China Helping Boost U.S. Economy
Last year, $70B worth of U.S. goods were sold and 437K jobs were created.
China Imports $6 Billion A Year From Washington State
China is eating Washington up -- its apples, salmon and Almond Roca.
American Businesses Booming in China
Half a million Mary Kay workers, three new McDonald's a week in China.
China's Education System: Helping or Hurting The Growing Superpower?
School includes a grueling college entrance exam and mandatory English classes
Chinese Billionaire on the Power of American Ideas
Founder of China's largest web company speaks to ABC's Diane Sawyer.
China Embraces English Language
Countrywide push is evident in government, on TV and in rise in private schools.
China's Pollution Woes
Pollution poses health risk in China, experts say, but improvement is possible.
The Conversation: China & Rare Earth Minerals
Shipment of elements crucial to gadgets have slowed -- what can the U.S. do?
140+ Killed in China's Uighur Protest
State media says 140 people killed, and 828 hurt in riots in China's Xinjiang.
'Unbelievable': Young Man Boards Air Canada Jet Disguised as Old Man
Authorities say Asian man in 20s wore silicon mask on international flight
UFO Reported Over China for Eighth Time
Reports claim flashing lights in the sky shut down airport in Inner Mongolia.
The Conversation: Diane's Adventures in Shanghai
Diane Sawyer on a motercycle adventure in Shanghai China
The Conversation: Understanding China's Expansion
Tony Chan, president of Hong Kong University, discusses the growth of China.
China's Biggest Web Search Engine
VIDEO: Robin Li is the CEO of Baidu, China's leading search engine
The Conversation: Understanding China's Growth
Will China be the Superpower of the 21st Century?
The Conversation: China's Music of Rebuilding
After Chinese earthquake, musician turned recovery into song.
Can You Dig to China?
Robert Krulwich tries to answer the age-old question.
Made in America: The Fortune Cookie Isn't Chinese?
Author Jenny 8. Lee explains what's authentic in America's Chinese food.
World News Gets Answers About China
ABC's Clarissa Ward on China's literary figures
The Conversation: High School Kids in China
ABC's Clarissa Ward talks to two different students at a Beijing high school
The Conversation: A Look at Religion in China
ABC's Clarissa Ward on China's view of religion
The Conversation: How Has China's One-Child Policy Changed?
VIDEO: ABC's Clarissa Ward on China?' One-Child Policy
The Conversation: Explaining China's Pollution Problem
ABC's Clarissa Ward on solutions for China's air quality problem
Chinese Quake Survivors Still Recovering
Young student lost her leg, but classmates lost their lives.
A Panda Survival Story
David Muir visits six panda cubs who survived a massive earthquake.
Rebuilding Beichuan, China
Survivors of the devastating earthquake pick of the pieces of their lives.
China: Buried in Misery
Rescue operations continue in Southwestern China, which is blanketed in rubble.
Agonizing Quake Aftermath in China
Many Chinese have lost relatives, their homes and quality of life.
10,000 Children Believed Dead in China
Growing evidence shows that many died because schools were poorly built.
Rare Find Nets Family $69 Million
A 1700s porcelain vase is the most expensive Chinese artwork ever sold.
Armless Piano Player Wows Audience
"China's Got Talent" features a pianist who tickles the ivories with his toes.
China's Acrobatic Feats
With stunts and feats of balance, ancient Chinese sport still draws crowds.
Earthquake Shakes China
Emergency workers face a difficult challenge reaching damaged areas.
What If China Collected on U.S. Debt?
ABC's Robert Krulwich takes an animated look at China's investment in the U.S.
U.S., China Economies Growing Together
Despite political differences, the U.S. and China economies are intertwined.
A Greener, Better China
A 25-square-foot solar panel is just one way China is becoming eco-friendly.
Police Crack Down on Chinese Muslims
Uighurs protest ethnic violence, plead for justice and equality.
Crippled Woman Becomes Face of Unrest
Tursun Gul stands up to Chinese troops, demanding safe return of her family.
Bloody Riots in China Leave 156 Dead
Ethnic violence is spiraling out of control in a northwest Chinese province.
China's Car of the Future
A foreign auto company plans to market an electric car in a few months time.
China Through a Student's Eyes
21-year-old Wang Qian personifies China's rise with endless drive and hard work.
WN 08/02/15: California Wild Fires Force 12,000 to Evacuate
FBI Investigates Explosions in Two New Mexico Churches; Joe Biden Considering Potential Presidential Bid
China Passes Japan as Second-Largest Economy
Bloomberg's Matt Miller tells us what prompted China's growth.
China: The Emerging Superpower?
How close is China to becoming the next Superpower?
China's Wealth
Why is China keeping its money in the U-S and not spending it at home?
China's Economic Growth
China's economy may no longer be based on unskilled manufacturing.
New Sighting of UFO Over China
Airport in inner Mongolia is reportedly shut down because of UFO sightings.
Exotic Food of China
Scorpions, starfish and duck's head. Oh my!
Countdown to China: The Billionaires of China
A look at some of the richest billionaires in China
China Opens World's Longest Sea Bridge
Take a look at some of the ways China is ahead of the game