Cleveland Settlement With Justice Department Over 'Excessive Force'
The news comes after a white officer was cleared in the death of a black couple.
Powerful Waterspout Hurls Kids Bouncy Castle Through the Air
Several children were inside when the bounce house flipped over.
Fighter Jets Scramble Following at Least 6 Threats to Planes
Several planes had to be escorted to remote areas at JFK Airport.
Swimmer's Death Brings New Attention to Rip Current Dangers
Hundreds of people were rescued from ocean waters this weekend.
Deadly Flooding Wreaks Havoc in Texas, Oklahoma
Hundreds of homes were destroyed by the flood waters.
The Real Reason Why Americans Celebrate Memorial Day
Memorial Day was officially declared a national holiday in 1971.
Hugh Jackman Goes Step Further in Sunscreen Push
The "X-Men" actor talked with David Muir about his health scare and new message.
Tips to Fix Winter Storm Damage to Your Home
Read your insurance policy -- you might be surprised by what's covered.
Bill and Hillary Clinton's First Public Appearance Since Campaign Launch
It's the Memorial Day tradition Hillary Clinton never misses.
Skydiver Falls to the Ground After Hitting Power Lines
Some of the attendees started praying after John Pitts fell.
Deadly Tornado Leaves Cars at 90-Degree Angle
A tornado hit the town of Ciudad Acuna, 2 miles from Laughlin Air Force base.
3 Red Flags to Remember When Picking Tax Preparer
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The Indy Pit Girl Breaking Barriers
After a century of racing, it's not just the drivers getting noticed.
WN 05/25/15: The Country Honors Those Who Died in US History
Water Spout Hurls Bounce House and Injures Three Children; Fighter Jet Escorts Air France Plane After Bomb Threat
Getting Up When You Fall One More Time: A Testament to Never Giving Up
Army Captain Sara Cudd, 29, passes the final of 120 hours of grueling tests as she finishes the final difficult steps on a...
Kayla and Little James, No Longer Strangers Sharing an Unbreakable Bond
Two families now one as Boston College student meets the little boy who is now in remission after she donated bone marrow.
You May Be Able to Travel to Space for $100K
Find out the new company that is trying to make space travel for civilians possible from the Mojave desert.
Son of Fallen Officer Receives Surprise Gift at Police Auction
A local rancher surprised everyone when he outbid Tanner Brownlee for his dad's car and then gave it to him.