Baby in Hot Car
WWYD: A baby is left alone in a hot car with no parents in sight.
Rude Carnival Worker
At the classic 'Guess Your Weight' game, a carnival worker teases his customers for their size.
Casino Bandito
A woman scrounges in a "wishing pool" for quarters to keep gambling.
What Would You Do?: Anti-Muslim Harassment
"What's your name, Obama?" a young man asks a Middle Eastern-looking deli clerk.
Lifeguards Drink Before Hitting the Beach
Will anyone confront lifeguards drinking on duty?
Tanning for the One You Love
Would you get an extreme tan at the request of your significant other?
Bad Artist: 'Don't Quit Your Day Job'
A WWYD actor poses as an artist on a Jersey Shore boardwalk.
Breaking Every Sexual Harassment Rule in the Book
Customers speak up when they see a manager harassing a waitress.
Pregnant at the Bar
A WWYD actress posing as a pregnant woman downing shots shocks bystanders.
Child Left Behind
What would you do if you saw an angry mother abandon her child?
Little Girl Draws On Artwork
WWYD if you saw a young girl, bored with her coloring book, start drawing on a café's expensive artwork?
WWYD: Drunk Valet Tries to Park Cars
How will people react when a valet parking attendant who appears to be drunk gets behind the wheel of a customer's car?
Helping the Homeless
Will anyone defend a homeless man who just wants to buy a meal?
What Would You Do?: The Java Jerk
An incredibly demanding customer raises eyebrows at a cafe in this hidden-camera scenario.
What Would You Do?: Mean Barista
When coffee is served up with an attitude, will customers let off steam or take their coffee and go?
Lemonade Stand
Adults are dumbstruck when kids running a lemonade stand start to overcharge with abandon.
Dad Pressures Underage Son to Buy Alcohol
Will anyone speak up when a father urges his teen to buy booze?
White Nanny Says Child Is Misbehaving Because 'She's Black'
In this followup "WWYD?" scenario, three women step in to protect the child from the abusive nanny.
Nanny Verbally Berates Child at N.J. Cafe
A woman steps in and threatens to call police to report the nanny's behavior in this "WWYD?" scenario.
'What Would You Do?' on Route 66: Wanted Woman
In Missouri, bystanders react to seeing a supposedly wanted woman.
'What Would You Do?' on Route 66: The All-American Burger
"Why don't you go somewhere like Taco Bell?" a man asks a woman with a Latino accent.
'What Would You Do?' on Route 66: Sweet Tea Swindlers
In Texas, what happens when a pint-size Bonnie and Clyde "cheat" their customers?
'What Would You Do?' on Route 66: Dine and Dash
In Oklahoma, how did race affect people's reactions to kids skipping the bill?
'What Would You Do?' on Route 66: Runaway
In the heartland, bystanders showed heart when faced with a story of a runaway girl.
Credit Card Thief Targets Unsuspecting Woman at a Bar
"WWYD": People intervene when a thief uses a skimmer to steal credit card information.
Bridesmaids Spill Red Wine on Wedding Dress
Will customers stay quiet while the bridesmaids play dumb in this "WWYD" scenario?
What Would You Do?: Sedative Sitter
When a nanny wants to give allergy medicine to calm a toddler, will anyone step in?
White Man Criticized for Shopping in Urban Boutique
In this "WWYD" scene, customers react when a man faces criticism while shopping in an urban boutique.
Man Tries to Back Out After Losing a Big Bet
When a man loses a large bet at the pool table, people watching offer their advice.
Lost Money at Diner Taken by Patron
See what happens when a jerk at a diner forgets his money, and another patron takes it.
Heavy Woman at Buffet Faces Abuse
WWYD when a woman at a buffet is criticized for her weight?
College Kids Drug Girl's Drink
A young woman is slipped the date rape drug at a bar in this "WWYD" scene.
'WWYD': Security Guard Gets Too Personal
Our hidden cameras are rolling at the "Bethenny" show as a security guard takes things too far.
Customer Cuts in Line and Wins Prize Vacation, WWYD?
When patrons allow our actor to cut in line at a grocery store they miss out on a "Getaway Giveaway."
Nail Polish and Prejudice
When a manicurist says "This is America -- we speak English here," how do people react?
Scamming Psychic Charges Big Bucks
In this "WWYD" scenario, a fraudulent fortune-teller takes advantage of a client.
Car Thieves Get More Than They Bargained For
In this "WWYD" scenario, patrons witness a man stealing from a car right under their noses.
Homosexual PDA Turns Heads in Mississippi
When a gay couple shows affection at a restaurant in Vicksburg, Miss., how will local patrons react?
Absent-Minded Waiter Leaves Customers Confounded
The world's most absent-minded waiter can't get anything right - except for making us laugh!
Interracial Couple Discriminated Against in Tennessee
"WWYD": when an interracial couple faces discrimination at a barber shop.
Man Racially Profiled While Shopping in N.Y. Store
"WWYD": A customer speaks up when Daymond John of "Shark Tank" is stopped and frisked.
Drunken Father Insists on Driving His Wife, Son
Bar patrons try to talk family out of boating under the influence in this "WWYD" scenario.
Stranger Drinks and Eats From Other Diner's Meal
Customers react when someone eats a woman's meal when she steps away in this "WWYD" scene.
Gay Athlete Faces Criticism After Coming Out to Friends
Customers at a New Jersey sneaker store offer their support to the teen in this "WWYD" scene.
Homeless Man Denied Service by Restaurant
In this "WWYD" scene, patrons defend a homeless man when a bartender refuses to serve him a meal.
Total Strangers Help Buy Christmas Tree for Family
When a family can't afford a large tree, people open their hearts and wallets in this "WWYD" scene.
Mall Santa Gets Sloshed Before Work
"WWYD": When a little girl wants to meet Santa, who's been drinking at the bar, customers intervene.
Little Person Called a 'Midget' in Job Interview
In this "WWYD" scene, diners step in to defend a man from an offensive job interviewer.
Kids Swindle Customers at Hot Cocoa Stand
In this "WWYD" setup, children charge $1 per marshmallow for these unsuspecting patrons.
Children Turn to Shoplifting When Mom Says 'No'
A school teacher convinces the kids to return the items they tried to steal in this "WWYD" scenario.