Whoops! Police Say Tow Truck Tried to Snag Cop Car
Whoops! Police say towing company with prophetic name tried to haul off undercover vehicle
New Mexico Judge Elected by Coin Toss After Tie
Heads up: New Mexico county magistrate wins election by the flip of a coin
Great Fall Too Much _ Humpty Dumpty to Be Rebuilt
A great fall proves too much for amusement park's Humpty Dumpty; he'll have to be rebuilt
Jumping Jack to Become Official Missouri Exercise
Missouri governor signs bill declaring the jumping jack to be official state exercise
Police Arrest Man Accused of Kicking Police Horse
Police in Oregon arrest man accused of delivering karate-like kick to police horse; horse OK
Massachusetts Man Injured When Dragged by Wires
Massachusetts man injured when wires wrap around him 'like a cobra' and drag him down street
Pig Threatens Children Walking Through Maine Woods
Pig threatens 2 children walking along a wooded path between schools in Maine
3 Skulls Donated to Seattle-Area Thrift Store
Medical examiner looking for person who donated 3 skulls to Seattle-area Goodwill store
14,000 Draft Notices Sent to Men Born in 1800s
Data glitch prompts US agency to send draft notices to 14,000 Pennsylvania men born in 1800s
Freak Accident Sends Chisel Through Gym Window
Freak accident sends construction equipment crashing through NYC gym window
Tree Trimmer Gets Saw Stuck in Neck
The chainsaw was embedded in James Valentine's neck.
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