Watch Man Wrestle Gun Away From Intruder
Video shows the attacker confront the victim in his own garage.
See the Harrowing Images From Deadly South Carolina Flooding
This Saturday was Charleston's wettest day ever recorded.
Passenger Describes 'Heavy Thud' as Amtrak Train Derailed
The train was traveling from St. Albans, Vermont, to Washington, D.C.
A Look at Emergency Suits Aboard Missing Ship
The ship had 46 such suits on board when it reportedly sank.
American Airlines Pilot Dies Mid-Flight
No information about the pilot's sudden illness has been publicly released.
Inside the Dramatic Rescues From the South Carolina Floods
Nine weather-related fatalities have been reported.
Oregon Shooting Survivor Recalls Terrifying Moments in Classroom
Anastasia Boylan survived her ordeal by playing dead.
Moose on the Loose: See It Running Through the Streets
It was seen jumping over cars and running through yards in Manchester.
Missing Cargo Ship Sank Off Bahamas
The ship was near Hurricane Joaquin when it went missing.
The Potential Risk of Keyless Ignitions
The feature is standard on many new cars.
Rare Ferrets Find New Home on Former Toxic Site in Denver
Rare black-footed ferrets find new home on Denver-area refuge reclaimed from toxic site
Desert Tortoise No Longer Candidate for Federal Protection
Sonoran desert tortoise no longer candidate for Endangered Species Act protections
Memorial Ceremony Held in South Dakota for Ex-Gov. Miller
Daugaard, others speak at memorial ceremony at South Dakota Capitol for ex-Gov. Walter Miller
Court Orders EPA to Revise Ship Ballast Dumping Regulations
Court orders EPA to revise regulation of ship ballast discharges blamed for species invasions
Border Patrol Parent Agency Issues Custody Standards
Border Patrol parent agency issues custody standards a year after jails are overwhelmed
AP PHOTOS: Gills Creek Gets One of Rainiest Days in Years
AP PHOTOS: Gills Creek area in South Carolina gets one of rainiest days in 15 years
Publisher Apologizes for Textbook Calling Slaves 'Workers'
Major US textbook publisher apologizes for high school textbook that called slaves 'workers'
Labor, Civil Rights Activist Grace Lee Boggs Dies at Age 100
Detroit-based civil rights, social justice activist Grace Lee Boggs dies at age 100
The Latest: Railroad in Vermont Derailment Had 54 Accidents
The Latest: Railroad that runs Vermont track where Amtrak derailed had 54 accidents since '06
Atlanta Looks to Repeal Law Placing Limits on Photographers
Atlanta looking to overturn ordinance blocking photos from being taken on public sidewalks
New York Dermatologist Found Dead After Night of Partying, Police Say
Authorities are investigating the death of Kiersten Cerveny, 38, who was found unconscious in a Manhattan doorway Sunday...
How Emergency Suits Worn by El Faro Crew Work
Patrick Brunosson of Datrex, Inc. demonstrates how immersion suits like those worn by the crew of the sunken container ship...
American Airlines Pilot Dies Mid-Flight
Air traffic control audio captured communications as an American Airlines flight from Phoenix to Boston was diverted when the...
Amtrak Passenger Train Derails in Vermont
The train was traveling from Saint Albans, Vermont, to Washington, D.C., when it derailed after reportedly striking a rock...
American Apparel to File for Bankruptcy
The company say that no U.S. stores will close as a result of the restructuring plan.
Couple Gets Married Amid Major South Carolina Storm
Britney Mysinger and Jason Houdek's wedding was saved, thanks to the help of strangers.
President Obama Reacts to Jeb Bush 'Stuff Happens' Remark
ABC News' Jonathan Karl questions President Obama during a press conference.
Nine Victims in Umpqua Community College Shooting Identified
The nine people fatally shot at the Oregon community college ranged in age from 18 to 67.
Rare Mammoth Hybrid Unearthed by Michigan Farmer
Twenty percent of the bones of the hybrid between a woolly mammoth and Columbian mammoth were recovered in a wheat field...
13 Guns Recovered at Oregon College, Shooter's Home
Authorities say that all weapons were purchased legally by Chris Harper Mercer or his family members.
GMA 10/05/15: Airstrike Considered 'War Crime' By Doctors Without Borders
Deadly Flooding Hits the East Coast; Hillary Clinton Shows Different Side on 'Saturday Night Live'
WN 10/04/15: Coastal Storm Leaves 4 Dead in 3 Days
Debris Found in Search for Missing US Cargo Ship; Destruction of a Hospital In Afghanistan Leaves 22 Dead
This Week 10/04/15: Donald Trump Interview Addresses a Range of Issues
Guests: Donald Trump, Chris Christie, Greta Van Susteren, Matt Bai, Tom Cole, Keith Ellison
Nightline 10/02/15: Oregon College Shooting: More Details Emerge on Gunman
How This Family Became Millionaires Through Vlogging; Dogs Compete in California Surf Competition
20/20 10/02/2015: Secrets of the Sell
'Shark Tank' Shark Kevin O'Leary Names His Top 5 Sales Techniques; What You Might Not Know About the Business of Mark Kay