'No Specific' Threat to US as Holidays Approach, Obama Says
The president's national security team is briefing him today.
Protests Erupt in Chicago After Police Shooting Video Released
The video showing Laquan McDonald being shot sparked protests.
Inside the Operation to Rescue the Downed Russian Pilot
The Russian military completed a 12-hour mission to rescue the downed pilot.
Former NFL Player Frank Gifford Suffered From CTE, Says Family
Doctors found signs of the progressive degenerative disorder after his death.
'Human Error' Cited in Mistaken US Airstrike on Doctors Without Borders Hospital
Suspensions and possible discipline follow U.S. investigation.
Your Guide to Thanksgiving Shopping Hours
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What You Need to Know Before Signing Up for a Store Credit Card
Experts warn there's more to the cards than just the rewards and discounts.
US-Made Beekman 1802 Food Line Reaches Target Shelves
Its products include ingredients from small farms across the country.
How Thanksgiving Dinner Is Prepared in Space
NASA video shows how astronauts prepare their Thanksgiving fixings.
Good Samaritans Chase Alleged Thief in Walmart Parking Lot
A group helped an 84-year-old woman get her stolen purse back.
Man Sends 240 Doughnuts to Cops After Being Ejected From Game
The 31-year-old man has asked to remain anonymous.
UPS Driver Makes Special Delivery for Customer in Need of Kidney
See what Jason Henley did when he found out someone on his route needed a kidney.
Index: The Story of a Presidential Turkey Pardon
The stories people have been buzzing about.
WN 11/25/15: President Obama Pardons Two Lucky Turkeys
Winter storm impairs Thanksgiving travel;US heightens security as millions travel for holiday.
Tips You Need to Know to Get the Best Prices on Holiday Air Fares
Analysts warn prices for plane tickets around Thanksgiving and Christmas are rising every day.
Wounded Warrior Kirstie Ennis Inspires
After 38 surgeries and a grueling recovery, Ennis has proven to be a role model who can't be stopped by walking 1,000 miles...
The Special Bond Between a Young Girl With Rare Genetic Disorder and Her Service Dog
Great Dane George helps Bella participate in activities and even walk to class, which was previously difficult without...
Nestle's New Lean Cuisine Line Embraces American Manufacturing
Food line creates new opportunities for farmers and workers in America.
WD-40 60 Years Old and Going Strong
Find out what the title of this household staple with 2,000 uses stands for.
Parisian Resilience Alive and Well
Eiffel Tower will remain lit until with the colors of the French flag.
Little Girl Severely Burned in Vietnam 43 Years Ago Gets Treatment in the US
An American doctor will treat Kim Phuc with groundbreaking laser technology to help smooth her painful scar tissue.
A Reason to Dance at the Prom
HBO documentary tells the story of teens with autism enjoying their spring...