How Today's DNC Roll Call Could Get Raucous
Both Sanders and Clinton will be given time to have their cases heard.
Letter Foretold Japan Rampage That Killed 19 Disabled People
A young Japanese man went on a stabbing rampage at a facility for the mentally disabled where he had been fired, killing 19...
Teen Survives Lightning Strike While Playing 'Pokemon Go'
Cameron Poimboeuf, 15, recalled, "everything went black."
Russia Calls DNC Hack Accusations 'Absurd'
Secretary of State John Kerry raised issue with Russian foreign minister.
First Lady Says Slaves Built the White House: Is She Right?
Fact-checking whether slaves did indeed build the White House.
Spring Cleaning Tips to Turn Used Books, Gadgets Into Cash
Websites to help you unclutter your home and put money in your pocket.
Airlines Looking to Make Window or Aisle Seats a Costly Luxury
Fliers might have to pay up to avoid sitting in the middle.
Towels in US Marriott Hotels to Be Made in America
The move will bring 150 jobs to Standard Textile's facilities in Ga. and S.C.
Spend the Night in a Former Caboose or a Church Instead of a Hotel
Take a look at some of the most beautiful yet unconventional vacation rentals.
Judge Gives Life to Friend and Fellow Judge With Kidney Donation
Judge Derek Mosley had been on dialysis for two years, his friend was a match.
Deaf Baby Bursts Into Giggles After Hearing His Mother for the 1st Time
Baby's joyful reaction after being fitted with hearing aids captured on video.
World News 07/24/16: Debbie Wasserman Shultz Resigns on the Eve of the Democratic National Convention
Small Plane Crashes into Home, Misses Man Watching TV; Officials Say Munich Shooter Had Been Planning Attack for Years
Young Girl Receives a Special Gift
Karissa, 9, was given a "Frozen" themed prosthetic hand.
David Muir Checks In With Boy and His New Glasses
Chris Ward, 12, is legally blind but has been given the gift of sight with high-tech specs.
David Muir Reports: Win for New York Silverware Company
Sherrill Manufacturing said that foreign silverware manufacturers were removed from US government site.
Assistant Principal Catches Fire With Her Rendition of the National Anthem
Star Swain's husband recorded her singing the "Star Spangled Banner" at the Lincoln Memorial leading to offers to sing it on...
Man Brings New Meaning to the Idea of Being a Good Neighbor
A man and his son send surprise packages across the country to unsuspecting people.