NYPD Shooting Denounced by Families of Garner, Brown
Man who killed two NYPD officers indicated he did so in retribution.
NYPD Shooting Suspect Promised Attack Ahead of Time
Police: Ismaayil Brinsley shot officers Wenjian Liu and Raphael Ramos.
Witness Grabbed Paper Towels to Help Injured Meteorologist
Patrick Crawford is recovering after being shot twice.
Former NYPD Commissioner: Slain Officers 'Brought Back Horrible Memories'
Ray Kelly warns that "officers have to be on alert."
Two NYPD Cops 'Assassinated' in Brooklyn Ambush
The suspect is dead after shooting himself, officials say.
Son Mourns NYPD Cop Shot Dead With Partner
Policemen shot as they sat in their car in Brooklyn.
NYC Mayor de Blasio Criticized After Cop Killings
Union leaders say mayor has "blood on his hands."
Rare White Lion Euthanized at Ohio Zoo
Lion had age-related health issues, according to zoo.
Police Seek Answers in Killing of 2 NYPD Officers
Police seek answers about gunman in killing of 2 NYPD officers, departments on guard
Mokrzycki, Former AP Polling Director, Dies at 52
Mike Mokrzycki, former AP polling director who started survey business, dies at 52
Killings of 2 New York Officers Trigger Backlash
Civil rights leaders face backlash over the ambush killings of 2 New York police officers
Oneida Indians Plan New 'Oz'-Themed NY Casino
Oneida Indian Nation to build $20 million central New York casino with 'Wizard of Oz' theme
States Trying to Lure Lawyers Into Rural Practice
States trying to combat shortage of practicing attorneys in rural areas by offering incentives
Florida Authorities Say 1 Police Officer Shot and Killed
Florida authorities say a police officer has been shot and killed; suspect in custody
US Coal Mines Nearing Record Low in Worker Deaths
Legacy of West Virginia mine blast that killed 29 in 2010 has been safer coal mines
Christie to Obama: Demand Cuba Return Cop Killer
Christie to Obama: Demand that Cuba return New Jersey trooper's escaped killer to US
Timeline of Events Before, After NYPD Cop Deaths
Events in the hours before and after 2 NYPD officers were shot by man who vowed to kill cops
Entrepreneur Builds a Sleek Ship, but Will Anyone Buy It?
Entrepreneur thinks he's built a better warship, but will the Navy buy it?
NYPD Cops ???Targeted For the Uniform,??? Says Commissioner William Bratton
ABC News’ Ryan Smith reports the latest news surrounding the shooting deaths of the two officers.
Two NYPD Cops Killed in Brooklyn Ambush
Police say the suspect in the shootings killed himself after fleeing the scene.
New Message From North Korea; Record Travel Weekend
ABC News' Juju Chang reports today's top headlines.
Tourist Attraction Provides Access to Automatic Weapons
Machine Gun America permits visitors of 13 years and older to use weapons alongside a rage safety officer.
Museum Receptionist Describes Foiling Alleged Child Abduction
Sharon Wise jumped into action to prevent a young girl from being taken.
Facebook Friend Request Spat Leads to Arrest
Rachel Anne Hayes, 27, allegedly slapped a 72-year-old woman who denied her request on social media.
FULL VIDEO: Ray Rice Video Shows Couple in Cuffs, Kissing After Elevator Punch
Surveillance video obtained by ABC News shows what happened after Ray and Janay Rice were involved in an altercation
Day in Pictures
Tuesday December 19th, 2014
This Elaborate Gingerbread House is Way Too Pretty To Eat
Modernist Cuisine took inspiration from Gaudi to create its epic gingerbread house, which was later donated to Seattle...
U.S. Blames North Korea for Sony Hack
FBI statement claims North Korea directed cyber attack on Sony.
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This Week 12/14: The Release of the CIA Torture Report
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