EgyptAir Flight 804 Data Recorder Indicates Smoke in Bathroom
Experts believe the jet may have suffered an electrical fire.
'Highly Possible' Istanbul Attackers Were Foreigners
No one has claimed responsibility for the deadly attack.
Video Shows How Secret Service Stopped Potential Attack Outside White House
Prosecutors played surveillance video in court this week.
Remains of 2 Railroad Workers Found After Fiery Crash
The train collision was Tuesday morning near Panhandle, Texas.
Heroin Overdose Deaths Have Tripled in 5 Years, DEA Says
DEA's new report details the alarming spike in OD deaths.
Voters Who Choose Trump May Still Not Like Him, Poll Shows
A new survey shows some may vote for the lesser of two unfavorable choices.
Spring Cleaning Tips to Turn Used Books, Gadgets Into Cash
Websites to help you unclutter your home and put money in your pocket.
Airlines Looking to Make Window or Aisle Seats a Costly Luxury
Fliers might have to pay up to avoid sitting in the middle.
Towels in US Marriott Hotels to Be Made in America
The move will bring 150 jobs to Standard Textile's facilities in Ga. and S.C.
Navajo Artist Mocks Trump With 'Make America Native Again' Hats
She said she wants to start a conversation on the history behind Trump's slogan.
Nurse Resigns by Sending 'I Quit' Cake to Her Employer
The frustrated nurse wrote her "official notice" in frosting.
Meet the Two Transgender Women Who Won Primary Contests
They both happen to share a first name as well.
Kids Read to a Surprising Audience
Children involved in the "Shelter Buddies Reading Program" read to dogs rather than grown-ups.
Index: French Air Force Jets Seen Flying Extremely Low Near Bermuda
ABC News' George Stephanopoulos reports the stories people have been buzzing about.
World News 06/29/16: US Cops on Alert in Wake of Istanbul Attack
New Video Shows Violent Encounter Between Secret Service and Gunman; Kids Read to a Surprising Audience
Young Girl Receives a Special Gift
Karissa, 9, was given a "Frozen" themed prosthetic hand.
David Muir Checks In With Boy and His New Glasses
Chris Ward, 12, is legally blind but has been given the gift of sight with high-tech specs.
David Muir Reports: Win for New York Silverware Company
Sherrill Manufacturing said that foreign silverware manufacturers were removed from US government site.
Man Brings New Meaning to the Idea of Being a Good Neighbor
A man and his son send surprise packages across the country to unsuspecting people.
10-Year-Old Receives Doll with Matching Prosthetic Leg
Emma Bennett's parents got her the custom doll, "Charlie," to make her feel included despite her disability.