Lawyers Await Rulings on Challenges to Mississippi LGBT Law
Attorneys who sued to try to block a Mississippi gay-marriage law hope a federal judge will hand down rulings in their...
Court Upholds Iowa's Ban on Voting Rights for Felons
The Iowa Supreme Court has upheld the state's longstanding policy of barring felons from voting unless their rights are...
Joint Base Andrews Tweets That the Base Is on Lockdown Due to a Report of an Active Shooter
Joint Base Andrews tweets that the base is on lockdown due to a report of an active shooter
Iowa Supreme Court Upholds State's Policy of Taking Away Voting Rights From Felons
Iowa Supreme Court upholds state's policy of taking away voting rights from felons
Man Who Helped Cop Subdue Gunman Is Among 23 Carnegie Heroes
The Carnegie Hero Fund Commission is honoring 23 people who risked their lives to rescue others
Federal Action Sought for Florida Coastline Tainted by Algae
Officials want federal action along a stretch of Florida's Atlantic coast where the governor has declared a state of...
Aluminum Plant to Resume Some Operations After Explosion
Executives at a Georgia aluminum plant said they planned to resume some operations Thursday, one day after an explosion...
Cause of April Train Derailment in Louisiana Determined
A document filed by Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway company with the Federal Railroad Administration says a broken brake...
Judge Faces Deadline for Decision on Indiana Abortion Law
A federal judge is facing a deadline for deciding whether to block a new Indiana law banning abortions sought because of...
Texas Woman Shot Daughters to Make Husband 'Suffer,' Sheriff Says
Christy Sheats, 42, fatally shot her two daughters at their home west of Houston.
Marine Instructors Investigated for Hazing, Abuse at SC Boot Camp
Fifteen drill instructors at the Marine boot camp at Parris Island, South Carolina, are under investigation for possible...
Car Crashing Into Beauty Salon Causes Hair-Raising Scene
Police in Illinois say the 83-year-old driver hit the gas instead of the break, and then came crashing through the reception...
8 People Rescued From Stalled Roller Coaster 100 Feet Up in Oklahoma City
Firefighters rescued eight people who got stuck on a roller coaster 100 feet above the ground in Oklahoma City.
US Forest Service Officer Fatally Attacked by Grizzly Bear in Montana
A law enforcement officer with the U.S. Forest Service was killed in a bear attack Wednesday on U.S. Forest land in Montana,...
10-Foot-Long Snake Eats Beaver, Swims Where Kids Play
The hunt for a large snake in Maine has residents on edge.
Police Chase Man in Go-Kart Down California Freeway
The go-kart driver was part of a larger group cruising along Interstate 880 in Oakland.
8 People Stuck on Oklahoma Roller Coaster 100 Feet Off Ground
The Oklahoma City Fire Department had to rescue eight people who were stuck on top of a roller coaster at amusement park...
Remains of 2 Railroad Workers Found After Fiery Crash
The train collision was Tuesday morning near Panhandle, Texas.
Navajo Artist Mocks Trump With 'Make America Native Again' Hats
She said she wants to start a conversation on the history behind Trump's slogan.
Nightline 06/29/16: Details Emerge on Istanbul Airport Suicide Attackers
Swimming with Sharks at Night in the Bahamas; 'Selfie Dad' Copies Daughter's Instagram in Hilarious Posts
World News 06/29/16: US Cops on Alert in Wake of Istanbul Attack
New Video Shows Violent Encounter Between Secret Service and Gunman; Kids Read to a Surprising Audience
GMA 06/29/16: At Least 41 Killed in Istanbul Airport Attack
Nate Silver Reveals Forecast for 2016 Presidential Race; Chinese Culture Comes Alive at Shanghai Disney Resort
This Week 06/26/16: Brexit Referendum Ends With Decision to Leave EU
Guests: Mitch McConnell, Thomas Perez, Sir Kim Darroch, Alex Castellanos, Stephanie Cutter, Michael Eric Dyson, Greta Van...
20/20 06/24/16: Looking for Lauren
An Investigation, Reinvigorated; The Ex-Con and the Polygraph; "Just Tell Us Where Lauren Is."