What Would You Do: Pastor Tries To Pray The Gay Out Of Teen
A teen boy's parents and their pastor attempt to pray the gay out of him.
What Would You Do: Mother Can't Afford To Give Her Son A Promised Toy Reward
While in a toy store, a mother can't afford to buy her child the gift she promised him as a reward for getting good grades.
What Would You Do: Bouncer Denies Entry To Club To Overweight Patron
An overly aggressive bouncer denies entry to an overweight woman waiting in line at a nightclub.
What Would You Do: Picky Customer Tries Other Customers' Meals Before Ordering
A diner patron is undecided on what to order so she takes it upon herself to try other diner patrons' meals.
What Would You Do: Employee Tries To Steal From Store
While working, an employee tries to steal merchandise in front of customers.
What Would You Do: Two Boys Try To Force Their Friend Out Of The Closet
While having lunch, two boys try to force their friend to come out publically or they won't be his friend anymore.
What Would You Do: Two Patrons Try To Force Recovering Alcoholic To Drink
A bartender who also happens to be a recovering alcoholic is pressured into taking shots with two of his customers.
What Would You Do: Customer Tries To Swap Old Shoes For New Ones
Two customers are shopping for new shoes when they decide to put their old ones in the shoe boxes and walk out wearing the...
What Would You Do: Hairdresser Bashes Interracial Couple
While getting her hair done, a black woman is harassed by her hairdresser for dating a white man.
'What Would You Do?': Possible Bike Thief Caught in the Act in Portland
People react when they spot a "What Would You Do?" actor trying to saw a lock off a bike in a Portland park.
'What Would You Do?': Portland Bartender Won't Serve Homeless Man Who Has Money
A homeless man is given $20 for a meal, but the bartender takes his money and refuses to serve him.
What Would You Do: Portland Teens Ask Passers-By to Buy Weed For Them
What will happen when teens ask passers-by to buy them marijuana at a legal marijuana dispensary?
'What Would You Do?': Litterbug Discards Trash All Over Portland Park
How will locals respond when they see a "What Would You Do?" actor mercilessly discarding rubbish all over?
'What Would You Do?': Portland Barista Is Rude to Customers
A mean, rude barista treats customers as if they're incapable of giving coffee the respect it deserves.
What Would You Do: Parents Try To Force Surrogate To Abort One Child
At a diner, customers witness parents try to force their surrogate to abort one of their twin babies.
What Would You Do: Cab Driver Gets Ready to Pick up a Customer While Intoxicated
Customers at a bar witness a very intoxicated cab driver getting ready to give a customer a ride.
What Would You Do: Overwhelmed Caregiver Verbally Abused By Mother
Customers at a restaurant witness a caregiver be verbally abused by her mother.
What Would You Do: Teacher Hits On Student
Customers at a diner witness a teacher become inappropriate with a student.
What Would You Do: Teen Girls Bully Friend Into Eating Disorder
Customers witness teen girls bully their friend into considering an eating disorder to lose weight.
What Would You Do: Customer Abuses Employee with Down Syndrome
At a grocery store, an impatient customer is verbally abusing an employee with Down syndrome for not bagging fast enough.
What Would You Do: Mother Fat Shames Daughter
At a Portland donut shop, customers witness a mother deny her overweight daughter a donut, while indulging her other...
What Would You Do: Mother Sprays Water Bottle At Child
While grocery shopping, customers witness a mother using a spray bottle as punishment when her children misbehave.
What Would You Do: Careless Pharmacist Embarrasses Patients
An insensitive pharmacist announces customers' private prescriptions to others waiting in line.
What Would You Do: Teen Boys Harass Girl Gamer
Customers witness two teen boys harass a girl gamer at a video game store.
What Would You Do: Caregiver Takes Advantage of Patient With Dementia
At a nail salon, the caretaker is dismissive and downright insulting to her patient, while using his credit card.
What Would You Do: Potential Predator Approaches Teen Girl
A 15-year-old girl is approached by an older man who invites her back to his home to play music.
What Would You Do: Teen Athlete Pressured into Taking Steroids
Two high school athletes tell their friend to take steroids. Will anyone try to stop the peer pressure?
What Would You Do: Rude Coffee Customer Berates Barista
Will anyone come to a barista's defense when a customer berates him for mixing up her order?
‘What Would You Do?’: Muslim Woman Needs Help With Flat Tire
A Muslim woman needs help with her car. Will reactions differ if she wears a hijab or regular street clothes?
‘What Would You Do?’: Teen Is Pressured Into Taking Diet Pills
At lunch, two teen girls try to pressure a third girl into taking diet pills. Will bystanders stand up to her bullies?
‘What Would You Do?’: Sore Loser Dad Refuses to Treat Son Because He Lost Game
A coach offers to buy ice cream for his Little League team but not his son because he struck out. How will others respond?
‘What Would You Do?’: Man Upset Over Wife Having Girl, Not Boy
A man learns his wife is pregnant with a girl, but he wanted a son. How will his words affect other diners around him?
‘What Would You Do?’: Online Predator Tries to Lure Away 16-Year-Old Boy
A boy waits for someone whom he thinks is a 16-year-old girl he met online, but a woman in her 40's shows up and claims it...
'What Would You Do?': Blind Faith
A blind man at a café asks for help identifying the money in his wallet. What will people do when our actress pockets his...
'What Would You Do?': Humiliate the Homeless
A group of teens humiliates a homeless man. Will anyone attempt to protect the man's dignity or will they walk away?
White Guy Can't Wear Urban Clothes?
Watch "WWYD" to see what happens when a man's criticized for shopping at an urban clothing store because he's white.
WWYD: Drunk Valet Tries to Park Cars
How will people react when a valet parking attendant who appears to be drunk gets behind the wheel of a customer's car?
Rude Carnival Worker
At the classic 'Guess Your Weight' game, a carnival worker teases his customers for their size.
'What Would You Do?': Meet the Parents
After meeting her fiancé, a girl's parents disapprove because they believe American girls should not marry Muslim men.
'What Would You Do?': Lesbian Registry
A lesbian couple is registering at a baby store but the sales clerk doesn't think same sex couples should have children and...
'What Would You Do?': Conniving Customer
#WWYD if you saw a customer at a grocery store roaming the aisles, purposely damaging canned goods because she thinks she'll...
Bridesmaids Spill Red Wine on Wedding Dress
Will customers stay quiet while the bridesmaids play dumb in this "WWYD" scenario?
Man Tries to Back Out After Losing a Big Bet
When a man loses a large bet at the pool table, people watching offer their advice.
'What Would You Do?': Disapproving Child
A child is upset when his mother introduces her new boyfriend and he is a different race.
'What Would You Do?': Wacky Wine Expert
Our wacky wine expert is conducting a tasting but she's offering customers some pretty strange ways of sampling the wine. ...
'What Would You Do?': Breastfeeding While Drinking
How will customers react when they observe a mother drinking while also breastfeeding her baby?
'What Would You Do?': Gay Adoption
A pregnant woman is criticized as she considers giving up her baby to a same-sex couple.
'What Would You Do?': Imaginary Friend
When a boy brings an imaginary friend to lunch, who will play along, taking pictures and talking with the boy's imaginary...
'What Would You Do?': College Kids Drug Girl's Drink
A young woman is slipped the date rape drug at a bar in this "WWYD" scene.
'What Would You Do?': Groomzilla Invades Kleinfeld Bridal
In this WWYD segment, what will people do when they witness a Groomzilla stomp on our bride's plans?