Defense Wants Vanderbilt Rape Trial Verdict Thrown Out Over Juror
ABC News has confirmed that a juror didn't disclose he or she was a rape victim.
Why Mayor Says 'the Best Is Yet to Come' in Compton, Calif.
Mayor Aja Brown, 32, has presided over a falling crime rate.
Aaron Hernandez Trial: Victim's Girlfriend Takes Stand
Shaneah Jenkins said Hernandez, Lloyd were in "beginning stages" of friendship.
Vanderbilt Rape Trial Jurors Say Video Evidence Decided Their Guilty Verdict
Three jurors said they broke down after seeing "horrific" video.
Niagara Falls Climber Recounts Scaling 'Blue Icicle'
No one before Will Gadd had ever tried climbing up the waterfall.
5 Things to Know This Morning: Super Weekend
5 Things to Know This Morning
Former Cab Driver Added to Most-Wanted Terrorist List
Former taxi driver charged with providing resources to terrorist organization.
Plane Makes Emergency Landing After Pilot Locked Out of Cockpit
The Delta flight landed safely after another crew member piloted it.
Meet Ida May Fuller, Recipient of 1st Social Security Check
Meet Ida May Fuller, who 75 years ago received the 1st Social Security check _ for $22.54
Ukraine to Ask UN States to Call Russia a Terrorism Sponsor
Ukraine to ask UN states to formally recognize Russia as a sponsor of terrorism
35 Years After Etan Patz Vanished, Boy's Murder Trial Opens
35 years after Etan Patz vanished, trial opens in 1 of US's best-known missing-child cases
Prospective Juror Has Sympathy for Tsarnaev, Cites Young Age
Prospective juror has sympathy for Tsarnaev, says maybe 'he just made a really big mistake'
Death Penalty Sought in Pennsylvania Math Teacher's Killing
Prosecutors to seek death penalty against man accused of killing Pennsylvania math teacher
George Zimmerman Assault Case Dropped; Ex-Girlfriend Recants
Prosecutor: Assault case dropped against George Zimmerman; ex-girlfriend recanted her story
26 Victims or 27? Newtown Panel Considers Role of Lanza Mom
26 victims or 27? Newtown panel debates how to acknowledge shooter's mother in report
Correction: Obit--Edward Saylor Story
Correction: Obit--Edward Saylor story
Seahawks Super-Fan Paints House to Show Team Pride
Ashtin Fitzwater painted his Arizona home in the Seahawks' blue and green and put the team logo on his front lawn.
Aaron Hernandez Trial Begins; 1 in 5 Kids on Food Stamps; Psychic Porcupine Predicts Super Bowl
Aaron Hernandez opening statements heard; Census Bureau finds one in five children on food stamps; Psychic porcupine "Teddy...
Video Shows Aaron Hernandez at Home With 'Gun'
Prosecutor during murder trial opening arguments: "That, ladies and gentlemen, is a Glock."
Bonnie and Clyde Teen Refuses to Stay in Courtroom During Hearing
Dalton Hayes told the judge he wouldn't stay in the courtroom after seeing members of the media.
Passengers Claim to Have Smashed Boston Train Windows to Escape Smoke
A nurse on the train said she smelled something like "burning rubber" while stopped at a station.
Super Bowl Sunday's #1 Eaten Food
What Americans eat pound-for-pound on Super Bowl Sunday.
Plane Lands on New Jersey Highway
A small plane landed on Route 23 in West Milford, NJ and then navigated to the side of the road to avoid traffic.
Aaron Hernandez Murder Trial Begins
Defense: Former NFL player targeted by police and prosecutors.
Fire Damages Historic Woolworth Mansion
No one was inside when the fire broke out at the mansion in Glen Cove, New York.
UVA Sorority Members Outraged Over Frat Party Ban
Sorority members have been ordered by their national chapters to avoid all fraternity events for a weekend, sparking outrage.
Nightline 1/29: Free Range Parents Believe in Letting Kids Roam Alone
Inside the Making of a High Society Debutante; Ex-NFL Star Sued By Insurance Over Workers' Comp Claim
WN 1/29: Panic on the Boston T
Measles outbreak across the 14 states; American contractors killed in Afghanistan
WN 1/28: 'Deflate-Gate' Takes Focus Off Super Bowl
Feds investigate 95 colleges for sexual assault; "Ghostbusters" has all female cast.
GMA 1/28: Jordan Signals Potential ISIS Prisoner Swap
Vanderbilt Football Players Convicted in Sexual Assault Case; Tony Goldwyn on 'Scandal' Mid-Season Premiere
WN 1/27: 2015 Blizzard Hits New England Hard
ISIS hostage pleads for prisoner swap; 70th anniversary of Auschwitz commemorated.
This Week 1/25: Republicans Look Ahead To 2016 Election
Guests: Denis McDonough, Bobby Jindal, Donna Brazile, Bill Kristol, Sara Fagen, Cokie Roberts
2020 1/24: Teen Goes Missing After Meeting With Girlfriend's Ex
College Student Charged With Friend's Murder, Kidnapping; Girl Testifies At Ex's Trial For Murdering Her New Love