How To Help Children in Need
'What Would You Do' offers a list of suggested charities.
Day Care Owner Denies Drugging Kids
Tammy Eppley is charged with six counts of child endangerment.
'What Would You Do?': Gay Adoption
A pregnant woman is criticized as she considers giving up her baby to a same-sex couple.
'What Would You Do?': Imaginary Friend
When a boy brings an imaginary friend to lunch, who will play along, taking pictures and talking with the boy's imaginary...
'What Would You Do?': College Kids Drug Girl's Drink
A young woman is slipped the date rape drug at a bar in this "WWYD" scene.
'What Would You Do?': Groomzilla Invades Kleinfeld Bridal
In this WWYD segment, what will people do when they witness a Groomzilla stomp on our bride's plans?
'What Would You Do?': Absent-Minded Waiter (NY)
How will customers react when the "world's most absent-minded" waiter serves up a meal of mistakes with a side of confusion?
What Would You Do?: E-Cigarettes
What would you do if underage persons asked you to buy e-cigarettes for them?
What Would You Do?: Entitled Kids
How will customers react when they see a spoiled girl shopping with her mother and throwing clothes on the floor in a...
Hibachi Chef from Hell
What would you do if you ended up with the worst Hibachi cook of all time?
What Would You Do?: Baby in Hot Car
WWYD: A baby is left alone in a hot car with no parents in sight.
What Would You Do? Little Boy Manicure
A mom turns heads when she lets her son get a manicure, and it gets worse when Dad arrives.
What Would You Do?: Veteran in San Antonio, Texas
What will people do when a military veteran doesn't have enough cash to buy his groceries?
What Would You Do?: Christian Discrimination
An atheist harasses a Christian family for praying in public before eating their meal.
What Would You Do?: Too Young to Shoot
When a father is criticized for buying his seven year old a gun for his birthday, will customers defend him or agree with our...
What Would You Do?: Gay Cowboy PDA
A woman is stunned to learn the man she was flirting with is gay when his boyfriend arrives. How will people respond to her...
What Would You Do?: Rude Street Musician in Austin
How will Austinites respond when a street musician is playing his guitar along a crowded sidewalk and heckling the people...
What Would You Do?: Fake Date
#WWYD if a beautiful young woman asked you to pretend to be her boyfriend for 10 minutes, just so she can appease her...
What Would You Do?: Old and Alone
An elderly woman is shopping at a grocery store and asks random strangers for help. How far will people go?
What Would You Do?: Biological vs. Adopted
#WWYD if you saw an older sibling bullying her adopted younger sister because she is of a different race?
What Would You Do?: Tip Jar
Customers at a cafe encounter a thief taking money from a tip jar - and then buying herself coffee with the tips.
What Would You Do?: Interracial Couple (San Antonio)
A Hispanic man and his Caucasian girlfriend are on a date at a local San Antonio, Texas, restaurant when they begin to be...
What Would You Do?: I Want to Be a Boy
A mother disagrees when a young girl wants to have her hair cut short like a boy.
What Would You Do?: Off Key
Who will step in when this pushy parent sets prodigious standards for their musical child?
What Would You Do?: Stranger Flirtation
Part 1: We turn up the heat on these couples when the wait staff is a little more than friendly.
What Would You Do?: Stranger Flirtation
Part 2: We turn up the heat on these couples when the wait staff is a little more than friendly.
What Would You Do?: Mean Girls
These teens don't hold back the bullying when their 'fat friend' is eating ice cream.
What Would You Do?: Vitiligo Discrimination
WWYD is joined by model Chantelle Winnie as a woman with vitiligo faces discrimination at a nail salon.
What Would You Do?: Medicine Misuse
Watch what happens when a boy is peer pressured into drinking cough syrup to get high.
What Would You Do?: Victim of Divorce
How will patrons react while hearing parents tell their son it's his fault they are getting divorced?
What Would You Do?: The Break Up
What will people say after witnessing a young couple's very public break-up?
What Would You Do?: Take the Cake
When picking up custom cake orders, clients discover their cakes are completely wrong and even offensive.
What Would You Do?: Foster Care Cruelty
A foster mother clearly favors her naturally born child over her adopted one in this WWYD segment.
What Would You Do?: Wannabe
Sparks fly when a woman is criticized at a clothing store for dressing "too urban."
What Would You Do?: Skateboard Dad
What will people say when this pushy father tries to force his son to go down a ramp on his skateboard?
What Would You Do?: Poor Family
When a mother is unable to afford a new toy for her son, how will people react?
What Would You Do?: Dirty Worker
Watch how people react when an ice cream worker gets too "hands on" with the orders.
'WWYD' Goes Behind the Batter at N.J. Bakery
A Little Cake, in Park Ridge, N.J., put together a special "What Would You Do?" treat.
What Would You Do: Route 66 Pit Stops
From dark caves to the wild jungle, see our favorite pit stops along route
What Would You Do: Route 66 Good Eats
Watch the WWYD team eat its way through Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas.