
Dozens Injured After Walking on Hot Coals at Tony Robbins Event
At least five people ended up hospitalized, officials said.
On the Front Lines of Wildfire Fighting
Firefighters in California face off against the blaze that has destroyed dozens of homes.
Unlikely Bond Forms Between Teen and Stranger
A stranger helped Chauncy Jones raise more than $87,000 to support his family in just two weeks.
Cop Shot While Investigating Drug Activity Near Philadelphia
A uniformed police officer was shot three times while investigating illegal drug activity near Philadelphia this morning,...
Obama Designates Stonewall as First National Monument for LGBT Rights
The Stonewall Inn in Manhattan is a landmark for the LGBT community.
'World's Ugliest Dog' Winners Through the Years
VIDEO: Past winners of the annual "World's Ugliest Dog" contest.
US Stocks Plunge in Wake of Brexit Vote
ABC News' Rebecca Jarvis and Terry Moran discuss the ripple effects from Britain voting to exit the European Union.
Nightline 06/24/16: 'Missing Dial' Parents Open Up on Desperate Search for Vanished Son
This Flyboard Champ Performs Heart-Stopping Stunts; The Impact of the 'Brexit' Vote
20/20 06/24/16: Looking for Lauren
An Investigation, Reinvigorated; The Ex-Con and the Polygraph; "Just Tell Us Where Lauren Is."
World News 06/24/16: Aftershock of the United Kingdom's Historic Decision
Dow Plunges More Than 600 Points; Man Brings New Meaning to the Idea of Being a Good Neighbor
GMA 06/24/16: UK Votes to Withdraw From European Union
Christopher Darden Reveals New Details of OJ Simpson Trial; Comparing the Accuracy of Body Fat Scales
This Week 06/19/16: Gun Control Becomes Campaign Issue After Orlando Nightclub Shooting
Guests: Loretta Lynch, Michael McCaul, Chris Murphy, Chris Cox, Molly Ball, LZ Granderson, Rich Lowry, Kristen Soltis...