How To Help Children in Need
'What Would You Do' offers a list of suggested charities.
Day Care Owner Denies Drugging Kids
Tammy Eppley is charged with six counts of child endangerment.
What Would You Do?: I Want to Be a Boy
A mother disagrees when a young girl wants to have her hair cut short like a boy.
What Would You Do?: Off Key
Who will step in when this pushy parent sets prodigious standards for their musical child?
What Would You Do?: Stranger Flirtation
Part 1: We turn up the heat on these couples when the wait staff is a little more than friendly.
What Would You Do?: Stranger Flirtation
Part 2: We turn up the heat on these couples when the wait staff is a little more than friendly.
What Would You Do?: Mean Girls
These teens don't hold back the bullying when their 'fat friend' is eating ice cream.
What Would You Do?: Vitiligo Discrimination
WWYD is joined by model Chantelle Winnie as a woman with vitiligo faces discrimination at a nail salon.
What Would You Do?: Medicine Misuse
Watch what happens when a boy is peer pressured into drinking cough syrup to get high.
What Would You Do?: Victim of Divorce
How will patrons react while hearing parents tell their son it's his fault they are getting divorced?
What Would You Do?: The Break Up
What will people say after witnessing a young couple's very public break-up?
What Would You Do?: Take the Cake
When picking up custom cake orders, clients discover their cakes are completely wrong and even offensive.
What Would You Do?: Foster Care Cruelty
A foster mother clearly favors her naturally born child over her adopted one in this WWYD segment.
What Would You Do?: Wannabe
Sparks fly when a woman is criticized at a clothing store for dressing "too urban."
What Would You Do?: Skateboard Dad
What will people say when this pushy father tries to force his son to go down a ramp on his skateboard?
What Would You Do?: Poor Family
When a mother is unable to afford a new toy for her son, how will people react?
What Would You Do?: Dirty Worker
Watch how people react when an ice cream worker gets too "hands on" with the orders.
'WWYD' Goes Behind the Batter at N.J. Bakery
A Little Cake, in Park Ridge, N.J., put together a special "What Would You Do?" treat.
What Would You Do: Route 66 Pit Stops
From dark caves to the wild jungle, see our favorite pit stops along route
What Would You Do: Route 66 Good Eats
Watch the WWYD team eat its way through Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas.