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VIDEO: Case against the alleged Tucson shooter raises questions about his state of mind.
ABC/Facebook: Tragedy in Tucson Case against the alleged Tucson shooter raises questions about his state of mind
VIDEO: The latest from around the nation as America deals with the Ariz. shootings.
ABC News Now Special: Tragedy in Tucson The latest from around the nation as the U.S. deals with the Arizona shootings.
Washington Reacts to Arizona Shooting
Congress Returns to New Normal After Tucson Shooting A delicate moment for Boehner and his colleagues as House gets back to work.
PHOTO Rep. Patrick Kennedy talks with ABC News Christiane Amanpour in an exclusive interview airing on World News with Diane Sawyer at 6:30 PM and Nightline at 11:35 PM on Jan. 14
Kennedy: People Fear Running for Office Kennedy says people are more afraid than ever to run for office.
VIDEO: Robert Gibbs Talks About AZ Memorial Atmosphere
Robert Gibbs Talks About AZ Memorial Atmosphere White House Press Secretary says "part of the grieving process is celebrating."
Will Ariz. Shooting Change Health Reform Rhetoric? House Republicans push repeal vote despite concerns about rhetoric.
Obama Calls for Unity After Tucson Shooting
President sees hopeful sign for congresswoman, nation.
Nancy Pelosi Signs Book of Condolences
Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi signs the book of condolences for victims families.
Speaker Boehner: 'Our Hearts Are Broken But Our Spirit Is Not'
Lawmakers to attend special prayer service, security briefing.
A Tale of Two Speeches
President Obama and Sarah Palin deliver speeches regarding Tucson shooting
Obama's Speech: How Presidents Deal with Disaster
After Columbine, Challenger, 9/11 and Virginia Tech, presidents sought to heal.
'Blood Libel': Palin Admonishes Journalists, Pundits
A defiant Palin takes to Facebook to share her sympathy, rebuke blame game.
Pelsoi Wipes Away Tears at Giffords' Office
Minority Leader visits staffers at wounded lawmaker's DC office
Protecting Politicians: A Special Gun Law?
NY Republican plans bill to ban carrying guns within 1,000 feet of some politicians
Arizona Shooting Spree Puts Spotlight on Gun-Toting Candidates
Firearms big and small were widely used as metaphors in 2010 campaigns.
Ariz. Shooting Prompts Tight Security at Capitol
Police patrol with high-powered rifles as moment of silence is observed.
Heated Rhetoric Debated Amid Arizona Attack
Jake Tapper examines the possible link between tense politics and violence.
Lawmakers on Edge After Shooting
Most lawmakers provide their own security and want to be out among the people.
Will Anything Change in DC?
The assassination attempt in Arizona left 6 dead, but will the tragedy change Washington?
Tucson Shooting Puts Arizona's Gun Culture in Spotlight
The shooting of Gabrielle Giffords shines a harsh light on guns in Arizona.
Jim Kolbe: Nothing About Arizona is 'Uniquely Different'
Fmr Rep. Jim Kolbe R-AZ., says Arizona unlikely to change gun laws.
Giffords Was Concerned with Rhetoric
Lawmaker sought to ways to tone down partisanship one day before shooting
Nation Observes a Moment of Silence
Obama asks for the Nation to pause in honor of Congresswoman Giffords.
Palin's Now in 'Crosshairs' of Giffords Debate
Election ad featured 'crosshairs' and targeted Giffords for electoral defeat
Hillary Clinton: 'We Have Extremists in My Country'
Sec. Clinton in Abu Dhabi says shooter Jared Loughner is an "extremist."
Clinton: Tucson Shooter 'Extremist'
In Abu Dhabi today, Clinton uses Saturday shooting to illustrate that the U.S. and the Middle East face similar problems.