Trump Mistook Meeting With Black Pastors as Endorsement
The GOP front-runner is meeting with the group this afternoon.
Chicago Cop Held on $1.5M Bond for Shooting Teen
Video of Laquan McDonald being shot is expected to be shown.
University of Chicago Closes Campus After Online Threat
School consulted with FBI before deciding to cancel classes, activities.
Iraq War Vet, Mother of 2 Slain in Planned Parenthood Shooting
The victims were identified as Jennifer Markovsky and Ke’Arre Stewart.
Obama Shows 'Our Resolve' in 1st Paris Visit Since Attacks
The president joins over 100 heads of state at key climate change summit.
Cyber Monday 2015: The Best Tech Deals We've Seen So Far
Retailers are slashing prices on electronics to entice online shoppers.
What You Need to Know Before Signing Up for a Store Credit Card
Experts warn there's more to the cards than just the rewards and discounts.
Kidney Transplant Turns Acquaintances Into Brothers
A UPS driver donated his organ to a man he saw on his route.
US-Made Beekman 1802 Food Line Reaches Target Shelves
Its products include ingredients from small farms across the country.
Dog Thanks Rescuer in Most Dog-Like Way
The dramatic rescue was caught on video.
Protesters Scale Roof on Buckingham Palace Grounds
The Queen and Prince Philip were not at the palace when the incident happened.
12 Texas Residents Hospitalized After Carbon Monoxide Leak
One person was found unconscious after a leak from a boiler room.
Can There Be Too Many Holiday Decorations?
While some put up an immense display of lights for the holidays, others complain about the excessive displays.
Index: New Study Finds That Montana Has the Worst Drivers in America
ABC News' Tom Llamas shares the stories people have been buzzing about.
WN 11/29/15: Police Investigate Motive in the Planned Parenthood Shooting
Pope Francis Visits One of Africa's Most Dangerous Areas; 14 Deaths Blamed on the Weather in Just Four Days
Tips You Need to Know to Get the Best Prices on Holiday Air Fares
Analysts warn prices for plane tickets around Thanksgiving and Christmas are rising every day.
Wounded Warrior Kirstie Ennis Inspires
After 38 surgeries and a grueling recovery, Ennis has proven to be a role model who can't be stopped by walking 1,000 miles...
Nestle's New Lean Cuisine Line Embraces American Manufacturing
Food line creates new opportunities for farmers and workers in America.
WD-40 60 Years Old and Going Strong
Find out what the title of this household staple with 2,000 uses stands for.
Parisian Resilience Alive and Well
Eiffel Tower will remain lit until with the colors of the French flag.