Phoenix Firefighters Pull Man out of Chimney
Phoenix firefighters rescue man stuck in chimney; he was trying to re-enter locked house
Large Wave Washes out Jersey Shore Town's Fireworks Display
Officials: Unexpectedly large wave washes out Jersey shore town's fireworks display
Friends Trying to Hand off Rice Cooker Cause Scare at Casino
Friends trying to hand off rice cooker in casino parking lot cause brief security scare
Matt Stonie Tops Joey Chestnut in Hot Dog Eating Contest
Matt Stonie beats Joey Chestnut in July Fourth hot dog eating contest, breaking Chestnut's run
Denver Campaign Would Allow Marijuana Use in Bars
BYOW: Campaign underway in Denver to allow 'social marijuana consumption' in bars
California Couple Married 75 Years Dies in Each Other's Arms
California couple dies in each other's arms just days before 75th wedding anniversary
140 Pairs of Underwear Stolen From Store Hit by 4 Bra Heists
140 pairs of underwear stolen from lingerie store struck by 4 bra heists since February
New Law Takes the Lie out of Ohio's Fireworks 'Liar's Law'
Change to 'Liar's Law' axes written promise to take Ohio-purchased fireworks out of state
German Authorities Seize Tank, Other WWII Weapons in Raid
German authorities seize Nazi Panther tank, other WWII weapons in raid on collector
Connecticut Town's Boom Box Parade Celebrates Its 30th Year
Connecticut town's Boom Box Parade celebrates 30 years without a marching band on July Fourth
Toddler Survives Chopstick Mishap
And other rare conditions captured in medical imaging.
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