Arkansas State: Lockdown Sparked by Student Video Project
An Arkansas State University spokesman says students working on a video project sparked a report of armed men near the...
Police Release Names of 3 Killed in I-78 Crash During Squall
The pileup involved dozens of vehicles.
Mississippi Officer Shot in Face; Police Questioning Suspect
Authorities in northwest Mississippi say police are questioning a man believed to have shot a Clarksdale police officer...
Crews Rescue 48 People Stuck on New Hampshire Ski Area Trams
Temperatures in the area were below zero.
The Latest: Indianapolis Interstate Shuts Down After Pileup
A multi-car collision after a sudden winter squall has shut down a stretch of highway north of Indianapolis
The Latest: Police Question Second Man in Officer's Shooting
Authorities in northwest Mississippi say police are questioning a man believed to have shot a Clarksdale police officer...
Northeast Wakes up to Record Cold for Valentine's Day
Much of the northeastern United States woke up to record cold on Valentine's Day
Schumer Slams Obama Budget Cuts to Anti-Terror Funds
U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer is slamming a White House proposal that would cut nearly $300 million from counterterrorism...
2 Elderly People Found Dead in Home; Man Charged With Murder
Authorities say a 911 call from a distraught, blood-covered man led them to the bodies of two elderly people who were found...
Obama: Justice Scalia Dedicated His Life to the Cornerstone of Our Democracy, the Rule of Law
The commander-in-chief made a statement after the death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.
Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia Dies at Age 79
The senior Supreme Court Associate Justice, who was appointed by President Ronald Reagan, was found dead at a West Texas...
Witness Recounts Harrowing Details of Machete Attack
Tracy was in the restaurant when the assailant started cutting people.
Police, School Superintendent, Mayor Offer Remarks on School Shooting
Two students are dead after a shooting in Glendale, Arizona.
Little Dog Stolen During Carjacking Is Reunited With Owner
Lola, an adorable little dog recently stolen during a carjacking, has been found and reunited with her owner in San...
Suspect Killed After Attacking Victims With Machete
Columbus Division of Police brief the media on attack.
Fun Facts About American Presidents
What you didn't know about our nation's leaders.
Double Shooting Reported at Arizona High School
After a double shooting at a Glendale, Arizona, high school this morning, police said the incident was isolated and the...
Teacher Removed From Class for Taking Grieving Student for Hot Cocoa
Janice Graf said she was comforting a high school student who was upset by the recent deaths of two friends.
Woman Uses Baseball Bat, Performs CPR to Save Unconscious Driver
Charlie Cottrill passed out from carbon monoxide poisoning while behind the wheel of his car.
GMA 02/14/16: Remembering Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia
Replacing Antonin Scalia on Supreme Court Becomes Political Battleground; Nastiness Rises in Latest GOP Debate
This Week 02/14/16: Presidential Candidates React to Antonin Scalia's Death
Guests: Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, Marco Rubio, John Kasich, Bernie Sanders, Charles Schumer, Matt Dowd, Cokie Roberts, Bill...
2020 02/13/2016: FLDS: A House Divided
Mom Struggles to Extract Kids From the Grip of FLDS; How Woman Was Finally Able to Escape FLDS Community
02/13/16: Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia Dies at Age 79
Deadly Whiteout Causes Massive Pile-Up on PA Interstate 78; GOP Candidates Set to Take Debate Stage in South Carolina
Nightline 02/12/16: Why Columbine Killer's Mother Sue Klebold Came Forward
Why Columbine Killer's Mother Sue Klebold Came Forward; How Columbine Killers Dylan Klebold, Eric Harris Were Different