A Look at the Toxic Chemical That Forced Thousands to Evac Near Train Fire
Vinyl cyanide has vapors that can explode when exposed to open flames.
Whole Foods Apologizes for Overcharging Customers
Whole Foods' co-CEOs are offering free food to customers who are overcharged.
How to Stay Safe From Shark Attacks
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Plane Makes Emergency Landing in Ohio Due to Bomb Threat
The passenger said a bomb was on board the United Express flight carrying 53.
Navy Yard Response Highlights Terror Jitters
An employee heard what she thought was a gunshot.
'Rise' Shines Light on Workers Who Built 1 World Trade Center
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Firefighter Saves Own Family From Car Wreck
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From Dessert 'Disaster' to Sweet Success
JC's Pie Pops are sold in 4,000 grocery stores across the US.
Dentist Office Defends ???Papoose' Restraint After Parent Complaint
"Papoose boards" used to keep children firmly in place.
Woman With Amnesia Unravels Mystery of Who She Is
The woman, who speaks with an Australian accent, discovered she's an American.
Site Wanted Money for Wedding of Charleston Suspect's Sister
The appeal said 10 percent of the funds raised would go to Emanuel AME church.
'Sesame Street' Says Goodbye to Maria
Actress Sonia Manzano announced she would retire after 44 years on "Sesame Street."
First US Measles Death in 12 Years
Amy Robach reports the stories people have been buzzing about all week.
WN 07/02/15: Police Respond to False Alarm at Washington Navy Yard
Why Are Sharks Attacking North Carolina Swimmers?; First US Measles Death in 12 Years
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