Man Driving Motorcycle in Dark Hits Black Cow and Dies
A 59-year-old Kansas man died when the motorcycle he was driving at night collided with a black cow on a blacktopped road
Blind Dog With Oozing Sore Wins World's Ugliest Dog Contest
A 17-year-old Chinese Crested Chihuahua with legs bowed out like a frog and an oozing sore is the winner of the World's...
Teen Pierced in Eye by Javelin Flown to Hospital
Officials say a teen was taken to a hospital in a helicopter after he tripped and was stabbed in the eye by a javelin at a...
Texas City Council Votes to Oust Library Cat
A North Texas city council has ignited a cat fight by voting to oust the furry mascot of the city's public library
Court Bites Back, Exonerates Michigan TV Vet Who Saved Dog
A Michigan veterinarian who saved the life of a dog on a reality TV show has been cleared of misconduct
Wife of Nation's Lowest-Paid Governor Takes Waitressing Job
The wife of Maine Gov. Paul LePage has taken on a summer waitressing job near their Boothbay home
Stop Hanging up on Governor, Pennsylvania Employees Are Told
Stop hanging up on governor, Pennsylvania employees are told
After Ad, Dad Interviews Potential Wives for 48-Year-Old Son
The father of a Salt Lake City businessman is setting up interviews for women interested in marrying his 48-year-old son,...
Eatery Has Duck on Menu and Ducklings Jumping off Its Roof
One New Jersey restaurant has duck on its menu _ and jumping off its roof
Police Find Heroin Mill Behind NYC Candy Shop's Secret Door
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