Fisherman Rescued Last Year Again Missing at Sea
He was previously lost at sea for 12 days.
Mystery Highway Attacks Point to Possible Serial Shooter
Drivers in northern Colorado are on edge after woman shot in neck.
Statue of Liberty Evacuated Following Bomb Threat
The landmark was closed for most of the afternoon, police said.
Video Shows Teen Slammed by Guard, Beaten by Inmates on Rikers Island
The teen spent 3 years in Rikers after cops accused him of stealing a backpack.
Expect Severe Weather for Parts of the Country This Weekend
Some 35 million Americans will experience the bad weather.
Fainting SkyWest Passengers Had One Thing in Common
The three passengers who passed out were in the middle of the plane.
Coast Guard: 4 Missing After Sailboats Capsize in Alabama
Coast Guard searches for 4 people missing in Alabama waters after sailboats capsize in storm
Freddie Gray Protests Turn Violent in Baltimore
Gray, 25, died April 19th after his arrest in Baltimore.
Washington Everest Team Loses Medic as Result of Avalanche
Group: Medic for Washington-based Everest team dies as result of avalanche after Nepal quake
Experts Gathered in Nepal a Week Ago to Ready for Earthquake
Experts gathered in Nepal a week before quake to prepare for 'nightmare waiting to happen'
Baltimore Marchers Stage 'Die-In' Proesting Police-Custody Death
The latest on Baltimore police-custody death: Officer suffers minor injuries
Coast Guard Says 1 Sailor Rescued After Boats Capsize in Alabama Waters; 4 Still Missing
Coast Guard says 1 sailor rescued after boats capsize in Alabama waters; 4 still missing
Today in History
Today in History
A Dozen Arrested as Freddie Gray Protests Turn Violent
Freddie Gray protest turns violent after largest rally yet; at least a dozen arrested, 2 hurt
Coast Guard Searches for 5 People Missing in Alabama Waters After Sailboats Capsize in Storm
Coast Guard searches for 5 people missing in Alabama waters after sailboats capsize in storm
Remains of Michigan Woman Last Seen at Halloween Party Found
Remains found in Michigan are those of woman who went missing after attending Halloween party
Police Dash Cam Video Shows Florida Deputy Shooting 20-Year-Old
Dontrell Stephens was unarmed when confronted by police.
America's Drone Program Under Fire After Death of Two Hostages
President Obama commented on the drone program following a drone strike that killed two hostages being held by al-Qaeda. ABC...
Supreme Court to Hear Arguments on Gay Marriage
Historic decision could open door for same-sex marriage rights nationwide.
Statue of Liberty Evacuated Over Suspicious Package
The New York City landmark was evacuated because of a suspicious package in a visitor’s locker.
Teen Held at Rikers Island Jail for Three Years Before Charges Dropped
Kalief Browder was taken into custody at age 16 and charged with stealing a backpack.
Hubble Telescope Still Going Above and Beyond
Eye on the universe launched 25 years ago.
Transgender Teen Gets Apology After DMV Forces Her to Remove Makeup
Chase Culpepper, 17, received an apology a year after DMV employees told her she had to "look male" in her driver's license...
Michael Brown's Parents File Civil Suit in Son's Death
Lesley McSpadden and Michael Brown Sr. filed a wrongful-death lawsuit against the city of Ferguson over the shooting death of...
Al Qaeda Hostage Dr. Warren Weinstein Killed in US Counterterror Operation
The U.S. aid worker had been held captive by al Qaeda in Pakistan since 2011.
President Obama: 'I Take Full Responsibility' For Hostages' Deaths
American Dr. Warren Weinstein and Italian Giovanni Lo Porto were killed during a U.S. counterterrorism raid in January.
WN 04/25/15: Nepal Struck by Magnitude 7.8 Earthquake
Baltimore Protesters Call for Justice for Freddie Gray; Scientists Investigate the World's Most Unpredictable Volcano
Nightline 04/24/15: Bruce Jenner, In His Own Words
Bruce Jenner Shares New Reality With Family; Bruce Jenner Interview Fuels Explosive Social Media Reaction
Bruce Jenner - The Interview
Bruce Jenner shares an exclusive and wide-ranging conversation with Diane Sawyer.
GMA 04/24/15: 'Avengers: Age of Ultron' Cast Takes Over Times Square
Warren Weinstein's Family: US Government Was 'Inconsistent, Disappointing'; Bruce Jenner: '2015 Is Going to Be Quite a Ride'
This Week 04/19/15: GOP Candidates Address Hillary Clinton's Campaign
Guests: Claire McCaskill, Mike McCaul, Ana Navarro, Cokie Roberts, Matt Dowd, LZ Granderson
Portraits of Victims of Gun Violence
SHOT, a photography series documenting victims of gun violence.